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C3 Chapter 1

“Your pheromone scent and level are stronger than ever, Doc Ronan. I would have to give you a stronger suppressant pill. We will keep in the same dosage and use but we are switching them to another higher brand. According to some of my patients, this pill usually makes them feel drowsy throughout the day so I advise you to take a day or three leave when your Heat comes just to see the effect of pills on you…”

Ronan attentively listens to his doctor. Despite the fact that he hates himself for being born an Omega, he will never allow himself to be a victim of his own Heat ever again. He needs his utmost care for his being. Even if it means that he has to go to his painfully long sessions with his doctor.

An Omega is one of three classifications of humans today. Alpha, Beta, and Omega. The lowest of the hierarchy and the kind of people who belong in the one percent of the whole world population. The kind who experiences what they call “Heat”. Heat is like menstruation to normal Beta women—an indication of full body maturation for pregnancy.

Betas don’t really release nor don’t have their own pheromones, but they can smell and even get affected by Alphas’ and Omegas’ pheromones. Same goes with any male gender, the Beta men can also get pregnant but the chances are slim like to those with Alpha men. The true male pregnancy only occurs a hundred percent chance with Omega men. Pregnancy with women of any kind is as high as those of Omega men.

The Omegas are also the only ones who can undergo “true mating” with an Alpha. When an Alpha and an Omega mate, a “Bond” could happen when the Alpha decides to “mark” the Omega through biting onto his nape. That bite seals the Bond between the Alpha and the Omega—the act where the Alpha is fully owning the Omega. The Omega then can no longer mate with any other Alpha and his Heat wouldn’t affect any other Alpha aside from who he bonded with.

Just like a woman reaching her maturity the moment her menstruation comes; an Omega’s sign of maturation is when he finally experiences his Heat. The Heat is this literal burning feeling inside an Omega as he releases his pheromone. This pheromone now attracts Alphas, and in some strong cases even the Betas are affected by this scent, because it is a sign—an invitation—that an Omega is ready to mate, ready to be bonded with an Alpha. What’s worse in this situation is that Heat doesn’t come as regularly as some menstruations do. It can be anytime and anywhere.

This is why the Omegas are considered to be the lowest on the hierarchy. Often subjected to as only sex objects—because that’s how they are naturally programmed, attract Alphas for mating purposes. It isn’t even the Omegas fault because the Heat can only be subdued naturally without the intense pain on the Omega when he mates with an Alpha. Sex. Sex calms down the Heat naturally. Sex with an Alpha is the only way to fully satisfy the Heat. When an Omega doesn’t get to mate with an Alpha, or even with a Beta, the burning feeling brought by the Heat will cause the Omega the intense pain he can experience until his Heat naturally passes on its own.

This is also why when the Alphas, and even Betas, rape or assault Omegas during their Heat, it would not be their fault for doing such crime. They were only “attracted” and “invited” to do such a thing.

Luckily, Heat Suppressant pills and shots are now available to help an Omega subdue his Heat without the need of having sex with anyone. Without experiencing the intense pain that comes with it. This is the vital must-have of an Omega and it is even part of the law for Omegas to responsibly carry their pills or shots of suppressants anytime and anywhere for his and for everyone’s safety.

“Are sure you still don’t want to wear a collar, Doc Ronan?”

Ronan kindly smiles at his doctor. It’s always been a part of their discussion and this time wouldn’t be any different. He would not wear such a thing.

A “collar” is a protective device for an Omega especially during mating. When he mates with Alpha, there’s always a tendency that an Alpha could lose control and bite the Omega even without his consent. So, to prevent further unwanted Bonds, a collar is also a must-have of an Omega but it is more on the optional side.

“Well, then, please don’t forget your pills and please take care of yourself more. You’re becoming anemic again.”

Ronan chuckles. “Thank you, doc. I’ll see you again.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“Holy fucking shit! Ronan!”

Ronan simply sighs when his long-time friend and co-doctor Kei enters his office slash clinic again without knocking on the door. The woman who he had just been making out with rushes to fix herself and when she finishes, she leaves with a last kiss for him.

He’s ready for his friend’s scolding now.

Kei, with his arms crossed on his chest, glares at him. “How many times do I have to tell you that making out with our patients’ relatives is not something you do in a hospital, Ronan?!”

Ronan laughs and then grins with Kei’s outburst. “How many times do I have to tell you, too, that you have to knock every time you’ll enter someone’s clinic, Kei? What if were having sex just now?”

His friend seemed to digest his words but he still rolled his eyes at him. “Touché.”

He simply shakes his head and chuckles.

