New Beginning -Dee/C4 Chapter 4 Abortion
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New Beginning -Dee/C4 Chapter 4 Abortion
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C4 Chapter 4 Abortion

Emily Pov

What about the 15%? I believe you guys can really do a good Job, we are going to continue with the abortion, my so called Father said. My fate his being decided right in front of me. The Doctor let out a cough, before saying, the abortion can't be done today. She should stay in the hospital, so that we can look at her condition. My parents look at the doctor before saying, we are also going to stay over then, I don't really trust her she might run away.

They collect my phone, I can't do anything right now. I can't even go out. It already late, and I haven't feed the baby. I checked the time it past 8 already. I need to figure out a plan. But there is nothing I can do. I can't even make a call and if I can, who am I going to call. My parents where busy discussing how nobody should no about it, they where so focused that they don't know when I stand up, and sneak out of the room. I Know I can't run away from them, they are going to find me, and when they get hold of me, it won't be good.

I went to the farm house, when I open the door, I expect to see the baby crying but I was surprised when I see him all smiles immediately he see me, I carry him, am really sorry. I feed him before giving him a bath. When he slept off, I want to leave but I couldn't, and if I should stay here anylonger they are going to find me. I went out and lock the door.

When I reach the hospital, I did not bother going inside, I sit down on a bench by the side. It not up to ten minutes, when I heard hurried footsteps.... Where the hell did you go? I heard from behind me, I did not bother turning around to know who said those words. Am taking to you.

Dad, I felt irritating calling you my father, you are nothing but a co..... I was slap really hard before I can finish my words. I look up, to see it my sister who slap me. she's trying to win there favor in my condition. I smile bitterly at her. I'm being drag to the hospital, by some bodyguard's.

I can't go out, the night went by really fast, how I wish for it to stop for some minutes, so that I can think of what to do. my parents come into my ward the next morning, I kneel down, mom am really sorry, how about this, I'm going to leave home and never show my face again. I hold my mom leg while begging her, the moment I finish my statement, she kick me with her leg.

What did you want me to tell the Gold family, what about my reputation of over ten years. I look over at her face, she care about what the Gold family are going to say, she also care about her reputation of over ten years, I bring her that reputation, but she never thought of the life, of her 21 years old daughter, she never thought of the months the child spent in her stomach, she never thought of the pain she went through while giving birth to her, she never thought that if she lost her reputation today, she still have her baby girl, for her.

All she think about is her reputation, I think am going mad, I can't believe this, if I went through with this operation I might lost my life. But my mom don't really care about my life.

all she think about is her reputation, I think am going mad, I can't believe this, if I went through with this operation I might lost my life,

what about my baby, I held my stomach, am not going through this abortion, I have my right, this is my right am not going to abort my child, never. that not your choice to make. my so called father said. people always think that, the most painful thing in life is losing the one you value.

the truth is, losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much and forgetting that you are special too. I value my parents so much, that I lost myself in the process.

I can't think of any one to call. if I call my grandparents they might also want this. they also held high hope for reputation, and I don't want to be broken by the people I call my family. I don't want to see the disappointment I see in my parents eyes, I don't want to see it, in my grandparents eyes also.

I'm bought out of my thoughts when I heard hurry footsteps, I rise my head to see two bodyguard walking toward me, don't come over, but they didn't listen to me, they drag me to the operation room. why is my life so miserable. they lay me on the bed of the operation room, while the nurses tie my hands and leg to the bed.

the doctor walk into the room, he his about to inject me with a drug, when we heard some noises in the door, in the next second the door is force open. the nurses and doctors started shaking, when I look over, I see a gun being point at everyone in the room.

one of the man walk in, he put his gun away, before walking toward me, he untie my hands and legs, before helping me to stand up, I think I know him somewhere, but right now my brain isn't working too well... when we went out of the operation room, I was greet by a hug, look at my baby, oh my God, are they even feeding you? you are pregnant now, so you should be well feed. Grandma I said with tears all over my face.

why are you crying, don't worry, it already settled. let go home. I'm about to go with them when I heard my father voice, if you go with them, forget about being part of our family, I disown you. I did not bother looking back, I also disown every part of there family. when we get to the old mansion, my grandma held me in, she hasn't ask me a question till we get here.

Is grandpa home, I ask. yes, go into your room first, go take a bath, before coming to have breakfast. I went into my room , freshing up, before going downstairs. when I reach downstairs my grandparents his already sitting, I know they need an explanation, but I was disappointed when they did not ask, it like they are also disappointed with me. how are you feeling now they both ask. ok, I said.

it like they can read my, my grandma said, don't worry we are not disappointed In you, just tell us, who is responsible. when she ask this question, I felt dirty, ashamed and disgusting. when my grandparents see me crying, they move closer to me, don't worry we are not going to judge you, or did he not want to take responsibility.

I nod my head yes. who is the bastard that get my granddaughter pregnant and don't want to take responsibility. tell me, let me teach him a lesson, my grandpa Said furiously.

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