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Time flied so fast without considering the agony of losing a friend, Thera was going through.

It was a month after the separation but the sad feeling of never being friends with Richard again still lingered in her heart.

Thera had learnt and gotten used to spending her lonely moments by the beach side as the cool and homely feeling she got from the water helped calm her raging mind and restless heart whenever she remembered how Richard left her and broke their friendship.

She sat down by the beach side listening to the silent humming of the birds and the homely comfort the water gave off to her disturbed soul as all she wanted at that moment was to jump into the water and swim away . away to her own world. Where she truly belonged, Where no one will ever critize her nor call her monster. Her world where she never had to lose a friend for being a mermaid. Where she need not keep her true form.

These thoughts ran crazily in her mind and line of tears ran down her Rosy cheeks when a sweet voice suddenly rang at her ear. “ THERA, why are you sitting alone here when everyone is eating and playing?”

Though, The voice was asking a question but the voice sounded so warm to Thera's ear and she couldn't help but turn her face to see a sweet high school girl, who had a normal height just a inch shorter than Thera's. but the girl's face didn't look familiar to the little mermaid.

The sweet girl had a black spikey hair, a eyes like gold with a pale delicate skin that gave off a very beautiful youthful sweet vibe.

“ Nothing really. I just wanted to spend some time alone with myself and enjoy this cool breeze from this water”

Thera said with a small smile and soft voice as if talking a bit harsh would shatter the sweet looking girl.

“ Oh actually, I also came here to play alone and pour my grief out to the beach. It's my first time here tho but I wasn't expecting to meet anyone here"

Thera sized the girl from her sweet innocent face down to her white pale toes and wondered what the girl could be going through to make her come to the beach side alone with an unhappy look.

“ Ermm... Say, What are you grieving about? Did anyone hurt you?”

The sweet girl looked at Thera, blinking her long lashes

“ Thera, don't you know me?”

Thera was confused because she was sanely sure she never met the girl before.

“ I don't know you but the fact that you know my name implies that you know me. But how?”

The girl looked at Thera with surprise written on her pretty face “ Thera, you mean you don't know me? Huh!” Making a knowing face “ You really won't know me as many people floods around you every single minute trying to get your attention. Hear me, miss popular, I am your class captain. Class captain Gu shin ya” Ending her word with a tone of pride which made Thera giggled.

“ Oh Class captain Gu Shin ya! It's you? I actually failed to recognize you because you are too beautiful! You are a true beauty!” Thera exclaimed making an exaggerated face of great surprise while Shin Ya blushed shyly “ I already know you as a lovely girl but isn't it too surprising to know you have a sugar coated mouth too’?"

“ Yaaa, I would have preferred' Candy coated mouth' rather than'sugar coated mouth' as I'm no fan of sugar”

Staring at Thera's pout and listening to her cheeky response made Shin ya laughed out loud.

“ Say Thera, I like you sooo much and I've always wanted to be your friend but I've got no chance to tell you this but today is a great opportunity to ask you. Will you be my friend Thera?”

Thera felt nostalgic at the mention of friends. Reminiscing the day Richard asked her for friendship and what became of their friendship. How he left her without thinking of how much he'd hurt her. She felt angry and wanted to say NO to Shin ya.

Can shin ya still like to be her friend after knowing she is not human? Or will she leave like Richard did? And make her go through the pain of losing another friend again? Can she even survive another heart break?

These were the question she was asking herself. Expecting an answer which she could only get by giving the friendship a chance.

“ Class captain Shin ya, I... I ..”

“ Thera, please don't turn me down” she smiled sweetly and cupped her cute face making her cuter and looked at Thera's confused face with a puppy look as she sat down beside Thera on the beach sand.

“ Yes... Yes... Let's be.. be .. friends”

What! She said yes! She wanted to say No. But the girl bewitched her with a cute look that YES mistakenly slipped from her mouth before she even realized it. A warm , thin and fragile hand wrapped Thera in a tight hug as Shin ya rested her head at her neck while a tear escaped her eyes.

The shocked Thera was alarmed “ Why are you crying shin ya? I thought you would be happy to hear yes from me but I guess I was wrong”

“ You ain't wrong Thera, I'm happy that you accept me. Very happy to be your friend. I just hope I won't lose you like I lost Vic my old best friend”

“ Ohh you lost your best friend?”

“ She said I snatched her crush which wasn't true... She .. she threw away our five years friendship all because of her unreal assumptions which she never cared to know the truth.. she even called me a vi.. vi.. vixen!” she said the last time forcefully and slumped down on Thera's lap as she bawled her eyes out lamenting about how hurt she felt.

“ It's ok.... I will never leave you like she did and I will always trust you. I promise”. Thera said and patted her back gently like a mother comforting her saddened daughter.

After few minutes that felt like hours. Shin ya finally stopped crying, looked up at Thera as she cleared her husky voice from too much crying.

“ I'm sorry for burdening you with my issue Thera”

Cleaning her new friend stained face. Thera made a disgusted face " Ta ta ta... You are so ugly after crying so much... My skin is crawling out because of the fear for your ugliness;”

“ You don't talk to a friend like that! You bad bad girl!” She said while forming an angry look.

“ Oh come! Come wash this ugliness off your face and let's see the beautiful skin again” she didn't finish her word before she pulled her new friend to the beach. Cupping her hands, she took some water and washed shin Ya's face.

“ Now, Now Now, you are pretty again... I helped that poor beauty to shine again" she said while feeling proud of her work.

“ You are unbelievable! I am always very beautiful. See? See?” She started making different postures , twisting her face in many ways while Thera kept laughing out really loud.

“ Oh Thera! It's Mr Idris class already! We are in trouble!” shin ya shouted realizing they are late for a class already.

Thera held her hurting stomach from laughing too hard and ran after her new found friend.

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