Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C7 Baby-batter
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Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C7 Baby-batter
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C7 Baby-batter

Never! And here it was, it just somehow... happened! The boys were eager to keep fucking my holes, and it seemed they'd go on forever! After another load was blown up in my asshole, they pulled me up and then sat me down on the Spanish guy's cock. I straddled his lap, facing him, sitting down on his rock hard dick. His cock plunged into my pussy and immediately the most vulgar noise came from my asshole as the loads I had taken started gushing out. The guys laughed when they heard and saw it, but I kept riding him hard. After a few minutes I began sucking the guy off who jumped onto the couch, jacking his cock by my face. The Spanish guy was moaning, holding onto my hips hard while I bounced up and down on his cock. I was just about to tell him that he couldn't cum inside, but I yelped because the guy behind me starting pushing the head of his cock against my asshole. What's the matter, baby, you ain't ever been fucked in both holes at once before? the guy behind me said. It ain't no big deal, promise! You'll be fine your asshole already been fucked and had a couple of loads blown up in it, so you're nice and lubed up!" said someone from across the room watching. The Spanish guy in my pussy held me close to his chest while the body behind me got closer, the dick rubbing on my asshole. I cried out when I felt his cock plunge into my asshole, splitting it open while my pussy was filled with someone else's cock! He slammed into my ass, forcing me to take two cocks at once. My butt was tightening around his dick and it became even tighter when the guy in my pussy buried his cock in me to his balls! I let out a long "OHHHHHHHHH-SHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT as both my holes were stretched to the max. My head was spinning, my mouth hanging open. "UMMMMMMM, shit! We got this kid packed fucking tight! Jesus Christ! Fuck!" the guy fucking my ass shouted to the others. Both guys slowly began thrusting in my holes, soon building up to a steady rhythm that was making me moan and writhe in between their bodies. They got into a rhythm, in and out of my tight holes with their big, rock-hard cocks! I felt like I was going to burst! The room exploded with excitement at the sight of me being double-fucked. It was incredible! My tight pussy felt even tighter with the cock in my ass, and my asshole felt like it was being turned inside with every pump! "Ah, shit, I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to cum up in your pussy...AHHHHH fuck! Shit! You feel that!" shouted the Spanish guy, thrusting hard up into my pussy one last time. His cock twitched violently in my pussy, making me shudder and have another orgasm! Electric jolts of pleasure surged through my body, so at that moment I didn't even care that he shot a huge load of his baby-batter inside me. The guy in my ass kept up his steady pace while I rocked wildly between them! The guy in my ass unloaded his cum in me soon after, and when they pulled their cocks out of me cum began dripping out from both my holes.

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