This isn’t the first time Kei has caught him making out with patients’ relatives. He had done it a lot of times before because innocent making out sessions wouldn’t hurt anyone. He enjoys it well and he will continue on doing it even if he has Kei who always barges in without knocking. He also refuses to lock his door on his part, just because having the assurance that someone might caught them excites him more.

Just like on their daily routines, both of them are needed to do their rounds within the pediatric department. Both of them are only general physicians and would mostly have older patients but the pediatric department has always had its soft spot in both of them—and also, their friend Elijah is the Chief Pediatrician of the hospital, making them closer to the people and patients in that department.

Both Kei and Elijah are some of the very few Alpha doctors in this general hospital and they have been his friends since high school. Even in college they stayed all together and took the same course. Look at them now, all three working in the same hospital actually owned by Kei’s family. Whatever they are never bothered them three. Despite being Alphas and an Omega, those mere facts never hindered their friendship. Both of the Alphas were even there to help him during his Heat. It wasn’t easy, of course, but for some miraculous reasons, their friendship works out perfectly up until today.

Besides, nothing really will make these Alphas dangerous to him.

Elijah is already married and mated with his Fated person—Eden. Their twists of events are for another story to tell but it can be simply said that both are living happily together now and that is what’s important. Kei, on the other hand, is still in a love-hate relationship with his Beta partner, Heath. Those two are like a pair of a dog and a cat but they all know how much they love each other.

As for him, he loves his single life and he will continue on with his ventures inside his clinic. The Omega inside of him will never hinder that.

“Eden said you should come with me for dinner.” Elijah said when the two of them ended up in his office after their rounds. “Wife’s orders so no saying no.”

Kei teasingly grins. “Is Eden finally going to make the announcement?”

Elijah evilly grins to tease Kei back. “Are you finally getting married to Heath?”

Ronan simply laughs with his friends bickering, but in all honesty…

He never hated himself more than he does right now. He always wondered what it would feel like to be born Alpha. What would it be like when he didn’t need to suffer and live his life like how he does right now? Jealousy, envy… it simply tastes bitter in his mouth. He hates himself for being like this.

It would’ve been better if he really was just an ordinary Beta. Ordinary and average, but at least—no more sufferings like this.

Nobody knows his hardships and sacrifices just to be where he is right now except for himself—a respectable and renowned doctor of his own. It wasn’t easy especially when his friends are Alphas who were born naturally perfect, as to what he would like to say; but then again, despite being an Omega, he’s here now. He made sure he’ll never be seen as just a mere Omega.

“You will despise me but you will become who you despise. Remember that. You are an Omega.”

Ronan closes his fists tightly to calm himself.

He already despises himself—but he will never become his mother.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ronan is staring at his crying mother again from under their dining table. He’s scared and he’s worried. He doesn’t want to be beaten again by his mom nor see her cry again like this. He’s scared so much that he can feel himself shaking. He just wanted to play outside.

Whenever this happens, he knows he’ll get hurt. It was what his mother does all the time when she’s being like this. He wants to comfort her but the only thing that comforts her is by beating him.

Another vase flew across the room and the loud crash scared him more. He can literally feel his heart wrecking his chest and it’s already hurting him so much. He can’t breathe properly anymore.


Even though he didn’t want to, he had to go to his mom. He had to face her. He just wanted to run away but things will go worse when he does. He wouldn’t want her mom to become worse.

Slowly and carefully he walks to his mom. Eyes on the floor with his head down. He wanted to clench on his chest; it really hurts badly.

“Look at me, Ronan. Look at mommy.”

He did. His knees are already shaking.

Ever so gently, she cups his cheeks and kisses his forehead. Softly, she says, “you will never become any better than I am because you are also a failure. You were born an Omega and you will die an Omega. Nobody will ever love you because you are an Omega. We are both Omegas.”

Tears are already controllably flowing from his eyes.

His mom’s gentle features turned fierce as if she was disgusted by him. “Only if you were born Alpha, your father would have stayed. He wouldn’t have left us with another Alpha who was able to give him an Alpha child! He wouldn’t have left me!”

Ronan welcomed a strong slap on his cheek which caused him to collapse immediately. It hurts badly and he’s sure it will bruise again.

What is an Omega? Why does his mother hate him for that? What did he do to become an Omega? Was it because he always plays with their neighbors? Was it because, sometimes, he would secretly call his father? Was it because he was a bad child?

“You will despise me but you will become who you despise. Remember that. You are an Omega.”

He never asked to be an Omega.

His mother said something about being an Omega too—

If he really is an Omega too, he vows he will never become like her.

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