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It had been days since Thera and Richard had been doing collective work on the script. Exchanged of dialogues and free acting together. These few days was like a year to Richard as it was the worst days of his golden life. ‘ Why is she getting prettier each day? Why?? Is it mermaid stuff again?’ He kept asking himself each day, he was with Thera. His troubled heart kept pounding hard against his chest whenever he looked into Thera's eyes making him restless. His night became sweet bitter because he only dreamt about The beautiful Miss Thera. His fantasy became occupied by her. His everyday thought radiate only around Thera. He wanted to stop it and he was helpless against his heart.

His heart was no longer in his control ! It was out of his control and he could only watch as his troublesome heart kept loving Thera the more, each passing day.

Richard ran into this room breathless and rubbed his flush face with a hand while his free hand ruffled his perfect combed hair, ‘“What was that? What have I done!!!”. Richard screamed at his reflection in his room mirror. " What have I done? Did I lose my mind? What was that for?" He kept asking himself.

" My lips.... My lips " he touched his lips and a lovely smile Appeared on his face. His heart flutter and his once horror look turned to shyness and happiness.

" I did that..." he said as he reminisce on what happened earlier in the day.

One hour ago...

“ Richard, can we rehearse now?” Thera asked Richard when she saw Richard relaxing in the class with his two legs on his desk and with a hot brewed tea cup in hand which he was sipping slowly.

“ Erm... Yes” Richard answered dropping his tea on his desk without bothering to finish it first. then took his script and followed Thera to the press room to start the rehearsal.

“ Where should we start from?” He asked Thera who was already sitted according to the script.

“ Where we stopped” she answered while she opened her own script.

“ Ok”

“ Sharon, will you come to my birthday party?”

“ Why should I come Raymond? You know, most of our friends don't know about us yet and I don't want to be there as mere friends”

“ I wanted to surprise you before but I guess I need to tell you now”

“ What's that?”

“ I want to confess my love to you in front of everyone there that day and the whole country will know about our relationship. Everyone will know you are mine”

“ What! Raymond! Really??” The supposed Sharon was so happy that she literally danced in joy and the supposed Raymond was also smily.

“ Yes Sharon... I love you so much and my heart beats only for you”

“ I love you too Raymond!”

( Sharon hugged Raymond and they kissed)

Thera hugged Raymond and peck his lips just as stated in the script and was about to sit back but Richard held Thera's neck and stopped her from Retracting. He refused to give her the chance to pull away . “ Thera...” He looked into Thera's eyes pleadingly with eyes full of many emotions as he pulled her closer slowly till thier lips were just an inch apart. He stopped for a while so see if she gave her consent or not because even with the way he felt ar that moment. He still wanted her consent before doing anything. After seeing that the emotions in her eyes were the same as hers and she also nodded for him to go ahead . Richard kissed her with passion. Thera was shocked but didn't stop him neither did she respond to his kiss. She just stared as his closed eyes with blank mind.

After some seconds which felt like a day , Richard pulled away with great shock and was breathless. He kept walking backward till he finally ran away with flushed face.

Thera on the other hand felt like the air had been drawn out of her soul as she touched her plump lips with wide eyes “ He... He kissed me??”


“ How will I face her tomorrow? What will she think of me? What will she think of me? She is a mermaid for crying out loud! A mermaid! I shared my first kiss with a mermaid?? Oh No! I cannot love her! I can't date a mermaid~" Richard kept nagging himself... He was totally confused. Even when he wanted to forget it like it never happened, the scene kept flashing in his mind. “ What should I do lord?”


Thera got home and hugged her tired looking mum. She was grinning like a little child presented a toy machine.

Her mum who was making a dish in the kitchen was surprised at the sudden hug and smiling face “ You look so happy. What's going on?” she said and dropped the plate she was holding

“ Mum, Richard kissed me!” Thera replied touching her lips dreamily and smiling sheepishly

“ What???!? Richard kissed you?? Is he crazy?” Hannah was more than mad at Richard for taking advantage of her non human daughter. She believed Thera knew nothing and Richard was the one who should have behaved well instead of kissing her daughter!

“ No mum, he is not crazy... He is falling in love with me”

“ How do you know that?”

“ Mum, you know, mermaids are the most perfect lovers. We know when someone loves us or not and we can never be cheated by love”

“ Really?”

“ Yes mum... Richard is truly in love with me but he is yet to admit it”

“ It's ok. But please be careful” Hanna said and shrugged

“ I will surely be careful but please don't tell dad”

“ I won't... Just go drop your bag, change your clothes and come eat your food. I will dish it before you come out”

“ Ok mum' ... Love you!” She said and ran out

Hannah looked at the retreating back of her daughter and smiled “ I love u more daughter” she sighed then took the food to the dinning.

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