New Beginning -Dee/C1 CHAPTER 1
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New Beginning -Dee/C1 CHAPTER 1
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This story is only base on my imagination, you are going to find so many error.

Emily Brock's Pov

I'm Emily, am in my finer year in college as a medical doctor. Am love by my family's and friends or so I think. am 21 years old, I have a senior sister, I know she isn't that happy with me, because I was given all the attention.

My parents love me the most or so I think, and my grandparents also love me, because am a brilliant, intelligent and obedient person. I always do what my parents ask me to do.

my sister is jealous of my life style while am jealous of hers. she got to do whatever she want without anyone paying attention to her, she got to make her choice, while I was given mine, I got know right to chose what I want. Why? I always ask myself that very question. but it simple, my parents got to show me off.

Today is Saturday, every Saturday night, my mother always have this specific gathering. with her friends, they will have the opportunity to also bring their daughter, to this gathering.

I'm already use to it, everyone want to befriend me, because of who I am. But to me, am just a nobody, am my parents puppet.

The gathering is going on and everyone is quite having fun, some other kids are just like me. being forced to do what they don't want. I see my sister from afar, I see that as an opportunity to leave.

Excuse me, I said, and went to meet my sister, who seem to be going out. Good evening sis. What the matter, are you here to embarrass me or what, she said irritated. have never for once embarrassed my sister, I know what she mean, if our parents should see us together, she will be the one at fought.

Sis, am really sorry I just want to get away from them. then don't use me as an excuse, she said and walk away.

Sorry sis, I said before walking away. She thinks I got to enjoy all that was supposed to be hers. It was a hell for me instead of a life. I got known friends to talk to. You see all this girls my age, most of them are just like their Mother's. When the party is over. mom am going inside, I said. Oh! My baby must have being tired, sorry about that, go freshing up, and have a good night sleep, she said dismissively.

she isn't suppose to be a mother, I knew she never melt that sorry she said, I always heard from my course mate, that a mother is like your best friend, a mother understands her kids the most.

have never seen my parents care, when I have a fever, I look after myself, I can't eat what I want, I can't wear the clothes I want, they make me wear reviewing clothes, I always feel exposed. I know am a beauty, but, they make me hate this face of mine. I have blue eyes and a pointed nose and red lips. it just useless to me.

I went into my room, freshing up and lay down, I wasn't even feeling sleepy. I have so many friends but they aren't around me because of who I am, they all aren't around me because of me. I weep, before going to bed that night, I always weep before going to bed, it a rooting for me.

the next morning, when I wake up, I freshing up before going downstairs. Good morning mom, morning Dad, My baby girl is here my dad said. I just smile and sit down at the dining table.

The next morning, when I woke up, I freshing up before going downstairs. Good morning mom, morning Dad, My baby girl is here, my dad said. I just smile and sit down at the dining table. we aren't that Rich, let me put it this way, my Dad is a middle class family, when I said my dad, I mean my grandparents are f**king rich. they just aren't in support of my parents marriage, so they cut all tie's.

I was brought out of my mind when I heard, my Baby are you ok? Yes am fine. You aren't even listen to your father conversation, Mom said. what did dad said, I ask. it really a big News, my Mom said. what? My mom and dad seem really happy while my sister seem sad. well! your marriage is been fix, she said, with all smile. what did you mean my marriage is been fix, I ask in a shaking voice. You shouldn't ask about that, you should ask who you are getting married to, my Mom said happily. Who? I ask.

You are getting married into the Gold's family, the Gold's family, I think have heard about that name, I look at my parents still confused. It Raymond Gold, Mom said. I look at her with wide eyes. there are four Richest family in country B. first, the Miller, they are the richest, all over the world, and know one knows how rich they are, they really keep a low profile. the second rich family are the Gate's, family. They also keep a low profile, the upper class might know them, but I mean people like us Don't know them, we just heard about them. the third rich family, are the Gold's. while the fourth are my grandparents. I snap out of my daze when I heard my mom said, it already fixed, their is nothing you can do about it.

my mind was in a mess the whole day, every ladies in country B, know Raymond his a playboy. I don't think I can take it. but wait, I think my sister has a crush on him. I ask the maid where my sister is, they said at the backyard. So I went to the backyard, to see my sister sitting on a bench, I sit down beside her. what? you already get what you want, you always take away what always mine, she said with tear's.

Am sorry sis, I never really care about all this. then walk away and never come back, just go away from this family, my sister said. Sis, mom and dad will be disappointed, I don't want to embarrass them... so you don't want to do it the easy way, I will do it the hard way then, she said and walk away....

the next day, I went to college, am going to sign out next week. after graduating, I want to live my life the way I want, not the way my parents want, I already have it all plan out, after my graduation, am going to get a job, I will rent an apartment, I want to build a power for myself, so I won't be control. and I won't get married. am still young anyway.

my day in school is like every other day, being stare at by boys, having a lot of love letter on my sit. am already use to it. especially the girls, being jealous of me, if I were in their shoes, I will be the most happiest person on earth.

today is Wednesday, I went out, have fun, and went to club that very day. it very simple, the reason why am happy, am just celebrating my freedom. on my way back from club, I get a call from my mom, she sounds angry, asking me to come home, that it late. when I look at the time, it already past midnight.

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