Never Live Up to Your Love

Modern Romance
42 Chapters
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9.4 (15 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C42
4 minutes ago
Yu Jin called, but no one answered. I pressed the hang up button, and just as I was about to throw it to the side, Wang Xinran called. There was a red light right in front of me, I stopped the car, and immediately picked up. Wang Xinran quickly investigated which hospital Wu Xia was rushing to and the doctor who was supposed to receive her. I have always trusted in Wang Xinran's connections, she


Her husband had gotten Xiao San pregnant, so she went back to her parents' home in anger. She later found out that it wasn't Xiao San who ruined her marriage, but her closest family. Everyone had left, and everyone had become so unfamiliar overnight. It was as if they had never met each other before …


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