Chapter error, click on this report "I'm coming!" The Eastern Desolate Bell appeared in front of Long Chen. Although it was only three feet tall, it had changed from a dull bronze to a dark gold. There were countless patterns engraved on the bell. There were flowers, birds, fish, insects, mountains, and even the sea. As the divine light flowed, it seemed as if it was a world of its own. The Eastern Desolate Bell retracted its power. With its complete body, it carried an endless divine might, vast and unrestrained. "Awesome." Long Chen could not help but exclaim in excitement as he sensed the boundless power contained within the Eastern Wasteland Bell. As expected of the head of the Five Great Supreme Divine Artifacts, his aura was able to make anyone shiver. "Thanks to you, I've finally recovered. This time, we can have another go at the Ling Tian Bracelet." The Eastern Wastelands Bell spoke, its voice was filled with boundless fighting intent. "That year, if it weren't for the South Sea Zither's master betraying us, we wouldn't have lost so miserably. This time, we have to deal with the God race and the great domains thoroughly. " "Senior, can you tell me what exactly is going on with the god race and the various great domains? Why did they attack Sky Martial Continent? What did they want to obtain? Long Chen was puzzled. "Lei Ling'er, continue, but tell him to shut his mouth." Long Chen suddenly turned around and said to Lei Ling'er, who was wielding her sabre. Tian Xing's cries were just too pitiful. He was as noisy as a pig being slaughtered. What Long Chen didn't expect was that after spending his life hacking away at other people's bodies and studying various punishments, Tian Xing's resistance was surprisingly weak. The pain made him faint many times, but Lei Ling'er woke him up and continued cutting. Back then, Tian Xing had used a total of over three thousand punishments on Long Chen. After Lei Ling'er was released, her soul was linked with Long Chen's, and she remembered all the punishments and returned them to Tian Xing one by one. Although listening to Tian Xing's screams was pleasing, listening to it too much made him a bit fed up. Long Chen asked Lei Ling'er to do it silently. As a result, Tian Xing didn't even have the right to howl. The world was covered by the thunder web, and Tian Xing was trapped within it. Lei Ling'er's hands were twitching nonstop, and even his eyeballs were about to pop out. Long Chen sat cross-legged on the ground. He had just broken free from the restrictions of the array, and was suffering from many internal injuries. Right now, he was unable to participate in the intense battle. The Eastern Wasteland Bell said, "Now that the war has started, there's no longer a need to avoid cause and effect. In fact, the ultimate goal of the god race, blood clan, demon clan, demon clan, and immortal clan was to obtain the core of the star field. The core of the Star Region was the Star Core. It was a Spiritual Being formed at the beginning of a world, equivalent to the heart of the Sky Martial Continent. And the Ling Tian Bracelet is the only existence that can pull out the core of the Sky Martial Continent's Star Domain, so, in order to protect Sky Martial Continent, dealing with the Ling Tian Bracelet is the key. " "Isn't the Ling Tian Bracelet owned by the Gui Hai Clan? The entire Sea Demon race has been annihilated by me, is there anyone else capable of controlling the Ling Tian Bracelet? " Long Chen was puzzled. "You are wrong, the Ling Tian Bracelet is an upper realm immortal equipment, it would not recognize a master and it would not belong to anyone. It only had one mission, and that was to destroy the entire Sky Martial Continent. And the power it needed was to slaughter all the blood Qi, soul and grievances. Therefore, once the great war began, the experts from other realms would enter the Sky Martial Continent, and regardless of whether they were killed or killed, they would provide endless power to the Ling Tian Bracelet. Once the power has reached a certain level, it will activate the formation to seize the core of the Star Domain and destroy the entire world. " The Eastern Wasteland Bell said in a deep voice. "What's the use of the Star Region Core? Moreover, they have so many experts fighting over it. How are they going to split the money in the future?" And from the looks of it, they were working together, working with each other from the inside, with the god race acting as the spy, and the other forces acting together. And I don't understand, the Emperor definitely knows about the God race and major powers, so why didn't he say so? " The more Long Chen listened, the more confused he became. The matters of Sky Martial Continent were too complicated. The Eastern Desolate Bell sighed, "This is a conspiracy, a huge conspiracy. Obtaining the core of a star field, you can compare it to possessing your body. After possession, the soul would be erased, and the core of the Star Domain could still be used to create another world. It was just that this family was no longer in the original world. The core of a star field has no meaning to our mortal world. It is what the strong or deities of the past used to require. To turn all living beings within a world into one's own followers and obtain endless amounts of faith energy, perhaps you will understand after you ascend to the Immortal World. As for the gods, there was definitely a hand in this, but no one knew who it was. It might even be a fight between gods. The five great emperors had made it clear why they did not do so, it was because all of this was happening in a different world and the Sky Martial Continent was doing the same. Do you think it's a coincidence that you were locked up here and met me? This world does not have many coincidences, it was all arranged beforehand. The day you step into the cultivation world, your fate has already deviated from its original trajectory, and was adjusted by the Sky Martial Continent, leading you step by step to this place. If you compare this war of destiny to a game of chess, then you are destined to be the one to fall out of Sky Martial Continent, and Sky Martial Continent has tied its fate to you, you are its only hope. As for why Sky Martial Continent chose you, this is probably the reason only it knows. " "Aren't you the leader of the Five Supreme Divine Artifacts in the Sky Martial Continent? When the Sky Martial Continent was born, you had already existed. I had always thought that you would be able to represent the Sky Martial Continent. " Long Chen said in shock. Eastern Wasteland Bell: "The five of us, the Supreme Divine Equipment, are actually the accompanying Divine Equipment of the Sky Martial Continent. Maybe you do not understand this phrase, but the so called Divine Accompanying Equipment is something that was created together with the Sky Martial Continent. We were created together by the Creator. " "Creator?" Long Chen's heart raced. Eastwatch Bell did not answer Long Chen's question, and continued: "You can compare Sky Martial Continent to your Sovereign King, and we are guards, protecting Sky Martial Continent is our duty. If we die, Sky Martial Continent will live on, but if Sky Martial Continent dies, then we will die too. Right now, everyone is involved in this trap, so no one can stay out of this mess. If Long Chen, you want to save the people around you, you have no choice but to live and die with Sky Martial Continent. " Long Chen nodded his head. Towards Sky Martial Continent, Long Chen did not complain at all, and towards the five Great Emperors, he also respected them from the bottom of his heart. Even as a chess piece, he was willing. As Long Chen listened to Eastern Desolate Bell talk about the secrets of Sky Martial Continent, he continued to recover from his injuries. His body was severely damaged, almost half of it crippled. However, now that one of the stars had been crushed, the entire star chart had come to life and evolved on its own. Its power was limitless and it was quickly recovering Long Chen's spirit energy and spirit energy. The life force in the chaotic space was also frantically repairing Long Chen's flesh and blood. An hour later, Long Chen's body recovered by 90% and he finally stood up. Arriving before the convulsing and frothing Tian Xing, whose eyes had already burst open, he stretched out a finger and pointed at the center of Tian Xing's brows. Puff. Blood splattered everywhere. Tian Xing's head was penetrated, and his body instantly softened.
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