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Thera and shin ya ran to the class and tried to sneak in without Mr Idris knowing. But, their little attempt failed miserably as Mr Idris called them out immediately without giving them the chance to escape.

“ Come here! You two!” Mr idris roared

Their teacher, Mr Idris was a blonde haired young man with a sky blue eyes that electrified every females that look into them. He was painfully tall, Lean and muscular. Many of the females fantasized about his sexy abs which they never saw but imagined. Their dreams filled with his sexy imaginary pictures. He is a true eye candy to every lady

Thera and shin ya sneaked in when they felt Mr Idris wasn't looking but with his keen eyes and sensitive instinct, he caught them effortlessly. he's truly smart and he complement his good looks with his Sharp eye. Perfect mixture!

“ Why are you late for class and where were you?” Mr idris asked with his gaze fixed on Thera. Obviously waiting for a reply from her .

Shin ya was so damn scared to talk as the last thing she wanted was Mr Idris shouting or getting pissed at her. Because she was among Mr idris girl crush. , Thera was fearless and didn't care if anyone liked her or not and she replied “ We were playing at the beach side. We were so carried away with our play that we forgot your class. Shin ya was even the one who reminded me or else I wouldn't be here at all and getting here, we decided to sneak in, in order, not to alert you, so, you won't get mad and scold us and we tried our best but you still caught us. Why your eyes so sharp Mr Idris?”

Thera raised her brow expecting Mr Idris reply while the whole class gasped and awaited Thera's punishment for talking to a teacher that way. They were all waiting for what the teacher would do to the silly Thera.

“ My eyes are super sharp huh?... ( Chuckled) that's what makes me a teacher. Now, go to your seat and sit down”

Just that! The class were surprised and nodded their head knowingly. it's really good to be beautiful.

' how I wish I'm as pretty as Thera' they all wished

Thera's CHARM!

“ Attention class. I have a very important announcement for you guys but before that, I want to ask this question. Who among you will love to act a drama?. I mean, if you know you have a thing for drama and will love to act. Kindly raise your hand"

Hands filled the air as many students wanted to act but Mr Idris wasn't pleased because those he really wanted weren't raising their hands. they just kept calm like they didn't hear him.

“ Thera, Richard, Arabella and Shin ya. Why aren't you raising your hands? Don't you wanna act??”

The mentioned students started staring competition and failed to reply the teacher. seems like they were awaiting each other consent to answer

“ Hum hum ( Clearing his throat) well .. the school purposely chosed you guys. So, you've got no choice. You are acting”

Arabella jumped up crazily and shouted with pretense “ What!”: acting as if she wasn't interested but deep down she knew she really wanted to join because of Richard.

“ Yes Arabella,. that's the school choice, not mine”

“ Ohh, if that's what the school wants, then I guess I have no choice” She said arrogantly and the classmates scoffed “ The drama is titled ROSE IN THE GARDEN. The drama is about a high school beauty who found her love in her first year at high school. They became lovers and were so much In love but had to face the riddles of life after their high school. Will their love survive? Or will they break up? Let's find out in this hilarious drama"


Sounds of claps resonated in the class as the students all loved the drama synopsis and Mr Idris had a delighted smile on his face as he continued.

“ We need two people to act as the main cast of the drama. Sharon and Richard”

“ I will act as Sharon. ! Mr Idris”

Arabella stood gingerly pushing out her big round breast seductively to the handsome young teacher “ No. Thera will be Sharon while Richard will be Raymond”

Mr Idris said dismissively without sparing a glance at the embarrassed Arabella. Thera felt electrified when she and Richard got paired together as lovers in the drama. She felt numb and couldn't find her tongue for minutes.

Richard on the other hand had a fussy feelings shot up at him and stayed muted too.

“ Alright class, let's all meet up at the press room by 10:00am tomorrow morning for the rehearsal. Take care guys”


Thera got home and received a motherly hug from her mother. Although the hug calmed her troubled heart but she still felt confused. Noticing her daughter troubled look, Hannah asked with gentleness in her voice “ Thera, what's wrong? Why are you so troubled??”

The confused girl looked at her mother's hazel eyes. searching for comfort inside those aged peaceful eyes of her mother. “ Mum, Richard and I got paired together as lovers in a school drama” A tear escaped her eyes “ I'm confused mum... I don't know what to do”

Hannah listened to her daughter attentively. Collected her school bag and dropped it on the couch before sitting her down . Patting her back “ Baby, it's not hard. All you need to do is act normal like you don't give a fuck about him. Use this opportunity to show him that you are not to be taken for granted”

“ Can I do this mum?”

Roughing her pink hair “ Why can't you? My daughter can do anything she set her heart on. I trust my daughter's capability”

Thera smiled and looked at her mother with love in her eyes. She felt so grateful to have a mother like Hannah and Father like Kanice.

“ Okay mum” she hugged her mother while grinning widely

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