Obsessed with his Past/C3 You are stubborn
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Obsessed with his Past/C3 You are stubborn
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C3 You are stubborn

A young beautiful woman was stepping out of the airport with a dark shade on her face. She looked around and saw the city, still the same city she left seven years ago.

Same people, same activities, same busy and bustling movement in the city. There were a few great architectural buildings. Some renovation and the hard work of the country's President was enviable.

As she walked closer to the taxis, a young man walked over to her "Miss Smith" he called and Tina paused, looking at him.

She was having this expressionless face and looked at the fellow who just called her by her last name. The fellow must have known her so well.

"It's me Biodun," The young man introduced himself. He wasn't happy with the cold stare he was getting from his cousin.

His uncle had told him that Tina was returning home and asked him to go pick her up from the airport. But she stares at me like he was some shit.

Biodun, who is Bio.."Oh, cousins!!" Tina suddenly remembered. Her paternal cousin. She threw herself on him with a hug.

He has grown up so quickly. She was three years older than him back then and he was like a younger brother to her but after she left for abroad, they only talked on the phone and after a while, they hardly called each other again.

"Yeah, it's me sister Tina," He replied and gave a megawatt smile. He was happy now and her previous cold stare meant nothing to him again.

"How have you been?" Tina asked, smiling at him and holding his hand so they could walk away from the busy stares of the people around.

Biodun helped her with her luggage and she got into the car. She had studied and enrolled as a practising detective in Middletown.

Only when she was offered a throat watering position in Abuja did she resign from her job to take up the appointment in this city.

Tina is a young beautiful woman of twenty three. She is tall at about 6feet ,a height most women never attained.

She has a perfect figure and curvy hips. Her boobs were moderate and her dark hair compliments her fair skin.

She has a beautiful face and slightly plumb cherry lips. She has twinkling eyes and a pointed nose.

As she sat in the car, she asked how her father and step mother were doing and her cousin said they were all fine.

She didn't say anything else. She was going to travel the day after tomorrow to resume duty. She wants to spend that day and the next with her father before travelling to answer the call of duty.

Her life this past seven years has taken a different turn. She has grown up, become strong and capable of defending herself from being bullied.

Her mother had died when she was barely a year old and her father remarried. But she doesn't have a cordial relationship with her step mother.

She had hurt her and because of that experience and torture, she had gone into the military and it was for a singular reason, to revenge!

"... You are stubborn. I will disown you if you continue with being adamant about my demands. I will have no son who disobeys my orders and doesn't regard me as it's supposed.."Jackson Duro was furious.

Jordan just stood at the balcony and kept smoking his cigarette. He doesn't feel like arguing with his father that evening.

" I warned you against marrying that girl, but as always, you went against my orders and just looked at yourself, a widower at such a young age…" Jackson was hurting the most painful part of Jordan's past.

"I will not have you say anything against my wife dad. I loved her and I chose to marry her. She died trying to protect me. What else could I have expected from a loving wife?

That girl that you despise so much is the mother of your granddaughter. I won't have you say unpleasant words about her anymore.." Jordan frowned and walked away from the balcony.

He doesn't like it whenever his father says unpleasant things about his marriage. He claimed she died early and left him with a daughter.

Rachel wouldn't have died when she did if she was not his wife. She was protecting him with her life and wouldn't give up any information about him and hence was tortured until she went into a preterm labour.

That's what she did, protecting him till her death. She loved him and he feels the same way about her.

If he had known his father was going to come over to the balcony, he would have remained in his room and not have stepped out, totally avoiding crossing paths with his father.

As Jordan was storming angrily towards his room, his daughter called "daddy," Jora looked unhappy.

He paused and went to her, bringing himself to her height, but actually still above her height when he knelt on one knee and cupped her face in his palm.

His mood changed into a pleasant one. He smiled at her and asked her if she's ok? Why was she looking as if she had a quarrel with the servants, especially her nanny?

Jora always has a misunderstanding with her nanny and they quarrel playfully. Perhaps that's why she is looking so moody.

Jora shook her head. She looked down at her fingers and was fiddling with it. " Grandpa detest my mummy right?"

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