No Time Left/C3 Chapter 3
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No Time Left/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Amelia's POV

I-I can't breathe, I didn't mean to do this, it's wasting time.....

August 26th 2036 9:15am

I slowly began to wake up 'how long have I been out' I thought to myself. I slowly got up and grabbed my phone.

'No way I lost a whole day there's only about an hour and a half left until it starts' I continued to think. "I need to make sure everything was delivered" I said quietly.

I quickly got up and got changed into pants and a sweater as today would be a much colder day then the rest of the summer.

after a while of staring at my phone I finally went down stairs to see my parents waiting at the dining room table.

"Mel" my mother said standing up " are you sure you should be up why don't you rest more" she said. "I'm fine mom it was just a usual attack" I replied. "that's not what I heard" my father said as he took a sip of his coffee.

"MEL" I heard a little girl yell and then hug me "hi ava how are you" I asked "I'm good but aunt mia said you were sick" she said still hugging me. I knelt down to her level "I'm much better now I promise" I said with a smile "did you say hi to Xavier yet?" I asked.

"nope but I'm going to now" she said running off and I laughed. finally my aunt and uncle came into the room "I have things to do see ya" I said walked out of the dining room past them. "is that anyway you greet your uncle?" he said grabbing my arm with a smirk. "yes it is" I said yanking my arm out of his grasp and walking away.

I then went to the garage and checked "good its all here" I thought to my self. I then looked at the time on my watch 10:50am is what it said. "I didn't think I wasted that much time but that's fine" I thought to myself.

as I stood there and waited it finally became 10:53am the comet was finally passing after another minute I decided to test out the necklace.

I touched one box and thought of packing it away. next thing I knew it was gone 'I'm glad it works' I thought to myself. I quickly did the same with the rest of the boxes then snuck upstairs.

"Mia, William!" I heard my aunt Laura scream. I quickly went to where I heard the scream and saw Ian, Laura, ava, Lena and Xavier watching as my zombified parents tore apart another maid.

"I don't think you all should be standing around" I said "c'mon" I continued as I picked up ava and ran with everyone to the end of the hall where my brothers room was and going inside.

"help me block off the door" Xavier said as I helped put his dresser infront of his door "W-what happened to them?" Ian asked obviously afraid.

"I'm gonna go with a zombie" I said "that's at least what it looked like to me" I continued "so what do we do now?" laura asked. I sighed acting like I was thinking "I'm not sure but we can't stay here" I replied "how about we go to Zime City I heard it's small and it has a lot of stores so we can get some supplies" Xavier said.

"that's a 12hour drive, we'll have to stop at another town before that just to make it there but for now that should be fine" I said "but how do we get out of here now?" Ian asked. and I smirked "that's why roofs exist" I said looking at the window.

"there's no way in hell I'm jumping off a roof are you insane" he said getting in my face "if you want to live then then do it if you don't then stay with the things trying to break down the door" I said pointing at the door.

"we have to get to the ground and make it Into the garage if we can do that we should be fine" I said opening the window. "ian jump down and let us know if it's clear" what do you want me to die" he said basically refusing "is that an option?" I asked "I'll do it miss" lena said walking towards me "no way Ian's the oldest here and age does go before beauty" I said with another smirk.

after another minute of arguing he finally did it and was able to get off the roof with no injury. "clear" he said in a loud whisper. first Laura went down then ava and lena "you go first" Xavier said and I nodded. "bring the sword I have a feeling it'll come in handy" I said then slid down the roof and carefully jumped.

after a minute Xavier made it down with the sword and we quietly made our way to the garage dodging all the zombies but only just barley.

"damnit it's locked" ian said loudly "Laura let me see a hair pin" I said and she handed me one "Xavi keep guard why I do this" I said "don't call me that" he replied rolling his eyes.

"how do you even know how to pick a lock?" he asked "that's for me to know and you not to figure out" I said picking the lock.

"what's taking so long"Xavier said after a minute of me picking the lock "I don't know it's being difficult" I replied. "well hurry up I don't think we have much time" he said as I turned and noticed the zombies coming around the corner.

'come on come on' I thought to myself as I finally got it 'yes' I thought once more. "let's go everyone in" I said slamming the door open.

one after another everyone ran in as Xavior began to fight off the zombies. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in slamming the door before they could chase us in.

"thank God that worked" I said with a sigh of relief "you weren't sure" said ian annoyed "of course not you saw how many of those things there were that may have been a smaller risk then going through the house but it was still a risk" I replied

"now come on there's no time to waste we have to get out of here before they get in here" I said opening the driver's side door "Ava's gonna have to sit with you Laura" I continued.

"your driving?" Xavier asked as if he had thought someone else would "your good with swords I'm good with cars" I replied sitting down and starting the car as everyone got in.

I sat in the driver's seat, Xavier sat in the passenger seat, ian sat behind me laura and Ava sat in the middle and Lena sat behind Xavier.

this second as we all sat in the car and the garage door began to open is when this story officially begins....


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