Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C5 Seemed so unreal.
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Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C5 Seemed so unreal.
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C5 Seemed so unreal.

My heart was pounding looking at all the cocks around me and at that moment I just wanted to be fucked over and over and over. Sure, I'd fucked lots of guys already, but never more than one at a time... Two or three different guys in one day, yes... but it was hours apart! Joe drilled me hard, his cock making squishing noises in my hole and his balls slapping against my ass. It was hot! His hands gripped my hips hard as he thrust into me again and again, pounding me like a crazed animal! My moans filled the room. Joe continue his manic pace for several more minutes before pulling out of my sopping hole. I was helped up and one of the big black guys lifted me up off my feet as I faced him. Straddling his muscular body, I wrapped my legs around him and he lowered me in one movement impaling me hard on his very large, very black dick while standing and holding me up. I was about 5.6 at the time and weighed 110-Ibs and he was 6.5 and 240-lbs, so he began bouncing me up and down on his massive black cock like I was a rag-doll. I screamed out as I felt the full size of his monster opening my lovely hole more than ever before.Then, someone came up behind me and started fingering my asshole. The boys were standing all around me screaming, watching me getting slammed by a very large black cock. I was soon pulled off the black guy so the next one could have a turn with me. This guy bent me over and fucked me while I was standing. I jerked on dicks all around me while they mauled my tits with their mouths and hands. It was incredible! Between all the pot, all the alcohol and all the guys I was in a total daze! I still couldn't believe I was doing it, it seemed so unreal. All the guys took turns fucking me while I was standing, each drilling me hard and fast for several minutes before letting the next guy have a turn. I was starting to get dizzy and up to that point I had only made one of the guys cum, so I knew I had a long road ahead. One of them lifted me up and threw me down on the couch. I had a guy on each side of me grab an ankle and spread my legs wide open. They held my legs apart like I was wishbone as the others began fucking me wildly, slamming and pounding my pussy hard. The feeling sent me over the edge, making me convulse with another incredible orgasm. My legs trembled and my body shook hard as I had my very first multiple orgasm experience. It seemed my climax went on for 10 solid minutes! I felt like a jelly after that and didn't think I could take anymore, but I knew there was more to come! My pussy and my clit were so sensitive I was getting chills from the friction of cock banging and grinding against it. I began quivering and shouted a steady OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH because my pussy was so sensitive after the last orgasm, I literally couldn't take it. They took turns pounding my pussy, bending my legs up behind my head to get as deep inside me as possible. I groaned like an animal as they nailed me hard on the couch, but made it clear you guys can't cum in my pussy! I'm not on birth-control. Hearing that, they positioned me on my hands and knees on the couch, my face resting against a couch cushion, and I felt a huge-hard-black-dick poking at my tiny asshole. I groaned loud, since I had never-ever done anal before! Joe tossed the black guy behind me a jar of Vaseline, so he dipped in his fingers and stuck them in my asshole lubing me.

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