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C6 So taboo

He started pushing the head of his black-cock inside me and it felt like he was going to split me apart. I looked behind me and saw it was huge, like the size of my fucking arm, and he was trying to get that thing inside my ass! My screams were so loud they covered my mouth. These other guys who had been hanging outside heard my screams and came into the room to see what was going on. They saw it was a gangbang and immediately started stripping! I wailed as the black guy's huge prick started splitting my asshole open. He was moaning now, too. A few guys were waiting for me to stop screaming, so I would suck their cocks, but that didn't happen for a while! He got about halfway in when my ass started squeezing his dick tightly in spasms. With hand covering my mouth I let out a muffed NOOO-NOOO Damn, this bitch little asshole is too tight! I don't think I'm gonna be able to fit my dick in it! he yelled. He was reading my mind! I yelled as he painfully pulled his big black monster out of me. Someone else walked up behind me and pushed him out of the way. I immediately felt another cock pressing against my asshole, pushing forward and then just ramming inside me. I shrieked at the pain of my asshole stretching around another very large cock. The guy held my ass-cheeks apart roughly and said l can't cum in your pussy baby, well I don't pull-out, so get ready because I'm blowing my load up in your fucking shit-hole! He slammed his cock in my ass and grunted OH-YA! I don't pull out baby Everyone in the room cheered him on, encouraging him to pound my ass harder. The anal-pounding went on about 10 more minutes before the guy in my ass finally grunted and shouted OHHH shit, I'm about to blow my load right in this kid's ass. I groaned, feeling his thick cock swelling in my ass and then finally explode, as blast after blast of hot cum filled me up! Another guy was inside me as soon as he pulled out of my ass with a loud popping sound. I began howling again, as my asshole clinched around the next cock shoved inside me. The room was loud with the sounds of my animalistic shouts, the groans of the men and the noises of me squealing as I began taking another hard dick in my little ass! The guy plowing shouted Oh, fuck, fuck yeah, oh God, this girl's ass is so fucking tight! They tugged on my hair while fucking my face with their cocks. I hate to admit this, but I LOVED it! It was intense, like nothing else I'd ever experienced! And it was so taboo, so nasty! All of them fucked my pussy and no one used a condom! That made it even crazier! How I didn't get pregnant I'll never know. Never had I thought I'd be one of those girls who 'd be gangbanged at Joe's place.

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