Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C4 Found it thrilling.
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Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C4 Found it thrilling.
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C4 Found it thrilling.

I knew I wouldn't be able to get more than the tip in my mouth, so I bent over, ass in the air, and started pumping his gigantic black dick with both hands while licking and sucking on the head. He groaned as I jerked him off. The guys behind me immediately started fingering my pussy and pulling at my t-shirt to fondle my tits. Come here, get that shirt off, someone yelled, tearing me off the black guy's cock. My shirt was grabbed and ripped off my body by two guys! In seconds I was standing there completely naked with guys surrounding me, grabbing my pussy, rubbing my belly and pulling on my tits. Damn, girl, you fine! Look at this sexy little white ass! You going to let me stick my cock up in that baby one black guy asked. The boys were excited and loud, shedding clothes and rubbing their huge, hard cocks. Some of their dicks were pointing straight up and pulsating, they were so excited. I was pretty wasted and started to wonder if I was in over my head. I was pushed down to my knees and immediately had a whole bunch of dicks in my face and I went from cock to cock to cock giving them all a quick suck as Joe turned up the radio and it echoed through the room turning the guys on even more. I was taking cocks in my mouth left and right and used both hands to jerk off the ones waiting. It was hot and I'm not going to lie....l fucking loved it! I felt so nasty down on my knees, my tits bouncing and being squeezed and sucked, my pussy fingered by some strange hands! The black guy I was sucking moaned Ah, fuck! Love that mouth and them big lips! For a young-ass white-girl you pretty good at sucking black cock! Another guy said l want to fuck that pussy right now! Another guy spread my butt-cheeks apart and grunted Look-look at that fucking little asshole she got, I am going to pound the shit out of that I stopped sucking cock for a second to say Hey I never agreed to anal-sex! They laughed oh yeah, we'll see about that as they began to finger my asshole, I went back to sucking on the big black cock in front of me. One of the white guys began eating my pussy from behind and he did it well! I came almost instantly and between my orgasm and his spit my pussy was dripping wet! Seconds after I had my orgasm, the black cock I had in my mouth started squirting and squirting hot cum down my throat as he moaned yeah girl you swallow that shit and keep sucking that big black dick...that's it, you drink that shit down baby-girl, it's good for you. While I was on my hands and knees, still swallowing a load, someone stepped up behind me and began to rub a cock against my pussy. I turned my head to see Joe grinning down at me. He slapped my ass playfully and I felt his hard cock pushing inside me. With a hard thrust of his hips, he shoved his cock all the way up into my pussy. We both groaned. He held my ass-cheeks apart to help get his cock deeper inside of me. The men yelled and high-fived each other at the sight of my pussy getting fucked, obviously all excited. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I found it thrilling.

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