Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother/C4 Exclusively Nude Edition
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Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother/C4 Exclusively Nude Edition
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C4 Exclusively Nude Edition


I walked back to the living area where Brooke sat with her legs crossed together, with two filled wine glasses in my hands. She paused, her gaze fixed on the open laptop resting on her thighs, then she giggled.

My eyebrows furrowed.

She giggled again, shaking her head slightly before re-focusing her gaze on the laptop screen. This is weird. Brooke never giggles. But after that little incident with Adonis earlier in the kitchen, she had been giggling to herself. Like a silly school girl.

“Here,” I said, holding out one of the glasses. She looked up, startled from her thoughts.

“Oh, thanks.” She smiled and took the glass, bringing it to her lips and taking a sip.

I sank into the couch a few feet away from her, briefly looking in the direction of the kitchen as male voices reached my ears. Neil had got back earlier than usual today since Adonis just arrived and they were currently talking in the kitchen, catching up and teasing each other in a brotherly way that made my heart ache. Neil really seemed happy to see Adonis.

To think I was busy having fantasies about fucking his brother. Oh, what kind of fiancée am I?

“So.” Brooke's voice broke into my pondering. “You never mentioned that your fiancé had such an attractive brother.”

I twirled my wine thoughtfully, slowly bringing it to my lips. Brooke never really talked about men or relationships. We never really talked to each other about our relationships but I was sure she’s single. The type of single where you don’t have sex for a long, long time. I mean, she never even bought any of the lingerie. And they are very naughty lingerie.

I looked back to meet her sharp gaze suddenly filled with interest. “I just met him today, Brooke. I think he’s the type that travels a lot.”

“Hm.” She said quietly. “I guess he isn’t going to be around for long?”

I nodded, not going into details. I could see the tiny light in her eyes. I could see the interest on her face. She liked Adonis and judging by her impressive business-like approach to life, if she liked him enough, she could actually try to get him. And judging by how Adonis was checking her out back in the kitchen, he might just get something going with her.

The wine suddenly tasted sour in my mouth. That can’t happen. It might seem selfish, but I just don’t want to imagine Adonis and Brooke being a couple. In a relationship. Fucking.

Brooke glanced back in the kitchen's direction. “So, he stays around here?”

“You said you wanted to discuss something important?” I raised an eyebrow, trying to keep my displeasure out of my tone. But I think she caught it.

Her face snapped back to look at me, mouth parted, eyes blinking. Her hand adjusted the laptop and she nodded. “Yes, of course. Um...” She placed her wine glass on a stool nearby. Then cleared her throat, switching back to business mode. “One of our biggest distributors introduced us to a big, I mean, the big company hosting this exclusive event with the biggest sponsors ever, where international celebrities are in a series of photoshoots promoting some of their products and those of their affiliate companies.

“And, they want us, DELEILAH lingerie and bikini line, to produce the lingerie the international celebrities would wear and work with their amazing designers! I’m talking about going global-”

“Really?!” My eyes widened. “Yes! Of course-”

“But there’s a condition,” Brooke’s voice dropped. My smile froze. “You are required to partake in the photoshoot as well. And I mean, it’s not bad, there are billionaire celebrities-”

I raised my shoulders. “That’s not even a problem, I’ll do it. That’s great, actually-”

“Leila.” Brooke cut in, her face dropping. “They want the designs of our flimsiest and naughtiest lingerie. The exclusively nude edition. You’re practically doing the shoot naked. But so are the rest of the models.”

My face dropped.

“It’s all in the proposal I’ll forward to you. Leilani, this is a great opportunity. We have competitors out there that will do it without hesitation, but this company chose us first thanks to our loyal customers. If we nail this event, DELEILAH lingerie will become an international brand. It would change everything.”

Shit! That particular edition of lingerie was meant for hot, mind-blowing seduction and erotic sex with your partner. All my lingerie is sexy, but that particular design? I would literally be naked with all my female endowments pushed out and accentuated to look ninety-nine times sexier than normal.

If I were single, I’d have no problems doing this but I’m fucking engaged now. Neil would definitely hate this. Oh, what do I do?

“We need to do this, Leila,” Brooke said, nodding slowly.

I sighed, leaning back in my seat, staring at the wine swishing in my glass. “I’ll go through the proposal and let you know what conclusion I arrive at.”


Neil groaned long and low as my hands and fingers moved across his broad shoulders, pressing firmly and sensually. My skilled fingers working their magic.

“You like that?” I asked softly, slowly rubbing my hands down to his naked chest.

“Yeah, babe…”

I smiled and moved my oily hands back to his neck, massaging deep and slow, pleasurable and sensual. Neil let out another satisfied hum and tilted his head to press back against me, moving his face to the side of my neck to catch more of my scent. He was so lovable. Like you just look at Neil and want to love and take care of him.

It was dark outside and only the dim light from the TV filled our large bedroom. Some romance movie was airing but I and Neil only had our attention on each other. I massaged him some more, feeling him tense and relax beneath my touch.

