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Bastard, where are you taking me? Release me or I'll call the police! "

Lin Pei Han anxiously tried to break free from the man's grasp, but could not do anything about it. The difference in strength between men and women was too great. All this was of no avail.

Beneath this nightclub were bars and boxes. Above it was a hotel suite specially prepared for distinguished members. The higher the floor, the more distinguished the identity. And the highest level, the 39th level, was Lu Tianjin's suite …

Very few people knew that the real owner of the Night Bar was Lu Tianjin. Even the manager of the bar didn't know who the real owner was, even though the Night Bar was only a small business under his name.

At this time, Lu Tianjin was bringing Lin Pei Han up to the 39th floor. Originally, those best friends of his had sent him a woman on the 39th floor, which was why he had to leave the dark of the night. He didn't want to meet this little woman.

He had already endured this for a long time. If he didn't release it now, he would really be crippled.

He was in a hurry to bring this woman up. He had helped her so much, so it was time for her to repay him.

Now, listening to this woman constantly chirping by his ear, he felt even more agitated.

As soon as he entered the elevator, he couldn't help but kiss the little girl's lips. It was very sweet and soft.

Lin Peihan was going to ask the man to let him go, but he pulled him into the elevator and hugged him.

Take advantage of yourself, bad man. Even though he was good-looking, he was still a bad guy.

Gradually, Lu Tianjin deepened this kiss, his hand also reaching into Lin Pei Han's clothes, moving up, pushing away her clothes, his hand attaching onto them. It wasn't big, but it was very comfortable.

Lin Peihan realized that when the man's hand went into his clothes, he was too frightened to get away.

He could only bite the man, hoping that the pain would make him let go.

Very quickly, the smell of blood spread between their lips, but Lu Tianjin did not let go either.

With the taste so good, what's wrong with your lips?

Ding …

With the two of them entangled, the elevator reached the 39th floor. Lu Tianjin directly carried Lin Peihan to the bedroom.

Lin Peihan had been kissed by Lu Tianjin until he was in a daze and had long since disappeared. It wasn't until Lu Tianjin kicked open the bedroom door and placed her on top of it that he realized he was in a wolf's nest.

As soon as he put her down, Lu Tianjin came down with a kiss that covered the sky. Everyone knew what would happen next. She didn't want to be robbed of her first kiss by a man she didn't know. If she lost her virginity, she really wouldn't have to live anymore.

When she thought of this, her resistance became even more intense. The man on her body could clearly feel the resistance of the woman. However, her lips were too sweet. He did not want to let go, nor could he let go.

"Be good, little wild cat," Lu Tianjin whispered to the woman. The little woman had been moving around randomly, so he didn't want to turn into something he wanted to do.

"Sir, please let me go," Lin Pei Han no longer had the arrogant attitude from before. The only thing left was fear …

Whether it was an arrogant scolding or a low cry for mercy, it was useless at this moment. The man had no intention of stopping.

Lin Peihan despaired, knowing he could not escape. Tonight, his own father had brought him to dinner. He was going to give himself to an old beast in exchange for cooperation with the Lin Clan. He had escaped with great difficulty, but who would have thought that he would fall into this wolf's lair and be humiliated again.

Thinking of this, Lin Pei Han's face was full of tears. A low whimper,

When Lu Tianjin realized that the woman beneath him had stopped resisting, his mood instantly turned for the better. Who could escape from him, Lu Tianjin?

The moment he was in a good mood, he would become even more presumptuous.

Suddenly he stopped and turned back to the bathroom. The bathroom door slammed loudly.

That woman was actually crying. It had to be known, which woman didn't want to climb onto his bed, yet would push him away when she had the chance? Had his charm dropped? If not for him being afraid of her sadness, he would not have been forced to stop. Come to this bathroom and run cold water

Lin Peihan saw him turn around and walk into the bedroom. His despairing heart suddenly revived, and he left. Then he had to leave this place as soon as possible.

Lin Pei Han quickly got up from the bed, turned around and ran towards the door. As soon as he opened the door …

"Miss, please go back!" There were actually bodyguards outside the door, preventing her from leaving.

