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C4 Chapter 2

Cross stares at the woman beside him.

Her long hair is splattered all over the pillows, and with her naked body exposed like this—she looks like a nymph or she could even be a sleeping beauty. She’s beautiful, all right, but it wasn’t even enough to make him remember her name. He looks at her neck which shows a gold collar... She’s an Omega. That’s why what happened last night was amazing, he can’t deny that.

It’s no hidden secret that Omegas are the best sex partners any Alpha could ask for. It’s like fitting your hand in a perfectly tailored glove. Every Omega is somehow tailored for every Alpha. Just like this woman—he may not remember her name but he can certainly feel the satisfaction with what they did last night; but it’s kind of unfortunate that she’s no special because every Omega does that for him.

He sighs and gets out of the bed. He is an asshole but he slept well and he feels well, so he wouldn’t throw her out just yet. He’ll let her rest for as long as she needs and wants.

Preparing for office, all he needed to do was shower and get dressed. All the other things he may need are already prepared for him. He might be living alone in his standard penthouse unit but he still has the helpers his mother insisted that he should have. He wanted to reject it because what’s the essence now of choosing to live alone when he’ll just have the same treatment he gets from their main mansion? Though, there is no point in ranting about it again today because he would be a hypocrite if he would say he didn’t like the convenience of his helpers.

Just like now. His full breakfast is served and his coffee is freshly brewed.

“Good morning, young master. Shall I prepare a separate breakfast for your... guest?”

Cross chuckles with what his helper said. It’s always amusing for him whenever they all feel awkward with the people he brings here. “No need for that, Lilia. I’m sure she’ll want to leave the moment she wakes up.”

“Noted, young master.” She then left him in peace with his breakfast.

He was just about to enjoy his hot cup of coffee when—

“How many times do I have to tell you, Cross, that every Monday your grandfather wants you in the mansion?”

He knows it is a bad omen when you sigh in front of your food but he still did. Forcing himself up again, he went to his mother to kiss her, completely ignoring her scolding. “Good morning, mom. Isn’t too early for you to miss your most handsome son?”

“You’re my only son and stop changing the subject.”

He chuckles at that and pulls a seat for his mom, but she refuses the offer. He just sat down again and continued on eating his breakfast.

It’s not the first time that her mom comes to his place unannounced. He couldn’t care less if she wants to drop by without telling him first, he loves it when she does because he misses her. He still does even if she only comes here now to remind him about his grandfather’s orders.

“Cross, your grandfather wants a word with you and—”

Before his mom could finish his sentence, and in all of the timings in the world, the Omega he fucked last night came out of his room. Thankfully, she’s dressed already and didn’t give his mother a heart attack by flashing her naked ass.

“Cross—Oh fuck!”

Cross gives her a kind smile. “I believe you can show yourself out? If you can’t, I can tell Lilia to assist you.”

The woman is flushed and she’s still very star-struck with his mother. The reaction almost everyone gives her mother the first time they see her. “N-No n-need for that. I-I’m leaving...”

After the woman left, he readied himself for the endless scolding his mother would give him—but in all the miracles in the world, he received none. Just a quiet “I’m judging your whole being” look from her.

That made him grin. “Nothing, mom? Are you sure?”

She sighs. “I don’t know how you want to continue on with living your life, son, but please... Show yourself to your grandfather later this day. He needs to talk to you.”

He nodded, not because he wanted to. He simply didn’t have a choice.

* * * * * * * * * *

Alphas viewing themselves as Alphas are completely different from being a naturally born one and from the opinions of those who are not. From a view of an Alpha, it’s not entirely like what most people will tell anyone if they ask what is and how is being an Alpha.

Being born an Alpha, they say, in one of the wealthiest families there are, is something he should be thankful about. Being born an Alpha gives him privileges, all the luxuries, fame...

Cross never hated anything else in his life.

He never asked to be an Alpha. He never asked to be born as to what most people would have wanted to become. He never asked to live such a life where responsibilities were laid out the moment you were born, where priorities and expectations were set in a standard that you are obliged to achieve and reach. He never wished to become an Alpha.

He never hated something more than how he hates himself.

If he was born as a simple Beta, he’s life would have been better. Not like this. Not like he’s only living for the sake to fulfill his Alpha duties—to live as an Alpha, to die as an Alpha.

“You wouldn’t need to attend these dates if you just made that Langton Omega boy as your wife.”

