No Time Left/C4 Chapter 4
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No Time Left/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

I put the car and drive and floored it, not cause I had to but I just wanted to, thinking back now, none of this happened.

in the Futures, Past Xavier and I went our separate ways and he was able to get out of the house before ian, Laura, ava and I. in the end Ian pushed laura in front of the zombies to save himself and after we got out of the house I took ava, and ended up losing her when I was attacked.

as I continued to drive minutes turned into hours, eventually it had been 6 hours since we left. but although we drove half the time we only got a quarter of the way to our destination due to all the cars and zombies everywhere.

"do you want me to drive?" Xavier said after hours of silence "No I'm fine" I said as I slowly dodged vehicles "are you sure you did just suffer another attack, your heart rate may be back to normal but it still take a toll on your body" he said looking out the window.

"you just want to drive admit it" I said with a slight chuckle "maybe but with how the world is now I'd say health is the most important thing" he said looking at me.

after a minute I pulled over and switched seats with him, he began to drive and eventually I drifted off to sleep.

Xavier's POV

we switched seats and I began to drive, after an hour I noticed she fell asleep 'what changed' I thought to myself as I continued to drive. 'is it possible that she also... no it can't be' I continued to think.

*heart rate has reached Yellow* Amelia's watch suddenly spoke out. A second later she shot up awake grabbing onto her throat.

"you good" I said keeping my eyes on the road "I'm fine" was all she said as she leaned back into her seat and began to look out the window.

Amelia's POV

'that dream' I thought as the images of me dying once again flashed through my mind 'why did I come back there has to be a reason' my thoughts continued.

"mommy I'm hungry" I suddenly heard ava say from the back seat. "I know honey but you just have to wait a little while more" Said laura "Young Master Xavior I believe there's a small town up ahead we can stop at to get some supplies" lena said leaning forward.

"I think it might be a good idea" I said looking at him as he sighed "well I guess me did need some things anyway" he replied.

after another 10 minutes we got off at an exit and managed to make it to the small town of licen.

I pulled into a store parking lot and parked the car then got out "Laura and ava should stay here while the rest of us get supplies" I said "you want me to go in with you what are you crazy what if those things are in there" ian said frantically.

"Then you kill them again" I said calmly "I wouldn't go in there if I were you" I heard a voice say behind me and I spun around.

"and why not?" Xavior asked "those zombie things are crawling all over the place. you go in I doubt you'll make it out with how many are in there." the man said "then what do you suggest we do?" I asked "we need supplies" I continued.

"I'll make you a deal, I and few other survivors will go in with your group to get supplies if you take us to Zime City with you" he said.

I quickly walked over to him and pulled out a knife I kept in my pocket then put it to his neck "how do you know where we're going" I asked as he looked at me scared.

"where did you get a knife" ian shouted surprised "easy we have a oracle of some sort she told us you were coming it's actually why I'm here" he said and pulled the knife away from his neck and put it back in my pocket.

"and where is this supposed Oracle?" I asked "right here" I heard a woman say as she walked up behind him with a group of survivors

'that face she's the woman who tried to save my brother' I thought to myself. "and who are you?" Ian asked. "I am Mae pines after Serafina's Comet passed earth more changed then just people turning into zombies" she said "some of the remaining population got powers" she continued.

"do you know how crazy you sound right now" ian said crossing his arms "do you know how crazy the world is right now" she replied.

"Alright that's enough" I said "whatever his name is said there are to many zombies for us to go in alone meaning even if we had a few extra people if would still be difficult so what other stores do you have here that would be less populated?" I said looking at the man we just met.

"first of all my name is will and secondly we have a type of mall with a grocery store that just opened inside we should be fine there" he replied.

"fine then pick a small group of people to bring we already have 3 people going" I said walking away from them.

"don't mind her she's just a little..." I heard Laura say until she was interrupted "over the top and threat happy I can tell" I heard will reply

"honestly I think it's a good thing she's like that it is the chances of survival" said lena. "Miss Wayne is just misunderstood, it's obvious she's just trying to keep her family safe" mae said calmly "how do you know who I am? I asked leaning against the car.

"I think it's pretty obvious" she replied pointing to my wrist. "your watch is a model 23X plus, it's the only one of its kind. specially made for the Youngest child of Galaxy techs CEO, Amelia Wayne" she said with a slight smirk.


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