No Escape For Pretty Wife

Modern Romance
42 Chapters
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Latest Release: C42
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Lu Xinshuang actually liked these flowers, and Yetianchen was the one who accompanied her there. "You guys said that since Young Master Xi likes Persian flowers, why would he even use perfume that you guys made?" Lu Xinshuang talked to herself as she faced Hua Mu. A couple walked over, playing around and didn't notice that, as they stepped on her phone. "Hey, you guys, be careful!" Lu Xinshuan


Nooblet entertainment infiltrated the rich and powerful banquets, originally wanting to secretly shoot a few gossips around to get some extra money, who would have thought that they would bump into an unfamiliar man! The domineering CEO: "Woman, how dare you harm me! I want to take care of you! " Heaven! Did he misunderstand? Wait! What was he going to do? Is there some kind of misunderstanding? She scratched his super sports car to vent her hatred. The man slapped a paper contract right in front of her, "Be my woman and my husband's headlines will go up with you!" For the sake of the headlines, she endured it. Who knew that someone would go back on his word: "Woman, why don't you resign? We don't have time to have babies … "


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