No Time Left/C12 Chapter 12
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No Time Left/C12 Chapter 12
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C12 Chapter 12

"ok everything is packed up and everyone is ready" will said walking into my room "why aren't you in bed" he said crossing his arms as I turned to look at him from where I stood next to the window.

"good job and I am up and about as a form of preparing my self for our journey" I said walking over to my desk where I had a map laying on it "I traced the few best possible roads that should still be clear of the military, of course nothing is for sure hence the other paths" I said showing him the map.

"wait I thought the military was on our side?" will questioned "I would like to say this but I doubt they are, their saying they will come for us but it's already been 3 days since everything started if they were coming for us they would have already, and at the very least we would have seen a few soldiers" I replied as will stood there letting my words sink in.

"listen just because they haven't come doesn't mean we have to give up hope ok we will survive with or without them" I told him reassuringly and he nodded, when suddenly my marker I was using to trace the roads on the map fell on the floor. "that's just my luck" I said with a slight chuckle picking in up.

"ow" I said touching my wound "you ok?" Will asked "yeah it just suddenly started hurting a bit more then usual I said taking my hand off the wound "holy shit..." will suddenly said looking at my shirt. "are you on what's wrong" I asked concerned.

"Mel just look at me ok" Will said taking a step closer "MARK, XAVIER, LENA SOMEONE GET IN HERE NOW!" Will yelled. "what's with you" I said confused. "What is it..." Xavier said as mark Lena and him walked into my room. "they all stared in shock for a moment as I began to get dizzy. "oh my god what is with you guys" I said "ugh can someone help he sit I'm really dizzy" I continued and will helped me to my bed.

"mind if I check your wound?" Mark asked "why it feels fine" i said still confused "I just want to make sure it's not infected" he said "ok" I said "and you don't feel any pain?" mark asked as he looked at my wound "nope it actually feels kind of numb" I replied "well I think I can answer as to why that is" mark said "why?" I questioned and he showed me his hand covered in blood.

"your in shock" he replied and I quickly looked down to see blood practically pouring out of me "what the Fuck" I said staring down at my bloody midsection "it looks like your stitches tore" make said grabbing a towel and the alcohol that were still beside my bed.

"I have to take the thread out and restitch it" he said "so it's gonna hurt.... a lot" he continued. I laid down on the bed and he carefully began to wipe away the blood and pull out the remaining thread. I winced in pain as he pulled out the last piece of thread.

"I have to restitch you now ok" he said and I nodded. he prepared a needle and thread and began to stitch me up once again "ahhhhhh" I screamed in pain as he stuck the needle through my wound "what's going on In here" I heard Tyler say as he entered my room "she tore her stitches" Xavier replied.

"fucking Shit" I yelled as he continued to stitch me up. Tyler ran to the opposite side of the bed mark was on and grabbed my hand "I wouldn't do that" Lena said right before I began squeezing his hand. "mmmmmm" he whined as I squeezed his hand tighter and a tear fell from his cheek. "I warned you" Lena said as i tried to hold in my pain by squeezing Tyler's hand even tighter "done" Mark finally said and I let go of Tyler's hand "I think she broke my hand.

"let me see" mark said walking over to him he grabbed his hand and when he did his hands began to glow "what in the world" he said as he suddenly let go of Tyler's arm "hey it doesn't hurt anymore" Tyler said as he began to wave his hand around. "I don't get it what just happened?" Mark asked looking at his hands.

"you healed him" I said and everyone looked at me "what I'm just saying what most likely happened" I continued "well why don't you do it again on Mel" will suddenly said "I can try" he said looking at me and I nodded giving him permission.

he sat down at my bed side once more and lightly put his hand on my wound, after a moment his hand began to glow and I began to feel a little relief from the pain. after a minute he stopped but pain still lingered.

"why'd you stop" Tyler asked "I can't do more then that, at least not right now but I did get to a point that it will be done healing in half the time it originally would have" he replied standing up. "it's fine it's enough thank you" I said to him as I noticed my watch go back into the green.

"ok" I said sitting up "we can't stay here any longer I said "but your still healing" will said "if we stay here any longer we won't make it, we need to get somewhere more secure" I said "she's right" Xavier said walking closer to my bed. "if we stay here any longer who knows what could happen were all packed and we need to go while we still have time" he continued.

"fine" will said "but I want someone with you at all times till your healed you need to keep it easy" he continued. "world scout promise" I said putting up 3 fingers. "your a world scout?" will questioned "no, no she's not" Xavier replied Crossing his arms and glaring at me as I chuckled a little.


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