“Come here.” He said gruffly, turning to hold my waist and moved me to sit in his lap, one hand cradling my ass through my silky robe. I trailed my hands down his toned chest, meeting his eyes. The beautiful blue of his eyes gleamed in the dim lighting. Oh, Neil. I was starting to feel guilty for finding his step-brother attractive.

“I love you, Leila.” He whispered, taking my chin in his hand. “I love you so fucking much, babe.” Something in his voice struck my soul and tears pricked my eyes. His eyes hooded as they moved to my lips, his strong hand pressing me further into his chest.

Gazing at Neil now, in his familiar arms, I felt my resolve strengthening. Neil was the only man in my life and I’m okay with that. I raised my hand and brushed his blonde hair back, seeing my engagement ring glitter in the dim light. I met his gaze again, desperate to fill my mind with thoughts of him so no other man can worm his way in.

“Kiss me, baby,” I whispered, cupping his face. He swooped down on my lips, kissing me sweetly and tenderly, caressing my skin through my skimpy robe. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he loosened my robe, gently pulling it off to reveal my naked skin.

I moaned into the kiss, fisting his hair in my hand. His hands roamed my body, grabbing, squeezing, palming. One hand found my breasts and he weighed it in his hand, flicking a thumb over my nipple. He grabbed and lifted me into the bed, lowering himself down to me.

I panted from the kiss, staring up at his hovering from above me.

“God, you’re beautiful.” He brushed away my scattered hair from my chest. I arched my back, pushing my breast into his hand. A sharp breath escaped him and one of my hands fiddled with his pants, trying to push it down.

He held my hand and pinned it to the bed, giving me a lustful look. “Why don’t you let me worship you, babe.” His voice was a gruff whisper, one hand still palming my breasts and making its way over my belly, down, down…to my pussy.

“Yes...” I moaned out, eyes fluttering close. His hot mouth landed on my belly and I jolted, he trailed down my body, leaving wet kisses on my overheating skin. The anticipation was building as he moved further down... And stopped.

My eyes shot open and I scrambled up to my elbows to look down at him. Our eyes locked and I was about to tell him to please continue what he started but he gave a sudden smirk and yanked my legs wide open. A gasp escaped my lips but I nearly choked when his mouth smashed into my pussy.

Wetness pooled in waves as I let out a cry.

His strong hands held my legs wide open while his mouth and tongue fucked me mercilessly. The force made my breasts jiggle, and I threw my head back, moaning “Neil...oh…”

He buried his head within my thighs, pushing my thighs as far apart as they could go. I felt my orgasm slithering down from my hardened nipples, deep into my ovaries, and slowly pooling in my vagina. He parted my slippery vagina lips with his fingers, exposing the pink, and dug his long tongue in, sucking the life out of me.

I was going crazy.

I grabbed his head trying to make him tongue-fuck me harder, trying to get him to stop driving me insane. Not even sure what I want anymore. His hand pulled mine out of his hair and pinned it down. My legs were quivering. His tongue lapped and slid out but two fingers penetrated my swollen wetness, digging deep and curving inside me with carnal malice.

I cried out loudly as jolts networked up my naked, writhing body. His fingers slid out and slid in faster, his palm slapping my clit hard. Slick wet sounds filled the dim room. A third finger squeezed in. He hooked my thigh up on his shoulder, pushing my other leg as far away as ever, opening me up wider, spreading out my throbbing pussy in front of his face.

With my new position, his fingers penetrated my vagina canal in a new angle that sent me moaning uncontrollably and I hitched my ass up, trying to make the most of it but he pushed my hips down and dug his fingers into me with more force.

My mouth fell open in a silent cry as my orgasm suddenly came crashing down on me, my vagina walls clenched around his fingers which were still plundering my vagina wickedly as my body trembled. He slowed the pace of his fingers, drawing out my orgasm.

“I love seeing you like this. Naked and all mine. I’m the only one who gets to see you look so fucking tempting...” He said, sliding his fingers out of me, dripping with my juices, and popped them in his mouth, licking them thoroughly as he drew his fingers out.

But as I came down from my orgasm, I noticed his words and a thud echoed in my chest.

…the only one who gets to see you look so fucking tempting…

The words Brooke said to me earlier today about the photoshoot swarmed my mind and I shivered. I’d have to be nearly and I mean, nearly naked in pictures that would spread all over the world. Everyone would see me. Neil hates extreme stunts like that. How would he take this?

His hands dragged up my body as he leaned down on me, rubbing his naked chest on my naked breasts, squishing them in carnal friction. Then his lips came over mine, parting my lips and slipping his tongue through in a French kiss, pushing my head into the soft bed firmly and digging his fingers into my skin. I could taste my own vagina juices in his warm mouth. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms over his shoulders, trying to return the kiss but my mind wasn’t really in it anymore.

It was somewhere far away from our bedroom. And in the bedroom of a certain dangerously naughty step-brother of my fiancé.

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