Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother/C6 My C*ck Hot And Heavy With Lust
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Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother/C6 My C*ck Hot And Heavy With Lust
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C6 My C*ck Hot And Heavy With Lust


My cock was hard. Fucking hard.

I let out a breath as I leaned my roughened palm against the steamy glass. My other hand was clenched around my throbbing cock, hot and heavy with need and lust.


God, I want to fuck her. So hard. Right from the moment I stepped into the goddamn house and was attacked by the sexy view of her bouncy breasts and ass cheeks. Her soft sensual voice and the way she looked at me made me wonder if she was luring me to fucking grab her and make hard, rough love to her till she passes out.

Or maybe she had no idea how her feminine gazes made my cock throb and strain, begging to plough into a warm, wet vagina. Preferably hers.

“Fuck!” I growled, moving my hand up and down my length, squeezing hard.

I could go out there and fuck the hell out of some woman, but my insatiable sexual appetite wanted Leilani. Her. She was so close, yet so fucking out of fucking reach.

So here I was, fucking my fist.

I moved my fist faster along my cock, hard and rough then alternating with slow and drawn-out pumps. Warm water poured down my back in cascades, in contrast to the sticky hot friction of my hard, heavy penis sliding through my fist.

Raw carnal need shot through my muscles, and I threw my head back, cursing. Fuck!


A dirty hot image of Leilani filled my head. She was bent over, her soft breasts pressed up in front of my fucking face. So fucking close. I could dig my hand into the middle of her fucking jiggly cleavage and drag that flimsy bra down, watching her succulent, filthy hot breasts, bounce out to expose hard nipples, pointing straight at me.

My breath rushed out in a growl as I pushed harder against the glass, biting my bottom lip as my cock swelled even harder with my filthy pumps. Intense raw desire shot through my length as I let out a groan. The heat from the shower set my skin ablaze with white-hot lust, my wet hair slapping against my forehead with my jerky movements.

My vision glazed over in pure, molten arousal and I felt something tightening deep inside of me, like an overstretched string ready to snap. My hand fisted against the glass, my head was thrown back, biting my lip harder in pure, desperate male need.

I was so fucking horny, so fucking drowning in my arousal that Leilani materialized, and I grabbed her soft waist, pinning her against the wall. Her brown eyes were gazing up at me laden with womanly desire as her small hands moved down my tense chest.

She was in some soft lingerie which was damp from the steam in here but my eyes were fixated on the strain of her erect nipples against the fabric. She bit her pink bottom lip softly and loosened the tiny straps around her slender shoulders, making the lingerie fall loosely down the swell of her round breasts then slowly hitched the thin fabric covering her pussy up, and she was naked beneath.

“Adonis...” Her sultry voice breathed my name in a moan and like a wild beast, I pounced.

With a raw growl, I hitched one of her legs high up over my arm and nudged the other leg slightly apart, trembling and standing on its pretty toes. I grabbed her ass hard and plunged deep into her. We both let out sinfully dirty groans. Unrestrained sexual torture burst through me as her tight vagina walls clenched around my cock greedily. And my cock pulsed in response.

I grabbed her tighter, thrusting into her deep and hard, feeling her ass cheeks clap beneath my fingers. I ravaged her body, fucking her savagely, her cries music to my fucking ears. Her arms tightened around my shoulders as the force of my thrusts rocked her nearly off-balance, her one foot on the tiled floor trying to stay balanced.

The air around us dampened, even more, the water spilling off my broad back, the sound of it mixing with Leilani's breathless cries and the slick slap sounds of our genitals colliding. I wanted to fucking drown in her. Bite her. Devour this tempting body of hers raw and vandalize every tattered piece of innocence left in her.

My grip on her ass turned to iron as I thrust my tormented cock harder, faster, deeper into her vagina and her cries turned to gasps, eyes shooting open with alarm mixed with filthy carnal lust.

That’s right, baby. You won’t be able to fucking get up after this.

I covered her open mouth with mine in a searing kiss, then dragged my mouth down to bite her jaw. A sweet, helpless moan escaped her. I raised her two legs in the air so I could have even more access but that was all Leilani could take before her orgasm hit her with full force and her pussy clenched around my cock hard, setting off bursts of wild sensations over my cock and the intense explosion of my own orgasm sent tremors over my entire body.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuuckk…!” I cursed, rapidly pumping my shaft as my cock jerked and spilled cum all over my fist and the tiled floor, hips bucking and head was thrown back, my breath coming in heavy pants.

My body began to relax, temporarily sated and I let the water cascade down my head and face, washing off the memories of the scorching hot sex I had with Leilani in my head. I grabbed the soap and started to scrub myself clean.

Moments later, I wrapped a towel around my hips and rubbed another smaller one on my head, trying to dry the damp, ruffled hair. I had a lot of things to do today and I already spent a lot of time beating my fucking meat in the shower like a fucking sexually frustrated loser.