Of course, Lin Peihan did not know that there would be a bodyguard outside the door. When she came in just now, she was carried by Lu Tianjin. He didn't even notice that there was someone else outside the door.

Lin Pei Han looked at these men and knew that it was impossible to force his way in. He was sure that he could not outrun these bodyguards, so he resorted to using his wits to his advantage …

"Brothers, it's not that I'm leaving, it's just that your CEO told me to scram." Lin Peihan remembered that the man from before had called him CEO.

He knew he wouldn't be able to get away, but if the man in the bathroom let him go, they would let him go. Thus, he could only lie to the bodyguards with a fawning expression.

The bodyguards outside were also a bit hesitant. Since when did their CEO have a woman by his side? All the women that were sent over by his subordinates were thrown out.

But this woman was brought in by the president himself. The president had never brought a woman here. She was different for the president, and they didn't dare to make decisions without the president's orders. He didn't know what to do.

Lin Pei Han saw that the bodyguards' expressions were slightly relaxed, but they didn't show any intention of moving aside. She felt somewhat happy in her heart.

"Hurry up and move aside. When your CEO comes out and sees me still here, it's none of my business if she's angry." Lin Peihan added more fuel to the fire, wanting to provoke them.

They saw that Lin Pei Han had a harmless smile on his face, and it didn't seem like he was lying. Which woman didn't want to stay by the CEO's side? This woman should have been kicked out.

They stepped aside to let Lin Pei Han out.

Lin Pei Han wanted to run away as soon as he saw her, and the smile on his face became even more radiant.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, her hand was pulled, and a powerful force pulled her back.

"Woman, where do you want to go?" Lu Tianjin glared at the bodyguards outside the door. What a bunch of trash. He almost let his little girl run away. There were even women who laughed so happily at these people. He was very dissatisfied in his heart. The smile of a little woman belonged to him.

Closing the door at the same time with such a loud sound, one could tell how angry this person was.

The bodyguard outside felt wronged. Who knew that the CEO would suddenly have a woman, and such a ruthless character. He was as black-hearted as you. It seemed that he would have to take a detour when he sees her in the future.

"Woman, you dare to run!" Lu Tianjin blocked Lin Peihan behind him, his face full of anger as he questioned her. Just now, he had gone into a cold shower for her, and now she even wanted to run away.

Lin Peihan was scared out of her wits, but she couldn't let the man in front of her see it.

"I'm not running away. I'm just chatting with some of the older brothers outside the door." She couldn't admit that she was running away. Lin Peihan had a particularly hypocritical smile.

"Really? Then we'll do something that's not boring, huh?" Lu Tianjin said to the woman with a smile, clearly not believing her words.

With that, he lowered his head and kissed the sweet lips.

Lin Peihan was so frightened that his eyes widened when he saw the man kiss him again. And his hands began again.

After the bath, Lu Tianjin only had a white towel wrapped around his waist, his skin was the color of wheat, and his figure of eight abs was very attractive, just like a work of art.

It had to be said, a man had a really good figure. He was thin when he wore clothes, and there was flesh when he removed his clothes. If it wasn't for the fact that she was being forced by him, she might have really enjoyed it.

"Does it look good?" Lu Tianjin realized that she was looking at him, and was in a very good mood.

Lin Peihan's face immediately turned red. He was embarrassed because he had been exposed. It was also because Lu Tianjin's words had embarrassed her.

"Who's looking at you," Lin Peihan said with a hint of anger and embarrassment. She pushed Lu Tianjin with her hands, but her strength was nothing to him. It was as if she was acting coquettishly.

Seeing her like this, Lu Tianjin became even happier.

"I like it, I'll let you see your fill." Lu Tianjin happily finished speaking as he took off the towel on his waist. He never thought that Lu Tianjin would be so outrageous!

Lin Peihan immediately saw the man, and covered his eyes with his hands in fright. Although Lin Pei Han liked looking at beautiful men and had seen quite a few of them, this was the first time he saw one.

Seeing the little girl's reaction, Lu Tianjin couldn't help laughing out loud. 'This little girl is too pure!'

In her shame, the man picked her up and carried her to the big bed.

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