New Beginning -Dee/C6 Chapter 6 Change Of Mind
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New Beginning -Dee/C6 Chapter 6 Change Of Mind
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C6 Chapter 6 Change Of Mind

Emily Pov

When we reach downstairs, in the sitting room, my grandparents where discussing some matter, regarding me. Emily dear come over here. I sit down on a sofa in front of them, while I put Jake on the floor beside me, to play my himself. Have discussed your matter with a friend of mine, it really hard to get you into the army with this condition of your's, my grandpa said.

Grandpa please there must be something you can do about it... You didn't gave me the chance to finish my words, he said. Sorry grandpa. I can get you into the army, but.....

I don't know if there will be someone who will want you under their wings, he concluded. What did you mean grandpa, I don't understand you... What I mean is, you we have to join a team, or it will be pretty useless for you to be their, and if know team want you, you are going to work in the hospital at the army, but for you to be in the hospital his more hard to be in the army, he said.

Grandpa don't worry all you have to do is get me into the army, I will look for a team to join. It not as easy as you think, my grandma said. I Know grandma, if I can't get what I want, don't worry I will come home. Ok this is the form, fill it. I fill in the form before handing it over to my grandpa.

You should prepare all your stuff then, you will be leaving the day after tomorrow, my grandpa said. You will need a maid if you want to take Jake along with you, my grandma said. Will the maid be living their also, I ask. Yes of course, the army isn't a place you can go and come anytime you want, unless you are a superior. I look beside me on the floor, Jake his no where in sight.

I ask a maid, they told me he his in the kitchen. Doing what? I ask. Nothing ma, should I get him, she ask. NO let him be. I went back to my room. I arrange the clothes I need in a bag, it trousers or a short. I won't be needing a skirts over there anyway, but wait, am pregnant, and I will be needing more than that. I pack some of the useful clothes I will be needing in my time of pregnancy. When am done with mine.

I pack Jake clothes, food's and some other necessary things he may need. When am done with all that, I went out to the kitchen to check on Jake but I couldn't find him. I ask a passing maid. Excuse me, where his Jake. Ma and sir, said they want to spend some alone time with him, she said. I wave her off, before going to the garden. When I get there, I sit down on a chair beside my grandparents.

Grandpa, grandma, both of you are making it seem as if it my last day on earth, I said. We won't be seeing you guys everyday, so we just want to spend some time with him, my grandma said. I want you to take good care of yourself and my great grand kid in their, my grandpa said. I Know he his not happy with me going to the army, it like they are sending me on a never return mission.

Grandpa I want you and grandma to always take care of yourself, don't stress yourself too much, I said. You should do the little you can in the company. You can also see, am getting old, I think you will want to take over the company. He said.

Grandpa you want me to take over the company, when first uncle and second uncle are there, what about my dad, I ask flabbergasted. Forget about all of them, they are not worthy to take over the company, he said. Did you forget I also did not study business, I ask. That the reason Why I want you to follow my footsteps for 6 months or a Year, you are intelligent, you will know better, he said. Grandpa you don't need to worry, am always here for you.

You are not, you will also be gone anyway. He said sadly. That night I thought about it, how will I face the humiliation, the disgrace and the mock. Know one will want to hear about my story, and if they want to, will I be able to tell them, that I was once raped. I thought it true really hard. It really a waste of time if I should go over their while pregnant. I did not have a good night sleep, I toss till day break.

First thing the next morning, I take a bath while Jake his still sleeping, I went downstairs, I ask a maid to go to my room, to help me keep an eye on Jake, so that he won't fell down when he wake up. I went to the garden to see my grandma watering the plants, she love doing this, while my grandpa accompany her. I run to them, grandpa have thought it true, but my grandma nag me. Did you forget you are pregnant why are you running up and down, when you go over their, who his going to look after you, my grandma face my grandpa before saying, I think you are right, we shouldn't have agree to sent her over their.

Grandma that what am going to tell you, but she did not allow me to finish my words, enough of you, I know you are going, just stop mentioning it, it really Break my heart, for my grandchild to be going to the army with my great grandchild... Grandma that not really the case, but I was cut off once again.

I know it doesn't matter to you, you should not detest yourself just because you are pregnant at a young age. I did not bother talking to her again, I face my grandpa. Grandpa have changed my mind. But my grandma interfere once again. I knew it, because it the border you are going this time around.

I facepalm myself. Grandma am not going anywhere anymore, till I give birth. What did you mean, my grandparents seem surprised and happy at the same time. Have thought about it, I will wait till I give birth I said. Oh my child. Am really happy, my grandma said while hugging me. That good then. Let celebrate, my grandma said. Celebrate what I ask. You are not going to the army anymore and you are with our grandchild, isn't it worth celebrating.

Grandma I never said am not going to the army anymore, I said, I will wait till I gave birth, I correct her. It still the same thing, you change your mind today no one knows what might happen tomorrow, she said happily.

We went into the dining room. We start eating, when I see Jake being carry my the maid, have you make his food, I ask. Yes young miss. I think he his familiar with this place now, that the reason why he wasn't crying when they carry him. I was brought out of my thoughts, when I heard my grandpa ask.

Are you going to stay here during your pregnant or you want to go abroad. Why will you ask her, that stupid question, my grandma ask.

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