Cross breathes deeply and tries his very best not to say anything that will disrespect or even offend his grandfather. Instead, he smiles and nods. “That Omega boy is my friend, grandfather, and he has a name. He’s Eden and he’s happily married to his Fated husband, who is also my friend.”

He gave emphasis to the word “fated” because everybody in his family, despite being all Alphas, seems to forget how no one can get between any Fated couple.

It’s one of the things he regretted the most in his life—getting in between into someone’s love affair.

During their college years, he was ordered by this very man in front of him to court the only child and heir of the Langton Company AKA Eden. For the sake of the family power, the benefits, the merge of two big companies—everything he has to do is make Eden fall for him and then marry him.

He hated every moment of it but he wanted to set himself free. Marrying Eden would mean freedom for him. No more orders from his family because he can slam the fact that he has done his part. He could make an agreement with Eden that they can live their lives as the way they want to and build friendship along the way—it was a win-win situation for him and he planned everything perfectly from the very start. He did his best to achieve it.

Not even realizing that he was already getting in the way of a love he has never experienced before.

Having your Fated partner can be both a blessing and curse. What Eden and Elijah shared was a blessing and he saw it with his own two eyes. He saw the love he doesn’t even know if he’ll ever have. He regretted the things he has done between the two and he’ll forever ask for their forgiveness even if they already did forgive him.

“Very well then, it’s still such a shame. Just make sure you’ll attend the dates I have arranged for you. No more playing around the bush, Cross. You need to build your own family. You need to produce your heir.”

How many times have they talked about this? They had this conversation so many times that his response feels more like a muscle memory by now and not something he answered with thinking.

“I will, grandfather.”

Without any more words, he left this place.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Don’t tell me you’re leaving already?”

Heath grins. “I have to, boss, boyfriend duties. I don’t want an angry Alpha when I get home.”

Cross sighs and lets his friend and co-engineer Heath go. He knows that he already has his Kei to take care of but seriously? Can’t he have a night off? Damn. Having someone really cuts off your bachelor time and he wants that.

Yes, he wants something like that, too.

He hates it when his family pressures him to have his own family like it is just some kind of duty that he needs to fulfil. Maybe for them it really is but to him? He also wants to build his own family, too, but not as a responsibility but as something he really wants to build genuinely for himself and for his future.


They weren’t even tipsy yet and he’s already thinking about some serious things in life.

Their night continues on and he reminded himself that he has his date for tomorrow. As much as he wants to ditch that date and just drown himself with alcohol tonight—he’s tired of hearing his mother’s nagging. He loves his mom dearly and he understands all her nagging, but he’s really tired of it. Even if it’s only because she wanted to please their grandfather, he’s tired of listening to the same things over and over again. He hates himself even more that he makes himself comply with them every single time.

By not getting drunk tonight and attending that damned date for tomorrow will save him from all the scolding—he should remember that it’s always a win-win situation for him.

He was the only who promised himself not to get drunk but, of course, his employees enjoyed their lives tonight. They all drank until they dropped that they actually needed to bring someone in the hospital.

Damn. He always forgets that one of his employees is super lightweight to alcohol.

“You don’t have to come with us anymore, boss. We can take care of him!”

“You’re really are all as crazy as I am. I’ll drive you to the hospital.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Cross once asked how an Omega would smell like if he’s in Heat. It was during his private lessons with his tutor. He read a book that stated that an Omega in Heat can produce a good scent because it is their actual pheromones for the Alphas. He was curious how that “good scent” really smelled like. For an Alpha like him who has never interacted with any Omega in his entire life—he really wanted to know.


His tutor said that an Omega in Heat could smell like the most pleasant flowers.


Something smells like flowers right now.

Cross needed his time to balance himself. He wasn’t drunk and he knows that well, but with the scent that has suddenly invaded his being—he feels on high.

He was about to ask if his staff can smell what he smells, too, but it’s obvious that they don’t. They weren’t affected by it.

“Boss, are you okay? Do we need to call the nurse again?”

He chuckles and tries to remain his cool. “No need for that but I might leave you guys now. Will you be okay?”

“Of course, boss! We’ll call you when he wakes up.”

He nodded and took his leave. Not to the exit of the hospital but to the direction where that flowers are bringing him to. It wasn’t hard at all because the closer he walks to that direction, the stronger the scent gets.

It was addicting. It smells so dangerously good—then he finally sees where the scent is coming from.

What are odds? After all those years...

“Well, well, well... What do we have here?”

New chapter is coming soon
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