No Time Left/C2 Chapter 2
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No Time Left/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

AUGUST 25th 2036 10:53am

There is now 24 hours left until Serafina's Comet passes earth. I've gotten as much as I can ready without looking suspicious.

Weather the Apocalypse actually happens or not I'm unsure of but it's better to be prepared. I know for a fact I would have liked to been in the futures, past.

I know who in this house is going to turn, so I even prepared to take those who didn't with me.

It's nerve wracking, the thought that any of this is possible, the only bright side to this whole thing is that some of the remaining population got powers of some sort.

But even then it's still difficult to survive.

I walked out of my room and down the hall to my brothers then knocked on his door.

After a minute the door opened just wide enough so I could see him. "What do you want?" He asked showing no emotion "what did you think of your present?" I asked awkwardly. "I honestly didn't think it was the real thing till I cut my desk in half with it" he said with a slight smirk.

"What did the desk do to deserve that?" I asked with a slight laugh "it once belonged to you" he said bluntly "harsh" I replied

"You know uncle Ian, Aunt Laura, and Ava are coming today and although it's a day late I planned to make a birthday cake for you what kind do you like?" I asked "don't bother you never did before" he said.

"I-i know I was horrible but I want to fix that" I said "I think your 17 years to late for that little Sis" he said slamming his door. I sighed then walked away.

Suddenly my phone began to ring *Alicia Gardner* is what the caller id said. Without me realizing it I began to grip my phone tightly and my heart rate went up. My watch went from green to yellow then it said an alert * Heart rate is beginning to rise please calm down* my watch said in a female robotic voice 'i did not miss the voice feature on this' I thought to myself as I turned down the volume.

After a minute i finally calmed down and answered "hey Mel still feeling sick I haven't heard from you in days" Alicia said sounds worried "I'm fine now but I won't see you for a few more days someone came up" I said in a happy tone "oh no is everything alright?" She asked. 'well I never got to do this in my past so I should now' I thought to myself.

"Yeah I just found out that my boyfriend and my best friend were fucking each other for the last year" I said bluntly and silence was all I heard "Mel I can explain!" She said worriedly and I immediately hung up.

my, I guess past life now right before the apocalypse started I found out that Alicia my best friend was having sex with my boyfriend who I was dating for 3 years.

Suddenly I heard the door bell ring 'she got here fast" I thought to myself. I went to the door as Lena opened it and Alicia saw me "MEL PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN" she said trying to push through Lena.

"Let her in" I said and she came running to me "please it's not what you think" she said pleading "Oh so you didn't have sex with my boyfriend" I said "no I swear she replied "THEN WHAT ARE THESE" I yelled pulling out the pictures I had in my pocket and throwing them at her.

"YOU CLAIM THAT YOU... WEREN'T HAVING... SEX WITH HIM.... WHEN I HAVE... EVIDENCE" I yelled at her as I began to have a hard time saying my words *Heart Rate level is in red* my watch said as it began lighting up Red.

'i thought I turned that damn thing off' I thought as I began to hold on to my chest and have trouble breathing.

"My lady" Lena said running over to me "Mel" Alicia said "GET.... OUT" I was barley able to see as my vision became blurry.

"I think it's time you leave" I heard a voice say, I wasn't even able to tell who it was. "Miss you must calm down" lena said holding me up "Get.... Her.... Out" I said as my vision finally went dark.

Xavior's POV

'I can't believe she actually apologized' I thought to myself 'Although it's not like she started all this in the first place she was just a kid' I thought to myself once more. "MEL PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN" I heard yelling from down stairs.

I quietly opened my door and walked down the hall to the top of the stairs to listen. "please it's not what you think" a girl said pleading 'it sounds like her one friend I don't even care to remember her name.

"Oh so you didn't have sex with my boyfriend" Amelia said "no I swear what's her name replied "THEN WHAT ARE THESE" Amelia yelled as I heard her throw what I assumed were pictures at the girl.

"YOU CLAIM THAT YOU... WEREN'T HAVING... SEX WITH HIM.... WHEN I HAVE... EVIDENCE" Amelia yelled at her. I could tell she was beginning to have a hard time breathing.

*Heart Rate level is in red* her watch said.

"My lady" I heard Lena say "Mel" the girl said "GET.... OUT" I could tell she was having a hard time. 'i have to help her before she dies' I sighed in thought.

"I think it's time you leave" I said walking down the stairs. "Miss you must calm down" lena said holding her up "Get.... Her.... Out" Amelia said as she finally ended up fainting.

"Lena are you able to get her to her room" I said and she nodded then picked her up and took her up stairs. "Xavior please" the girl said as I walked closer. "Smart choice having sex with a sick girls boyfriend" I said bluntly "you better hope she doesn't die" I said as my awful parents finally showed up.

"What's going on Alicia why are you crying" my so called mother said "she had sex with Amelia's boyfriend and she found out now we have to call a doctor for her so she doesn't die" I said and the girl ran out.

"Oh my god" both my parents said as they ran up stairs. 'at the very least the future won't change here' I thought to myself.


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