I need a fuck.

Any sexy woman of my taste would do for now.

I opened the bathroom door, releasing steam into the bedroom, and stepped out to see Leilani. In the middle of my bedroom.

Is my lust for her so bad that I’m starting to see things?

My eyes narrowed slightly. She was gaping at me like a kid caught with a hand in the cookie jar. This is real, alright. I thought she was having breakfast downstairs with Neil? While all along I was thinking of having her for breakfast. She looked really good. Her hair was not in yesterday’s ponytail and the long brown locks spilled down to hang over her bouncy ass shaped nicely in that tiny, short dark blue dress.

I decided I liked her better in a dress. Why? I love hitching small dresses up to get to the pussy.

She was embarrassed, eyes looking anywhere but at me, probably because I was practically naked with just a towel riding indecently low on my waist, exposing my v-cut which led to the semi-hard bulge under the cotton.

“What are you doing?” I asked, closing the bathroom door behind me.

Her gaze snapped back up to me. “Um…I realized there were no towels in here so I…” She trailed off, eyebrows furrowing slightly as she glanced at the towel hanging off my damp head.

And I noticed the towels folded in her arms. But I did not buy that. I mean, I expected a better excuse.

“I found towels in here,” I said dryly, rubbing my hair.

“Um... I guess- I guess Sara got some in here.” Her cheeks were flushed. “So, I’ll leave now.” She hurried towards the door, pointedly keeping her gaze straight.

I chucked the hand towel away and in two strides, I had blocked her path with my body, gazing down at her with arousal starting to pool deep within.

“Why are you really here, Leilani?” I asked, face serious.

Her eyes were wider than ever, face flushed soft pink. “What are you doing?” Her soft voice sounded breathless. “W-what do you mean why am I here? I already told you-”

“That’s a bullshit excuse.”

“What are you talking about?” She frowned, but she still couldn’t meet my eyes. She was trying so hard to sound offended, but I could easily see through it. The way her lips parted and her breath caught. The way she tensed as I stood in front of her half-naked. The way she avoided looking directly into my eyes.

She wanted me.

Leilani fucking wanted me.

When I kept staring at her, she inhaled and looked straight at me. I gave a knowing smile.

“Do you mind moving out of my way?” She asked, arms tightening around her towels.

I arched an eyebrow. Okay, now she’s acting like nothing just happened. She’s really going to act like she had no idea that I noticed all the looks she’d been sending my way. Women. I know the game she’s playing.

Fuck yeah, and I’m the master of that game.

“Sure,” I moved slightly to the side, and she started forward, but I caught the blush on her face, and I saw her steal a glance at my naked torso. She couldn’t even stop herself.

And neither could she stop herself from stumbling when the heel of one of her shoes twisted under her and her knees buckled. She let out a gasp and flailed, sending the towels flying out of her hold.

I moved immediately, wrapping my arms around her before she toppled to the floor. Her hands held on to me for support as her breath came shakily.

“Hey, your ankle hurt?” I asked, looking down at her to meet her pretty brown eyes already gazing up at me, glimmering with doused panic and gratitude.

“Yeah. No. I mean, I’m fine. Thanks.” She said, giving me a small smile.

I was barely listening. In my rush to hold her and keep her from falling, I had wrapped her tight in my chest, her small hands plastered on my chest. I have never touched her like this. The electricity sizzled through my veins and straight to my cock at her proximity.

Fuck. Leilani is in my fucking arms. While I was wearing only a fucking towel. Alone. In my fucking bedroom. With a large bed just a few feet away.

The temptation was maddening

She straightened up and moved out of my arms, tucking a long strand behind her ear.

“You sure you’re fine?” I glanced at her shoe. It looked okay.

“Yeah. Thanks, Adonis.” She said in a voice that I barely heard and stooped to pick up the towels strewn across the floor.

My gaze was immediately arrested by the view of her ass up in the air, and the smooth thighs pressed together.


I have to calm the fuck down. If my cock gets hard in this towel, she sure as fuck would see it standing tall and proud.

Maybe I wanted her to see it. I was idly wondering how she would react when I heard a male voice outside the room. I put my thoughts on hold and listened. I heard the voice again but it was too faint to be clearly heard from where I stood, muffled by the door and all.

So, I moved closer to the door, eyebrows furrowed with concentration. That was when I heard the familiar voice talking to someone, obviously on the phone.

I heard Leilani gasp quietly behind me as she straightened up abruptly. She obviously heard him.


I watched her face fill with horror as her eyes darted from the door to me, and from me to the door in a panic. Well shit. Why would Neil come to look for his fiancée in his step-brother’s fucking bedroom?


Leilani stooped to take off her shoes and I barely had time to stare at her ass again before she straightened up, holding the shoes in one hand, and stalked closer to me, pretty eyes pleading.

Then Neil fucking knocked.

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