New Beginning -Dee/C3 CHAPTER 3
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New Beginning -Dee/C3 CHAPTER 3
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Emily Pov

I can't take him home, my parents are going to make a big deal out of it.

when I get home that day, I behave as if nothing happens to me. Why don't you come home last night,my Mom ask. mom it was my graduation day, did you expect me to come home? I was having fun. you should behave yourself, you know you are getting married soon, she said. I know mom, you don't have to worry, I said.

I really get it all plan, am running off before I get married. I got to do this for myself, not for them. on my way to my room I met my sis. I check you in your room last night, but you aren't there, she said. ah! yes... I went to have some fun, I said. I thought you already left, I ask her. I know you are hiding something, it just a matter of time before we know.

Are you really that sure that am hiding something, common sis, stop over thinking, it not good for your health, I said and walk to my room, I'm not crying anymore, it not a big deal anyway, I just have to make sure my plans are perfect.

I need to go out of the house tonight, I need to feed the baby, and I haven't being coming home to sleep lately, I don't have an excuse to go out anymore.

We all have dinner together, it already past 7. I look at the camera, the baby his already crying, he his just a baby. he hasn't eaten anything tonight, and it normal for a child to cry when there is no one around them.

I look at the camera, to see him already falling asleep while crying, it really broke my heart. it past 10, when I get out of my room. I went out, when am about to open the gate, I heard a voice from behind me, young Miss, it already late, what are you doing outside, I turn around, to see it the watchman. I give him some money, can you please keep this between us. don't worry am going to come back before they all wake up. he collect the money from me, young Miss, I did not see you... thanks, I thank him before going out.

I already book a cab, I don't want to wake them up by driving my car, or cause some suspicious.

when I get there, the baby his still sleeping. some minutes later he wake up, and started crying. I pick him up, and pat his back, am so sorry.

I give him a bath and feed him. he isn't sleeping anymore, I told him a story, sing him a song, I play with him still late at night.

the next morning I wake up around 5 in the morning, I take my bath, but the baby his still sleeping, I don't want to disturb his sleep, so I wait till he wake up. it already past 7, when he wake up. I gave him a bath and feed him. Am about to leave when he started crying. what should I do?

he didn't even sleep, like he knows if he should sleep am going to leave him. I came back to my sense when my phone started ringing, I pick it up. hi mom... where are you? at a friend place, come home now, ok mom am coming.

hey little man, aren't you going to sleep, he smile at me, you know am taking to just, just sleep please.

Am about to go out, when he started crying again, I don't really know what to do, If I should go, and he continues crying like this, if someone heard him they might report it to the cops.

I carry him along with me to a near by pharmacy, I get the medicine I want before going to the counter, to pay. his he your baby, The cashier ask... Yes... he look so cute. thanks, I pay before going back to the farm house. I give him little out of the pills, it a sleeping pills for children, 15 minutes later, he slept off.

when I get home, it already noon. Where are you coming from, you have been behaving strangely lately, what are you up to? Dad am coming from the mansion, grandma call me over, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, it still early when she call, I don't want to wake you up, I lie, because I know he won't call them.

It now become my rooting every day, sleeping out, taking care of the baby. leaving the house, without anyone concept. coming home late, sometimes. I was caught some time, but I lie, that am going to the old mansion or coming from there.

it being three weeks, since that incident of my raping. today afternoon am eating with my parents, when I suddenly feel neasous, I went to the bathroom to vomit, when I came back to sit down, my parents ask, what the matter. it noth.... before I can continue my words, I stand up again and run to the bathroom. when I get back, my mom look piss, don't tell me this is what am thinking.... mom it nothing really.

Shut up, just shut up, I should have Known, you haven't been sleeping home lately. who his the father,she ask. mom you are not sure whether am pregnant or not, will you please stop coming to a conclusion.

am also trying to deceive myself. let go to the hospital then, we can find out what happen to you, my sister said. NO am ok. my parents aren't buying it anymore. we went to the hospital that afternoon. am a doctor, and have being noticing some changes in my body, I just don't want to believe it. when we are done with the check up, we where told to come the next day. but my parents didn't agree, so we where told to wait for some hours.

Two hours later. a nurse call us in. congratulation Mr. and Mrs Brock. your daughter is just two weeks gone. gone where my mom ask, I mean she is pregnant. my parents look at me with disappointment in there eyes.

we show you so much love, is this how you repay us, who his the father. I didn't hear all they have being saying, all I heard is, am pregnant, how am I going to do it, am dead. I'm bought out of my mind when I heard a loud roar, WHO HIS THE FATHER? I heard my father ask. I don't know, I said with tears all over my face, I Know it useless trying to explain, they won't believe me, I always wonder how they can both become I a parents. GREAT, this is really GREAT, what a disappointment to our family, my mom said.

I looked into her eyes, all mother understands there child, why can't she just see the pain am going true as a mother. my Dad face the doctor, she is having an abortion. that a good idea my mom agree to it.

I hates calling them my parents, what parents want there child to go true an abortion. the doctor look over at my parents before saying, when we were having the check done, we see that she has some complication with the pregnancy. if we go true the abortion, there is 85% that we might lose both the mother and child.

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