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C4 Chapter 4

Kyle POV

Waking up this morning, my wolf was very excited. He continuously kept running around, smiling and just looking happy. It was odd for him though. He wasn't the type of wolf to be 'giddy', he was always calm and collected, not really taking interest in my life unless it came to pack issues. I had asked him numerous times why he was suddenly being like this, but he'd just ignore me, going on with jumping around. I eventually gave up, shrugging.

I grabbed my school bag, lugging it over my shoulder before making my way downstairs. Walking into the kitchen, I saw my father sitting at the kitchen table, reading through a few files while drinking coffee. Mom was drinking her coffee, leaning against the kitchen counter. She smiled when she saw me.

"Good morning sweetheart." I smiled, sitting down and making myself some cereal.

"Morning guys." I said before beginning to eat my cereal.

"Son.." Father went on, explaining something but I barely paid attention. My mind was to focused on understanding what was wrong with my wolf. All of this was just so unlike him, and it worried me. I couldn't keep dwelling on the issue, so I finished up my cereal before saying goodbye and heading out the house. School was waste of time in my honest opinion, I mean I'm becoming Alpha soon, so why should I go then? Parents. They are the only reason I bother going there.

I arrived late, and watched as most people already were walking inside. I turned the car off before climbing out. I grabbed my bag and walked to the front of the school where all my friends were waiting for us. As I did so, I caught the eye of most of the girls here, and a few glares from some guys, but those that were human. Those who were in my pack knew better than to glare at me. My wolf growled in annoyance as I loved all the attention all the girls were giving me, going on about that only our mate could look at me like that. Rolling my eyes, I shut him out, not wanting to listen to another lecture from him.

I finally reached my friends and greeted all of them. There stood Brian my Third in Command, Bruce a strong pack warrior and Damon, my cousins who's also a very strong pack warrior. We have all always been close, and have always had each others backs.

"Kyle! Late again man? So how's the new Betas?" Brian asked, patting me on the back. In full honesty, I would have rather had Brian as my Beta, but father chose for me. Three Betas wasn't a common thing. I believe he chose all three of them because they're triplets, though they have to go through some special training of sorts.

If I remember correctly they're names are Will, Cole and Liam. I know they have another sibling, I just can't seem to remember who it is. Oddly enough, they're older than me, and have already completed school. I still don't really know why he chose them specifically, but I didn't bother arguing. He has his reasons for everything he does. For example, its most common for soon to be Alphas to take up the role when they are 18, but he's decided to give me the title at 17. Which will only be next year. He took over at 17 and so did my Grandfather.

"They're alright I guess. They leave for that special training today. I don't understand why they must be trained by the Ancients but not me?" I spoke, shrugging. It was confusing, but I didn't dwell on it for too long. As we all walked down the hallways, making our way to homeroom, I suddenly stopped. That's when the most amazing smell hit me.

Vanilla and the ocean.

I didn't even think those two scents combined could smell as great as it did. I knew exactly what it was and then it all made sense. I now understood why my wolf was so excited today.

I rushed to homeroom, leaving everyone behind. I had to find her. I had to find my mate. As I followed her scent I tracked it to my homeroom class. Unfortunately as I stepped inside, I noticed that her scent left through the other door of the class. Just as I was about to run after her, I was stopped by the teacher.

"Mr Black, glad you could finally join us. Now sit." He spoke sternly, sending me a glare. If it weren't for the fact that he was human, I would have ripped his throat out for speaking to me like that, but can't without exposing my secret, and that's against Wolf Law. So I reluctantly sat down, my leg shaking as I just wanted to go after my mate, my Luna.

After having to wait for over 5 minutes in class, I gave up and jumped out of my seat. I ran out the class, ignoring the teacher yelling out for me. Her scent was becoming faint, I couldn't lose it. I had to find her. I ran down the halls, searching everywhere. Just as I was about to enter the library, I smelt her scent was stronger down another hallway. I followed that one rather.

I wish I didn't follow it. I wish that I had never seen who my mate was. Looking down the hallways she was in, the one I was destined to with, was none other than Skylar Maine. I knew who she was in this school, what her reputation was in this school. She could never be my Luna, she was weak, she couldn't handle a position like this. I knew what I had to do. For goodness sakes, everyone would mock me if they found who she was. My wolf screamed at me to stop, to accept her. But I couldn't. I can't accept a weak Luna.

I couldn't ruin my reputation, so next thing I knew, she was pinned against the locker. I ignored the sparks I felt when touching her, and ignored how beautiful she truly was. I couldn't accept her. Anyone but her. I rejected her, but was shocked to her response.

"I don't care, now let go of me!" She yelled, trying to shove me off. I was taken back, and frankly slightly hurt. I shook that away before I glared at her.

"What do you mean you don't care?! I just rejected you! How are you not upset!?" I yelled, feeling confused about all of this. I ignored how she winced as I pressed harder on her shoulder.

"Let go of me! I knew that you'd most likely reject me! Now let me go, I'll see you in a year!" She yelled at me, shoving me off. She had managed to do so, which frankly shocked me. Not even Brian was strong enough. I had never truly seen her act like this, her actually standing up for once. It shocked me completely. I watched as she began to walk away, and I grabbed her wrist.

"What do you mean you'll see me in a year?" Why would she say that? I felt myself start to become worried, coming up with many scenarios as to why she was leaving.

"Go ask your Dad! Now let go!" She yelled, pulling her wrist free from my grip. She ran down the halls, and I followed after her. She walked out the school doors. I then saw the three new Betas. Just as I was about to ask what they were doing here, I watched as Sky went up to them, hugging them before climbing in the car with them.

It took me a few seconds to figure it out. She was the sibling. And she's going with them. Gone for a year. I felt my heart break as I realised my mistake. I had this person right in front of me, that was true. Never before have I ever seen her hurt another person, she took all the pain. I rejected an innocent person all because I cared about my stupid reputation.

"Go after our mate you idiot! Accept mate! Take her back!" My wolf screamed, scratching to go after her. I just stood there, starring at the spot where she had just left.

"How am I going to fix this? Will she even forgive me?" I asked him, feeling guilt eating its way through my heart. But what he said, caused my heart to break, because it was true.

"Why would she accept us? After the way we've always treated her." He whimpered. I could feel his sadness and heart break.

I made a vow to myself, my wolf, and most important, Skylar. Even if she didn't accept us, I was going to make it to her for all the pain I have caused. I will do anything for her to forgive me.

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