No Time Left/C11 Chapter 11
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No Time Left/C11 Chapter 11
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C11 Chapter 11

"Who are you" I asked confused taking a step closer to her "I'm you" she said looking at me with a calm expression.

"how are you, me?" I asked "I'm a different you, I'm a you from a different timeline, a different universe, a different life." she replied "then how are you here?" I asked with a slight chuckle. "like you Brandon killed me, except instead of going back In time like you I came here to this field" she said looking around.

"so I'm dead?" I questioned confused "no" she said "I'd say your more on the brink of life and death it's self, you don't know weather it will be better to move on to another life or restart the one your living" she said walking closer to me. "allow me to give you advice, don't just lead this life with your brain lead it with your heart. yes you were gifted a knew life so take advantage of it, save your brother and fall in love, you may live in an apocalyptic world that you can still live trust me" she said walking over to me and putting her hands on my shoulders.

"okay... but no offense is that the only reason you're in this limbo type thing to give me life advice?" I asked "unfortunately no" she said taking her hands off my shoulders and turning around. "think of me as a type of advisor, I'm advising you to be careful there are people who will come after you for your power in this timeline people who will easily become your enemy" she said turning around to face me again.

"you must change the timeline and find the cure" she said as she began to disappear "wait a second there isn't a cure That never was" I said as she began to disappear faster. "there was always a cure it just isn't the type you said it was" she said completely vanishing.

I slowly begin to open my eyes. as I did I noticed I was in the room I had been staying in and Lena of course was by my side. "Lena" I said in a croaky voice. "lady Amelia" she said sitting up closer to my bed. "I thought I told you not to call me that" I said with a weak slight smile.

"what happened?" I asked attempting to sit up "you don't remember" Lena said keeping me from sitting up. "the last thing I remember is walking back to the house after helping out that group" I replied "you were shot my lady" Lena said with a sad expression.

"even during an apocalypse people still want me dead" I said "how long have I been out?" I asked as lena sat back down "about a day and a half" a familiar voice said from my door way "Tyler was it?" I said with a slight "the one and only" he said coming into the room. "I'll go alert the others your awake" Lena said standing up then walking out of the room.

"she always like that?" Tyler asked taking a seat in the chair next to my bed "only when she's worried" I replied with a small smirk "so how are you feeling?" he asked leaning back in the chair "like I was shot in the stomach and don't have any pain killers" I replied "I see that especially since your monitor there is still yellow" he said gesturing to my watch.

"it was red for a good while everyone was worried" he continued "well I'm sorry to worry everyone one" I replied when suddenly my room became filled with people. "thank God your awake" will said walking over to the end of my bed.

"everyone was so worried" Sam said tears filling her eyes as her brother Jason stood next to her pouting "yeah thank God your alive" Jason said sarcastically after being nudged by Sam.

"welcome back to the land of the living "Antonio said "Im thankful God answered my prayer" Haley said after him "oh Mel I was so, so worried" Alicia said running to my bed side "do me a favor and shove your worries up your ass for me hm" I said and everyone laughed as she got up and stormed out of the room.

Brandon didn't even bother to come see me, thank God. and Xavier stood in the far corner of the room just watching me. "hello Amelia I'm Mark" a man apparently named mark said entering the room "I'm the one who stitched you up, mind if I check your wound real quick?" he asked and I nodded.

he walked over to me and I moved the blanket. he then lifted my shirt up just enough to see my wound. he then picked up a bottle of alcohol "this may hurt" he said looking at me sympathetically as he began to pour alcohol on the wound. "Ahhhhhh" I screamed In pain until he was done "what the hell" Tyler said taking the bottle out of his hand.

"her wound was showing signs of becoming infected, if I didn't do it then it would have" mark said justifying what he had done. "I'm fine" I said trying to calm my breathing as my watch became red 'i guess they figured out how to shut off the sound on it' I thought to myself.

"Are you sure?" Tyler asked "yes I'm fine" I replied "Now what's our plan cuz we can't stay here forever" I said looking at everyone in the room as they avoided my stare.

"there is no plan" Xavier finally said after a minute of silence "from what I understood they didn't want to risk taking you anywhere in your condition so everyone decided to wait until you woke up to come up with an actual plan" he said walking out of his corner.

"ok Sam and Jason get the trucks loaded with the supplies we gathered the other day and make sure there's enough room for the people to hide in the back so they stay safe" I said pointing to the two. "what gives you the right to take charge!" Jason said aggressively.

Xavier then glared at him and he stormed out of the room 'that was weird' I thought to myself "sorry I-I'll deal with him" Sam said then running out of the room. "Will make sure everything is done right please, and Antonio and Haley can you gather up all the weapons you can find and put them together so someone can count them later please" I said and they nodded walking out of the room with will following behind

'that at least eliminates some of the people' I thought to myself. "look at you taking charge" Tyler said jokingly "Apparently someone has to" I replied rolling my eyes.

"now help me out of bed" I said attempting to sit up "Amelia you shouldn't do that you could risk tearing out your stitches" mark said "your still here" I said realizing I actually forgot he was in the room 'he was so quiet' I thought to myself "yes... I was still in the room" he said then just walking off "sorry!" I yelled to him "don't yell you'll tear your stitches!" he yelled back, and Tyler began to laugh a little.


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