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C5 Chapter 5

Finally we had made it to the airport, I swear my parents were getting lost on purpose. Not sure for the reason but I don't want to dwell on that. Climbing out of the car, I went to the trunk and grabbed my bags. I pulled it out before setting it on the floor. Thank goodness for roller bags.

Once everyone had their things we walked to the entrance of the airport, walking through the doors people all around were walking quickly, some even running while others casually sat around. Not wasting anytime we made our way to the booth to get our tickets. As we stood there I couldn't ignore the fact that my heart still felt like breaking and that I wanted to cry a river of tears. But I had to be strong right now, I couldn't let anyone see my pain, especially my brothers.

As we stood in line I felt my tummy rumble. I told my parents that I was gonna go get something to snack on while they all waited there. Entering the small little shop I looked around at all the different kinds of snacks they had. But I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, and true to my gut when I turned around the cashier guy, who's probably around my age was staring at me. I admit he was kind of cute. He had dark blonde hair that came up to his shoulders, with soft blue eyes. He was muscular but still looked skinny. Though I wasn't interested in dealing with any guys for a very long time.

I grabbed a packet of chips, a chocolate bar and a drink before walking up to the counter. I also placed a pack of gum down, just so I can chew it on the plane. I hate when my ears become blocked. As he rang everything up he decided to speak.

"What's your name cutey?" He asked, a smirk present on his face as he looked me over. From his scent I could tell he was human. I rolled my eyes and didn't answer but that didn't seem to stop him.

"So I was wondering if I could get your number?" That smirk stayed as it was, now only he was leaning over the counter slightly, intentionally flexing his muscles. Suddenly I felt an arm go around my shoulders and the cashiers eyes widened slightly.

"And why would she do that?" I heard Cole speak sternly. Looking up he was glaring intently at the guy, clenching his fist tightly. And sadly I knew that if Cole was here, the other two weren't far behind.

"This your boyfriend?" The guy asked me, making me want to burst out laughing. I was about to reply but he continued.

"If he is, I say you should rather ditch him. I can show you how a real man should be." He spoke so highly of himself I actually felt the need to gag. The funniest part about this is that he just said all of that not to my boyfriend, but my brother.

"No, I'm actually her brother. We all are." Cole spoke, his glare now forming into a smirk, indicating that the other two were here.

"There's only one of you-"

"I suggest you shut up and leave our little sister alone." I heard from behind me, turning I watched as Liam and Will stepped into the store, both with a glare on their faces. Looking back at the cashier you could see the fear in his eyes but he tried to hide it away. Rolling his eyes he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Whatever, I can get any girl I want. Only spoke to her cause I thought she'd be easy."

And there you have it folks, this guy has just signed his death wish.

After finishing his sentence, all three of my brothers took swing after swing at him. I was surprisingly shocked no one had come to stop this. I wanted to but knew better than to get in they're way when they are angry. They eventually stopped and you could hear the guy groaning loudly as he laid on the floor. I frowned as I felt guilty looking at him. But I couldn't do anything once Will grabbed my arm and began to drag me out of the store. We soon found our parents and made our way to our plane.

As we boarded the plane the air hostess indicated where all of us were sitting. Since we were six people in total we all couldn't sit next to each other. So I sat in the middle with both Cole and Liam by my sides and Will had to go sit with the parents since he's the oldest. He tried swapping with the other two, but they weren't having it.

When the plane finally took off, I watched as Liam held onto the arm rest tightly. I knew he hated flying so I took his hand in mine and held it tightly, while chewing on a piece of the gum I had bought.

Half an hour passed by and I decided to watch one of my all time favourite movies, 'The Host'. I may perhaps have a little crush on Jake Abel but come on, who wouldn't?

Halfway through the movie my eyes began to close slightly. I decided to rather just sleep since the flight would be long and if I became board I would start to annoy the living hell out of my brothers. I'm such a good sister.

"Sky wake up!" Liam whisper/yelled. I groaned before shoving him away as he breathed in my face, and don't get me started on that breath of his. Opening my eyes I saw that all three of them were in front of me. They were all looking at me worriedly.

"May I help you?" I yawned, rolling my neck a bit. Will sighed before sitting down on Cole's lap, ignoring the glare he sent Will.

"You were talking in your sleep again. And you said a few things that we want to ask you about." He said, his voice holding worry as well.

"Oh my gosh, what did I say this time? Please don't tell me I was talking about Dylan O'Brian again." I said blushing slightly as I remembered that humiliating day quite clearly. They all pulled they're faces once I mentioned it.

