Chapter error, click on this report Long Chen pointed to the head and pierced through it, then pulled back his hand. A little person the size of a fist was pulled out from the bloody hole. That was the Origin Soul of the Heaven's Punishment. The Origin Soul of the Heaven's Punishment was in Long Chen's hand. Flames rose from Long Chen's hand and wrapped around the Yuan Spirit of the Heaven's Punishment. "Ahh …" The Yuan Spirit of Tian Xing cried out miserably. The Yuan Spirit being calcined by the Pill Fire was the most painful form of torture. However, Tian Xing was not a pill cultivator, so he did not know how to use this move. Although the power of the Pill Fire was a far cry from Huo Ling'er's strength and wasn't sharp enough to kill, it was still enough to torture people. Tian Xing's dantian had been crippled, his flesh and blood tormented by Lei Ling'er. Because he had suffered too much, his pain was no longer as sensitive. If he wanted to recover from his pain, he would need to give him three days of rest. However, Long Chen didn't have the time to do that and directly extracted his Primordial Spirit. "The alchemy fire refines the soul, and is divided into ten levels. It is said that the pain will reach the pinnacle of one's imagination, and it is impossible to describe it in words. You claim to be the god race's most proficient in punishing people, so I'll have to trouble you to do me a favor. Tell me everything you know about yourself, it's really hard on you. " Long Chen looked at Sky Execution's primordial spirit and bared his teeth in a smile. Those teeth were flashing with a faint light, like a demon wanting to eat a human prelude. It made one's scalp tingle. "No …" Kill me … " Soul refining and burning the pain of one's soul was unimaginable. The reason why Long Chen could endure all of this punishment was because Long Chen had experienced the pain of his soul being torn apart. Years ago, Meng Qi's soul seed was taken away by the Wind Soul Pavilion and she became a cripple. Long Chen forcefully took out a soul seed from his soul and gave it to Meng Qi. After experiencing the pain of tearing his soul apart, the pain on his body no longer felt that terrifying. However, although the Heaven's Punishment was fierce, it was only directed at others. He had never thought that one day, he would be treated as an experiment subject. "Ahh …" The lotuses held together, one above and one below, one rotating. In an instant, Tian Xing's primordial spirit was twisted into a blur, and in that instant, Tian Xing's screams became even more mournful. Tian Xing's primordial spirit was set ablaze with the strengthening of the flames. Very soon, his primordial spirit showed signs of withering. "Phew!" Long Chen withdrew his flame and poured his soul force into it. Tian Xing's withering eyes quickly began to recover. "Not bad. If I can hold on for an incense stick of time, I can enter the third stage." Long Chen checked Tian Xing's primordial spirit and chuckled. "No, please kill me. I beg you, please kill me. Just treat it as you letting me go. Alright, I beg you …" The Yuan Spirit of the Sky Execution cried out loud. At this moment, he had already been tortured to the point of collapse. His entire life, Tian Xing had been thinking about how to torture people, but he had never been tortured in the slightest, so his endurance was worse than most people's. If it weren't for Long Chen's deliberate control over his strength, he would have died long ago. The corner of Long Chen's mouth curled up in ridicule, "You have committed many evil deeds. When you took my spirit root and spirit blood, did you ever think of letting me go? Have you ever thought of letting me go when you caught me and tortured me? "Now, I will give you a chance. Answer my question and answer well. I will give you a quick death. If you hide anything from me, I promise you that you will regret it." "Ask, ask." At this point of time, Tian Xing no longer thought about living, he only hoped that he wouldn't suffer anymore. To him, death was already a relief. "Let me ask you, has the battle really begun?" Long Chen said coldly. "Yes, it's already. "Ah …" Flames rose as Sky Execution cried out in pain. "What an idiot. Although my realm is not as high as yours, my soul force is thousands of times greater than yours. You still want to deceive me?" Long Chen's soul was locked onto Tian Xing's soul. Under the strong soul pressure, Long Chen would be able to sense Tian Xing lying. "I will speak, I will speak. The war has not begun, and preparations are under way …" Stop... " Sky Execution screamed in pain. Long Chen gave a cold snort and once again used his soul force to nourish the origin soul of the Sky Execution. He didn't want to accidentally kill him. When Tian Xing said that the great battle had already begun, Long Chen was shocked. However, he suddenly felt that it was illogical. At the very least, they would bring him to the Sky Martial Continent and kill him in front of everyone. That way, they would be able to completely destroy the confidence they had in the Sky Martial Continent. It would also cause those who cared about Long Chen to go crazy. This would be more beneficial to their attacks and definitely wouldn't waste his life. Therefore, Long Chen determined that this was done intentionally by Tian Xing. With this, Long Chen was completely relieved. There was still time before the battle had begun. "Let me ask you, what stage is Long Ao Tian at now?" Long Chen coldly asked. Earlier, Tian Xing had said that once Long Ao Tian and the rest advanced to become Great Emperors, they would immediately attack the Heavenly Martial Alliance. Since the war had yet to begin, that also meant that they had yet to advance to Great Emperor. "He has already advanced to the eleventh level and is currently assailing the twelfth level, which is also the Emperor level." Tian Xing could only reply honestly. "He's already reached the Saint Realm. It's still so fast." Long Chen's heart trembled, but he suddenly asked: "Long Ao Tian's cultivation, how can he be so fast?" "Because... This is because all of the life forms in the few small worlds ruled by the god race were sacrificed in exchange for the reinforcement of the divine way. " In the end, Tian Xing didn't dare to lie and told the truth. So it turned out that the god race ruled over several small worlds, and in each of these small worlds, there were countless living creatures. It wasn't just Long Ao Tian, the Nine-Headed Lion, Blood Fiend Demon Sovereign, Mo Luo, Tian Xing, and Ye Ming were also the same, and Ye Ming was the strongest. He had betrayed the Evil God and sacrificed all of the followers of the evil way. In addition to the offerings the Undead race had prepared for him, his cultivation speed was the fastest. "They are just using some unorthodox methods, not the real Road of Emperor. This is also the reason why their past emperors and the current emperors of Sky Martial Continent are not on the same level, and each time, they ended up in failure. What they don't know is that the true Emperor stands at the peak of the mortal world. He needs the approval of a whole new world to be able to give his power to you rather than forcibly seizing it. " The Eastern Wastelands Bell said. Long Chen nodded his head. These people were using trickery to prove their identity. They couldn't be compared with Great Emperor Yun Shang and the others. However, using countless creatures to offer sacrifices in exchange for cultivation speed; this method was too evil. Long Chen finally understood why the Great Emperor Yun Shang mocked him when he mentioned the gods back then. What kind of bullsh * t god was this? They were clearly evil demons. If you follow me and give me benefits, I'll give you benefits. To put it bluntly, it's just using each other's abilities. What kind of faith is this? What guardian, it was all bullsh * t, an exchange of naked benefits. "Let me ask you, what exactly happened that year? Why did you want to harm my family?" At this point, the veins on Long Chen's forehead started to bulge. Killing intent surged in his eyes.
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