New Beginning -Dee/C5 Chapter 5 Army
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New Beginning -Dee/C5 Chapter 5 Army
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C5 Chapter 5 Army

Emily Pov

I was raped, when I said that the living room fall into a dead silent.

my grandma cough before asking how did it happen. I explain everything to them, but I did not explain about the baby. wait the baby, oh my God, I just remembered him. I stand up immediately, grandma. grandpa, I will be right back, I said before running out. I ask one of the guard to drive me.

when I get there, I ask him to wait outside. when I get inside, he his awake, but he did not cry. I carried him and give him a bath before feeding him. I change his clothes. but he did not allow me to put him down, I try putting him down, he rise his voice, and start crying, he stop only when I carry him.

I think I need to explain to my grandparents but am going to twist the truth, if I tell them, they might want to help look for his family, which may endangered their life. i pack all his clothes and food. before I carry him out. when I sit down in the car, the driver look at me as if, have grow two head.

when we get to the old mansion. I get down from the car, while the driver help me with my stuff. the baby look happy. I carry him inside... I reach the sitting, my grandparents look at me, as if I have two head's, where did he come from.

he his my baby. tell us the truth, when did you ever get pregnant that we don't know, or that parents of your's don't know. tell us the truth, my grandma said. It like this, I have a friend, we are very close. you don't have a friend, grandpa how did you know I don't have a friend.

he want to continue the talking when my grandma said, ok what really happened. she got pregnant, she and her boyfriend plan on keeping the child, when she's 8 months gone her boyfriend melt with an accident. she couldn't take with, she cry all day and night.

when she was due. she gave birth to a baby boy, a week after giving birth, she ask me to take care of her child. she also die. sounds too simple to be true, my grandpa's said. we understand if you don't want to tell us about the truth, what did you want to do now? you are pregnant and you also have a baby with you. did you want to stay home or you want to go to other countries, my grandma ask.

i wish to go to the army. to do what? Grandpa ask. I heard they need doctor's, I said. No, you are not going there, they both said at the same time. why?... Did you think you are going to work there in a hospital, known, you are going to work on a battlefield.

it a mess over there. and did you think they are going to sign you? known, no matter how good you are they aren't going to sign you, because you have a life in you, my grandpa said. grandpa please you can help me, you where once a soldier and a General at that.

known am not doing that, it like am sending you on a suicide mission, my grandpa disagree. I went down on my knees, grandpa I want to make a name for myself, please you are my only hope, if I should stay over here, they are going to mock me. there are so many ways to make a name for yourself, I can't just help you with this. My grandpa said shaking his head.

I hold my grandpa leg, please grandpa, I promise to take a good care of myself. he was in a deep thinking, before facing my grandma, what did you think about it? I also face my grandma with hopeful eyes. If that what she want why don't we help her, she's our granddaughter after all, Grandma said. I want you to think this through. My grandpa said with a serious face. Grandpa have already think it true.... there is know going back, my grandpa said. Yes.

Ok I will see what I can do to it.... What the name of your baby anyway my grandma ask to lighten the mood. I haven't even think of a name for him. I look over at him, to see him playing with the toys the maid get him. Jake that the name that came into my mind. Jake what a really nice name, my grandma said. Jake it's his, I said to myself. I spent the rest of my day playing with Jake, he his just so cute.

Later that Day, I bring Jake to my room, I give him a bath, before feeding him, I also went to take a bath while he play all by himself. When I went downstairs to have dinner, I carry Jake along with me. I hand him over to a maid before sitting down to eat. Few minutes later the maid bring Jake in , he his all tears. What happen to him, I ask. Nothing young miss, he did not want me to carry him, immediately I went out with him, he started crying.

I carry Jake from her, before patting his back. It ok, stop crying, I stand up and walk around with him in my arms, 10 minutes later, he already slept off. Maybe he doesn't want anyone to carry him expect you, my grandma said... I just smile at that. When am done with my meal, I went into my room, I lay Jake down on the bed to go change, but immediately I move away from him, he wake up and stared crying once again...

Hey little man, am here stop crying, I cool him down while trying to make him sleep, but all my efforts Is a waste. I carry him alone with me, to my wardrobe, I take my nightgown with me, I lay Jake on the bed and put on a movie for him on my phone, he might not know what they are doing, but he did not cry, and I went into the bathroom to change. I think he assumed he his not alone.

When I went back inside, he already slept off, I also lay down on the bed beside

Him before drifting off. The next morning when I wake up, Jake his already wild awake, I see him crawl to the end of the bed, he almost fell off, I caught him, but he laughed at me. You almost fell, I should have leave you to fell down let see maybe you can laugh at me. I throw him up before catching him, I stop my movement midway, when did he start crawling. I did not notice it. He should be five or six months old.

I look beside me, to see him playing with himself. Jake come over here, when did you start crawling, I said and start tickling him. He laughed really hard. When I stop my movement, he stretch out his hand for me to carry him.

Let give you a bath, I give him a bath, change his clothes before making his food. I feed him, I dare not put him on the bed again, the thought of him falling down scared me. I don't know how it did not happen when I leave him all alone.

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