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It was a bright Saturday morning and Jordan Duro was at his gym. When not in the field, he would be nowhere other than his gym.

He is broad chested with six pack muscles on a slim waist and belly muscle. His arms were having some scars portraying he had been in some dangerous situation.

Jordan is a 29 year old young man and a citizen of Newtown city. He is tall with a height of 6.5 inches. His long hair reached his shoulders which he tied up in a ponytail.

He has a protruding eyeball, and a V- shaped jaw line. His nose pointed on a thin pinkish lips.

He kept boxing the air bag, and though panting, he was still doing his exercise. His jogas were soaked in sweat but he persisted.

An hour later, Jordan stepped out of his gym and went to have a swim in his pool. He would be leaving for Abuja, to see his mother and daughter.

It's been quite a few months since he visited them, especially his daughter. She had sobbed, pleaded and made him promise to visit them and he agreed to come around that day.

At exactly, 12pm when the sun was blazing hot, Jordan slipped into his truck and was embarking on a three hours drive from Newton city to Abuja.

He got his pistol and got his identity card as he drove out of his house and headed to the bustling road leading to the city where his parents reside.

He stopped by once, and had lunch before he continued his journey. He remembered when Rachel often travels with him.

She would keep him busy and tattling until they arrived at their destination. They would laugh, chuckle and smile all the way and before you know what, the journey of three hours would become so short and they wouldn't even know how tiring it was.

As he drew closer, he saw a Mall, and decided to stop by, picking up toys and gifts for his daughter.

He hadn't seen her in a few months and his mother had called him to come around as soon as he's off duty. He owed only his mother and daughter a visit. Besides them, he has no one else that mattered so much to him.

Only three days ago, he returned from investigating a crime and almost got shot at the verge of getting the final evidence.

He had told his mother he would come around when he is free. He intends to get some time to spend with his daughter and get to embrace each other.

He got enough toys and gifts before sliding into his car again. He looked at his wristwatch and in thirty minutes time, he would arrive at his destination.

He slipped in Fela Kuti's Afro beats into his DVD player and was listening and singing along with it. He had learnt to sing the lyrics word by word.

He wondered how many years that song had been. He was still a little boy when his parents played the music in the house and he had grown to like it.

Recently, he heard Fela's Son Seun Kuti was being given an award for the new African Afro beats. He had taken over the music company from where his father left it when he died.

Well, many kids take after their parents job and company after their deaths except a few like him. He cannot take after his father when he dies, going into politics and the such, that is not his life.

His life is tied to apprehending criminals and prosecuting those who defy the law and trampled on it. That is where his happiness lies and he enjoyed doing his job.

When he eventually arrived at his parents house, he sighed, good to be home again.

This was the home where his childhood memories lie and now his daughter's. He saw the man-made waterfall, the orchard in the distance and he seemed to see a scenario played before him.

" .. Jordan, I want that ripe Orange fruit, Just plucked it for me and I promise to give you a surprise.." that was Rachel back then.

He missed her. She would make you lively and smile all day. What was her surprise back then...a piece of toasted bread and freshly blended fruits.

Such funny acts of hers. She would promise you special treatment only for her to offer you something not different from what is expected of her.

Jordan waved at the employees before taking his backpack and taking long strides into the house. His legs were long, and taking two strides was almost equal to three strides of an average man.

He pushed the door open and was greeted by the familiar smell of fried rice and Chicken sauce. He inhaled the aroma and felt his stomach churn.

When he was a little boy, that used to be his favourite meal. His mother would take her time and prepare it for him even if others have to take another meal.

"I'm home mum!" Jordan announced. He went towards the kitchen and embraced his mother. She looked up at him and cupped his face in her hands.

"Oh Jordan, how have you been?" Clara Duro demanded, looking at her son and scrutinising him as if she was looking to find another scare or injury on him.

Jordan smiled. His mother and her fears. She would always ask him if he was doing well and then ask him if he wasn't in any danger during his line of duty.

How can a detective not face dangers everyday? This was his life, his path and destiny and he would walk it for as long as he lived.

" I am fine mum" Jordan replied, towering over his Mother who was a little at a height disadvantage to him.

He looked past his mother to the kitchen, he was obviously looking to see his daughter.

" Jora is out to play with her friends in the next building. You know the Kamsons grandchildren are here and Jora loves to go over there and play.." Clara Duru explained.

Jordan nodded and asked how his father was doing? Clara said Jackson was out for a political meeting with his party members.

Soon Clara set the table and asked that the servant go fetch Jora back. Her father is back and wants to see her.

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