No Time Left/C5 Chapter 5
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No Time Left/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

"I think it's pretty obvious" she replied pointing to my wrist. "your watch is a model 23X plus, it's the only one of its kind. specially made for the Youngest child of Galaxy techs CEO, Amelia Wayne" she said with a slight smirk.

"what does that matter" I replied walking toward the car "last I checked my title doesn't matter anymore"I continued. "that is true I just figured it would be best if everyone knew who they were dealing with a person who so smart she has an IQ of 293" she replied I turned to look at her about to grab my knife from my pocket.

"my IQ also doesn't have anything to do with the new world we're living in if you don't want me here then we'll get our supplies and gladly leave you're the ones asking us for help not the other way around" I replied "that is very true I apologize if I offended you" she said as we glared at each other and everyone just watched.

"now that, that's settled" I said turning to will "gather who your bringing with along with some extra weapons and meet us at your mall in 15minutes" I continued and he nodded.

they walked away and we got into the car and drive to the mall then parked the car "do you honestly think we can trust them" ian said from the back seat "what do we have that they want" lena said "exactly" I replied "we'll work it out as we go" I continued.

A few minutes later they showed up and we got out of the car "these are all the weapons we could find" said will opening a bag with 10 knifes 2 guns and a fork "a fork really" I said with a raise eyebrow.

"you never know" he replied "anyway let's you haven't met these two yet this is the tall one with the pink hair is Jason Willis he's our resident army man and the girl is Samantha taylor but we call her sam and you already know mae and I" he said.

"well to the two who don't know us I'm Mel this is my brother Xavier, my uncle, ian my aunt Laura, and finally but definitely not least lena" I replied. "it's a pleasure to meet you" sam replied nicely. "yeah it's great to meet someone from the company that ruined dad's life sam. it's really great" jason said rudely. "Jason she isn't the one who did that" sam replied.

"it's fine" I said "to him I'm just as bad as my father isn't that right Xavier" I said turning to my brother. after a moment of silence i finally broke it "now let's get moving" I said walking towards the building.

eventually we were able to sneak into the mall without the zombies noticing. "alright we're do we go from here?" I asked turning to will. "the stores on the top floor so the best way to go would probably be the escalator so we're not surprised by the zombies" he replied "lead the way" lena said as we began to walk and watch our surroundings.

after a few minutes we made it to the escalator and started climbing them like the stairs they were. once we got to the top it was pretty easy to tell that the entire floor was the store "well this is a little extravagant" I said looking around "it's a new store, they just finished building it a few months ago" sam said as she stood next to me.

"ok lena go with Ian, Xavier with mae, jason with will and I guess sam with me. try to gather as much as possible" I said "no way sam is with me I don't want her dying because of you" jason shouted "jay I'll be fine just listen to Mel and go" sam snapped back and he stormed off as will followed and we all began or supply hunt.

after a few minutes of walking through isles and and grabbing stuff sam finally broke her silence "I'm sorry about my brother" she suddenly said "it's fine I understand where it comes from" I replied "but it's not fine you didn't do anything wrong..." she replied and I stopped what I was doing and turned to look at her "listen sam I worked there to and I created a lot of things for that company if your brother wants to be mad for something he thinks I caused then let him be it's not my right to judge not anymore" I said firmly and she nodded.

"nothing more will fit in my bag" she said with a sad tone "here I'll do it" I replied as I began to put things in my pocket dimension necklace.

"how did you do that?" Sam asked amazed. "my necklace I found out that it's some sort of pocket dimension I can store whatever I want in it" I replied "that's amazing" she said amazed. "alright I think we have everything for our section of the isles let's try to find another group" I said as I began to walk down the isle.

suddenly sam grabbed my arm "Mel zombie" she said quietly as I began to see it walk out of the shadows "shit" I whispered as I pulled out the life in my pocket "I'll aim for the head and weather the knife hits or not we run got it" j said she she nodded.

'1....2.....3.....' I thought as I then threw the knife and and hit it In the middle of its forehead. then I grabbed sam's hand and made a run for it in the opposite direction. and met Xavier, ian, and lena a few isles over along with will and jason.

"did you guys get everything?" I asked and everyone nodded "then let's go, sam and I were just almost attacked by a zombie if there's one there's definitely more" I said urgently.

"what are you ok" jason shouted "shut up you idiot those things will come if they hear" I replied in a loud whisper "don't tell me what to do" he snapped as sam grabbed his arm "I'm fine jay Mel came up with a plan and we both got out safe" she said.

"why do you keep defending her sam if it wasn't for her..." he said and I interrupted "if it wasn't for me she would be dead" I snapped. "um guys" will said "what" jason and I said at the same time "we're surrounded" will replied as we looked around us to see zombies slowly walking toward us.

To Be Continued

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