No Time Left/C13 Chapter 13
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No Time Left/C13 Chapter 13
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C13 Chapter 13

"we leave in an hour so be ready" I said as everyone but Tyler left the room. "are you ok?" I asked noticing Tyler's worried look "you know" he said coming to sit next to me "when I saw you get shot, I didn't know why but I was really worried. I couldn't explain I just was" he continued "then today when I came back from getting more supplies to pack and I saw you hurt again and in more pain my heart dropped and I realized something" he said grabbing my hand as I looked at him confused.

"I love you" Tyler said looking me straight in the eyes "Tyler we..." I said when he interrupted me "I know right now isn't the best time for this and I know we just met a few days ago but... I needed you to know how I felt" he said. "I'll let you rest more before we leave" he said getting up and leaving my room 'I didn't expect that' I thought to myself "neither did I" Xavier said leaning against my doorway "did you just read my mind?" I asked turning to look at him.

"no I could just tell you were thinking that by the look on your face" he replied "are we ready to go?" I asked trying to change the subject "just waiting on our patient" he said "well then let's go" I said going to grab my bag as he stopped me. "I got it we don't need our fearless leader tearing your stitches again" he said grabbing my bag and putting it on one shoulder. "Fearless leader? what are you talking about?" I asked.

"oh you don't know" he said looking at me then walking out of the room "hey wait what do I not know" I said walking after him.

"what do you not know" Will said as I followed Xavier out of my room "who knows it seems only my brother knows" I said and Xavier stopped in his tracks "you good? I asked confused as he just stood there "yeah" he said then walked off.

"ok then" Will replied "finally ready?" he asked with a slight smile "yup" I replied and we walked down the stairs and finally left that house.

We loaded up into the trucks and the few other vehicles we had and drove off. "still nothing on the radio" Antonio asked. Him, Xavier, Lena, Sam, Haley and I piled up in the car we originally took from home "nothing Important" I said "same old broadcast they've been playing for days" I continued.

"So wheres our next stop again?" Sam asked "I wasn't able to hear the last meeting we had" she continued "from what I know the leaders of the group decided the next stop to be Danville" Haley replied "hey what's with all this talk on leaders I thought there was no official leader of our group?" I said and the car got silent as everyone but Xavier who was driving stared at me.

"you don't know?" Antonio said "idiot she was unconscious remember" Haley replied "oh yeah" he said "while you were out everyone decided for now it would be best to keep the leader of each group as a sort of council to make decisions on what we will do" Sam said" by your group you were elected leader but since you were out Xavier stood in your place" Sam continued.

"it was also decided that since you have so much knowledge you'll be the main leader or representative if we come across other groups" Lena said. "this all happened while I was out?" I questioned "yup" Xavier said.

"good to know I guess" I said when suddenly the vehicle came to a stop. "what's going on" Xavier radioed through the walkie-talkie. "we need you or Mel up here we got an issue" will said. "Stay here" Xavier said to me opening his door "but..." your still injured" he said as he got out of the car closing the door before I could refute.

I quickly got out of the car and followed him. "I told you to stay in the car" he said annoyed "I'm sorry I didn't know you got abilities to protect yourself while I was half dead, I also didn't know you were so skilled with a sword, you left in the car may I add that you could stop bullets if need be" I replied "Says the one who got shot" he said as we continued to walk.

"what's going on here" Xavier yelled as we got closer to where Will stood. "they won't let us pass he said pointing to the people who seemed to belong in the military. "is there a reason you won't let us through" I yelled to the military men as I stood next to will. "we're just following orders so do yourself a favor and turn back" A man with blonde hair yelled back.

"I'm sorry but we can't do that" Xavier said stepping closer as they pulled out their guns and pooted them at us. "hey put the guns down" Will said "get back in your vehicles and go back where you came" another military man said "no" I said and second later I hear a gun shot.

some how I was fast enough to put up a sort of shadow like she'd to protect us and our vehicles. "shit that was close" I said "yeah you could say that again" said Xavier"

"She's a Gifted" I heard a man yell "we have orders to capture the gifted" another yelled. "what the hell" Xavier said through gritted teeth. "yeah I'd say this is definitely my luck" I said a little annoyed. "everyone still safe?" I asked "yes but why are you suddenly asking" will said "if I were you I would step back a few feet, I'm not exactly sure how well this will work" I said.

"wait what are you talking about" Xavier said. as I suddenly took the shield down "FIRE" I heard someone yell and point at me.


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