"No! It was not about that. Thankfully. That is something no brother needs to hear from his sister." I chuckled awkwardly while rubbing my arm.

"You were mentioning Alpha Kyle and rejection. Sky, is there something you want to tell us?" He asked me sadly. I know they knew the answer to this question but they just wanted to hear it coming from me. When I didn't answer Liam groaned.

"Sky is Kyle your mate?" He bluntly asked. I could only nod, not wanting to look up at them.

"And whats this with rejection? Sky please don't tell me you rejected him because we were leaving today?" Will asked, disappointment now making its way onto his face. I felt my anger begin to rise as he spoke those words. My own brothers believe that I would be so heartless and cruel. Instead I bit the inside of my cheeks. I sighed loudly, closing my eyes.

"I don't want to talk about this right now. Please." I begged them before looking down at my hands. They didn't say anything but just left me as I was. As I was lost in my thoughts, I heard over the intercom that we would be landing shortly.

When we landed we made our way out of the plane. We quickly got our luggage then went to go rent a car. Once that was done we climbed in and drove off to our new home for a year. No one was technically allowed to know the location of this place, but with my brothers coming there now, it made sense for them to tell us.

When we pulled up to the front gate I couldn't help but gasp at the home, no wait let me rephrase, castle standing before us. Driving through the front gate we drove for what felt like a long time before we finally pulled up to the entrance. Many welcomed us as we made our way to the top of the stairs. Entering the castle, I honestly felt nervous. We were about to meet the Ancient Wolves. I was ripped from thoughts as my brothers stop me.

"Sky, why haven't you shifted yet?" Just as I was about to speak I could feel my wolf push her way through.

"You don't know me yet, but you will at the right time. You do not have to worry. I can assure you that you will shift today." She spoke, her voice soft and calming. I explained what she said to my brothers and they nodded but still looked concerned.

After speaking to my wolf they escorted us to the rooms that we would be staying in for the time that we are here. Entering my room I was absolutely stunned. It was amazing! There was a king size bed in the middle of the room with the softest looking linen over it, with extremely high ceilings. I was extremely happy when I realized that I didn't have to share a bathroom with my brothers.

Soon someone came up and gave us all a tour of the castle, it was basically a giant maze. I could barely remember where my own bedroom was. Though I figured that I'd get use to it over time. When the tour was over they walked us to the great hall, where the Ancient Wolves were. Legend has it that they were the first ever Wolves to walk the Earth and that they have amazing powers bestowed upon them by the Moon Goddess herself.

Walking up to large dark brown doors, I noticed all of the carvings in them. It looked to be of a group of wolves, howling to the moon. The doors creaked open and we all were ushered in. The room was large, and the ceilings were high up with a large podium in the middle where they all sat. All of them were dressed in fancy robes but none of them looked a day over thirty. Luckily they all smiled brightly, which helped to calm my nerves down slightly.

They began to converse with my brothers while I stood to the side, keeping my head slightly bowed. I couldn't focus on them any longer as I suddenly heard a ringing in my ears.

"Its time to shift. We needed to be in their presence. And my name is Moona." She spoke with authority, but before I could question anything, it started. Dropping to my knees I screamed my lungs out as it felt like my flesh was on fire. I could hear each and every bone popping and adjusting to wolf form. I could feel as each strand of fur pushed its way through my skin. My teeth subtracted and were replaced with large, razor sharp ones. It felt like years before it all stopped, before I felt like I could actually breath. Opening my eyes, I looked up at everyone, they all stared at me. I stood up once I noticed that there was a mirror in the room. Slowly I got up and made my way over to it, once I saw myself I was extremely happy. I was a white wolf. Technically it was rare for someone to have a white fur coat, but it didn't technically mean anything.

"You look absolutely amazing Sky!" Cole yelled happily, all of them wearing large bright smiles. Looking over to the Ancients, it seemed as if they were waiting for something. Just as I was about to turn away, more pain hit me. Howling loudly, it felt like someone began dragging a knife down my body in all different ways.

Whats happening!?

When the pain finally subsided, I was exhausted, I could barely stand. Now when I turned to face my family and the Ancients, my family looked shocked while the Ancients looked happy and excited. Turning around slowly I saw the meaning of it.

I thought when I faced the mirror I'd still have my white fur, but I didn't. When I looked over my body all I saw on the white fur coat were blue swirls going everywhere. Never before had I seen anything like this. And lastly, the thing that chilled me to the core, was that my eyes, were completely white.

That was the last thing before my body gave out from exhaustion.

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