New Beginning -Dee/C2 Chapter 2
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New Beginning -Dee/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Emily Pov

Emily Pov

when I look at the time, it already past midnight. I want to start the car and go home, when I heard a gun shot. I tremble all over. is it real or are they acting movie.

even if they are acting, they won't use a real gun. I stay in my car for 20 minutes, before coming out, i went to the bush area, I walk in, and walk a little further. I see two body's, I went to check on them, but they are already dead. I was shock, I Know people die, but why will someone kill them. Am about to go back, when I see a basket at the back of a tree, you won't even know there is a basket there, because they cover it with a grass.

I went over to take a look, when I remove the grass on the basket, what I see really shock me, a bouncing baby boy sleeping, I carry the basket and went back to my car. I checked the baby, but I found out that the baby his drug. who can be so heartless to drug a baby. i check the baby once again, and found that he was given a sleeping pills, that the reason he wasn't making a sounds.

the baby came from a very powerful family or else why will they want him dead, I can't report it to the police and I can't take the baby to the orphanage. what if those bad people found out, they will also kill me. I call my mom and tell her I won't be coming home, she's really angry. I just told her, and did not wait for her to nag me, so I hangup the call, before driving off.

I went to my farm house, know one knows there, except me and my grandparents, because they where the one who gave it to me on my 20th birthday. when I get there, I give the baby a bath, before, putting him to bed. the next morning, when I wake up, the baby is still sleeping. I take a bath, get dressed and went out, I went to a supermarket to get all kinds of baby foods, I also get some clothes for baby. when I get back, the baby his already wild awake. I give him a bath, change his clothes and feeds him. I lay him down then I heard my phone ringing.

Good morning Mom. Emily where are you, she ask. sorry mom, I went out with some of my friends. come back home now she said, ok am coming... I look at the baby, he smile back at me, what am I going to do with you. I checked my phone, to see if they reports about the missing baby, but there wasn't even a News, about those dead body.

what should I do, I sit down and play with the baby, I feed him, once again, the boy his so quiet... well I can't stay here all day. I look at him once again, before going out. I went to a store, and buy a camera. when I get home, the baby his already fast asleep. I install the camera in the room. I lock the door before going out. when I get home, my parents are super angry. Sorry Mom, I slept over at my friend's place. did you know the Gold family just left, for them to like you is really a blessing, Mom said angryly. yes mom, I know, am sorry. I said before walking upstairs, to my room.

I checked my phone, to look at the camera, but the baby his still sleeping. in the afternoon I told my parents, I won't be coming home, that am hanging out with my friends, they agree and told me to come home early the next morning.

when I get to the farm house, the baby his Already crying, I make his food, sorry am late, my bad. I gave him the food, but he wasn't collecting it, are you sure you don't want to take it, I question. I don't have a breast milk. I pet him, sing for him, do whatsoever I could, before he eat his food. it was like that, every day, it became a rooting.

the week went by so fast, am really happy, because I will soon be Free. when I got home that night, I did not bother eating with them, because all they got to say, is about my wedding. I don't really want to disappoint them. but they don't care about me as a parent should.

have being doing everything they ask of me. so am going to do this for myself. the next day is my graduation day, I take my bath, I branch at the farm house before going to school. when we are done my friends want us to hang out, but I turn them down. I went to the farm house, I think the baby is already use to it because, whenever I check on him, he doesn't cry anymore. I feed him his food, I freshing up. I play with him, it already evening, when I call my parents that I won't be coming home, am hanging out with my friends, they agree and ask me to have fun. Am about to sleep, when I get a call from my sis.

sis good evening, she sounds like she has being crying, what the matter sis, she just told me the address of the club she's before hanging up. I check the time, it already past 8, and today is Friday, why is she crying. I look over at my side to see the baby sleeping, I get change, lock the door and went out. when I get there, she's a crying mess, what the matter sis, my boyfriend broke up with me, she said. Am really sorry about that. drink with me she said. sis I don't want to drink am sorry.

it your graduation day anyway so you are drinking with me, she insists. we both get drunk or so I think, I already book a room for you, she gave me the card, room 204. I went to the room, I stand in front of a room, I check the room number, 206, Am about to turn around, when the door flew open, and a person pull me in, I wanted to shout but my mouth is cover, the room is also dark, I couldn't see the person face.

he turn my clothes and force his self on me, I couldn't shout, all my energy was drain, it was brutal, I cry all night untill I couldn't cry again. I don't know when I fainted. The next morning, there is nobody beside me, my body felt heavy, my clothes was disheveled, I felt disgusting. I feel ashamed of myself. I don't even know how I leave the hotel room, and go to the farm house. the baby his wild awake when I get there, he look over at me and smile, I wish I could also smile back.

I gave him a bath, feed him, and lay him down. I went into the bathroom, I cry my eyes out, when I couldn't take it anymore, I soak myself in the bathtub. maybe I will feel less disgusting that way. I get a call from my mom asking me to come home. It already afternoon, I get ready, but before going, I give the baby his food. it really not good, locking the baby alone in the room, but what did you expect me to do.

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