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No Time Left/C8 Change 8
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C8 Change 8

"everyone ready?" I asked putting a bag onto my back "yup" Xavier replied as he walked past me "ok well first let's do a quick check to make sure everyone is here just to be safe" I said "lena" I continued "here" she said "Xavier's here, I'm here, Alicia" I said "I'm here" she said with a smile and I rolled my eyes "and Antonio and Haley" I said "were here" they responded at once. "all right then let's get going" I said as I began to walk out the door.

Mae told us where the trucks were and how many zombies would be there that we might have to fight. it was about a ten minute walk but eventually we got there. we pulled out our weapons and began to fight off the zombies.

as we continued to fight I began to get a strange feeling. the zombies began to become less and less until there were no more. but something didn't feel right. "something's off" I finally said "what do you mean?" haley asked "I'm not sure I just have a feeling" I replied. "you have a feeling that's really amazing Mel" Alicia said sarcastically.

I pulled one of my shadows and made it a solid thorn like object and pointed it at her neck "I killed ian because he tried to kill my brother, don't think I won't do the same to you if you get on my nerves" I said "hey easy we're all on the same team" Antonio said, and I put my shadow back where it belonged.

I then walked over to one of the trucks and opened the door, as I did a zombie flew out but before it could do any thing I used a shadow to stab it in the head and throw it as far as I could.

I then looked in the truck "keys are still in this one" I said as I closed the door and began walking back over to my group "same for this" Haley said. she apparently did the same as I when I went to check the first truck.

"oh hey look at that we're ready to go and your feeling was wrong I'm so shocked" Alicia suddenly said sarcastically. "Help someone Help!" we heard someone yell as we saw them run towards us. "I think you spoke to soon Alicia" I replied. I then walked infront of our group in the direction of the person running toward us and prepared to use my shadows.

"please help I'm being chased" the woman said as zombies followed her. I quickly used my shadow stabbing each one in the head and throwing in as far as I could until there one none left. "now mind explaining what the hell just happened" I said turning to the woman who was now hiding behind me.

"my group and I were out looking for supplies when all these zombies came out of nowhere, we tried to fight them off but there were to many and we all split to hide" she said looking down.

"if your able to, take us to whomever is leading your group" I said tossing the keys at Antonio "Antonio Haley and Alicia Take the trucks back to the house and let Will know of what's going on the 3 of us are gonna go see if they are even able to be helped and go from there" I said in a serious tone "yes ma'am" Antonio said and the 3 got into the trucks and drove off.

"Well take us to your leader" I said turning back to the woman. 'I've always always wanted to say that' I thought to my self.

"oh thank you thank you so much" said grabbing my hand, after a minute she let go and began leading the way "what if this is a trap" my brother whispered after moving next to me "then we beat their asses that's why us 3 are going" I whispered back and he nodded.

"so what's your name?" I asked as we continued to walk "oh my bad so much was happening I forgot. I'm Jennifer Caleb's I was..." "your husband was the ceo of Caleb industries" I said in amazement "yes" she replied "unfortunate he was one of the first who turned" she continued.

"I'm sorry" I said "I'm Amelia Wayne, this is my brother Xavier and our security detail lena" I continued "technically I was also a maid" lena cut in "wait Wayne as in..." jennifer said "yup" I retorted "wow is it true that you developed 95% of you companies tech and came up with new medical practices?" she asked in amazement "I definitely did a lot not sure if it was that much but I did do a lot" I replied.

after a few more minutes of walking and talking we finally got to where she was leading us. "this is the only place I know of that our group leader could have gone into" she said sounding a little worried.

it was a 2 story library, built with bricks and looked almost house like. we went inside and quietly began our search for her leader. after we found nothing on the first floor we went upstairs and there along with more bookshelves was what seemed to be a room with a large metal door and a large glass window.

I went over to the door and tried to open it "damn it won't open" I said turning back to everyone behind me "hey that's Tyler our group leader" Jennifer said running to the glass window "we'll get you out" she said as I walked over next to us.

suddenly tyler began mouthing something through the glass and pointing at us "why is he pointing at us?" jennifer asked "the glass must me sound proof it seems like he's trying to say something important" I replied watching his lips 'be...hind you...' I finally realized he was mouthing and quickly turned around.

on the ceiling all possessed style was a zombie sitting and waiting for us...


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