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I walked away from the woman but where am I going to? I don't know (^^) and the clothes is already making me really uncomfortable. I just want to off the clothes but I can't let humans call Me shameless again!

Then ... Wow!! What's that's? So many candies!!

A candy store is down the road I'm passing. I need to take some!! so I run very fast

“ Hey, easy there... you are running too fast~” One lady caution me but I'm not ready to be lectured. All I want right now is candy and I can't slow my pace at all!

"Can I get one of these?" I asked the man standing in front of the candies store. A bald man with a plump cheeks and big pot belly. seems, he is the storekeeper

"Yes, but where is your money?" he says and stretch his fat hand to me.

money?? what is money? and what does money has to do with candy?

"I don't have money and I don't want money, I just want to eat candy"

The man smiles and looks at me in a funny way " You don't eat candy without buying it young girl, go and bring your money then come back to buy candy Although,I would have love to give you free candies as you are extremely good looking and godly beautiful but I'm not the owner of this candy store. it's for a friend of mine, he went to his daughter's school and I'm only helping him stay here till he comes back”

"Hmmmph! It's ok then. but, What is money? How is money like? and how can I get it?”

“ Hahahah” the man laughs heartily “ You are funny. you sure love to joke alot and that makes you crazily cuter! hahaha... I love your humour. I haven't laugh like this in ages” tears streams down his face out of too much laughter and I can't help but laugh at him because his face looks funny while laughing. he actually resembles rabbit while laughing

“ I'm not joking! I don't know what money is and you should explain to me instead of laughing! you are embarrassing me with your laughter?” I wanted to add “ You really look like a monster while laughing” but I learnt that humans loves flattering alot and a word of abuse could make them extremely angry. so I have to swallow my word.

" ermmm...” he clears his throat and become serious “ Wait! What! You really don't know what money is?? but how? a grown up girl like you doesn't know anything about money. it's so strange.

"I so don't know what money looks like... can you please tell me?"

"Owwwww... well... I understand. This is money” he brings out a paper from his pocket “This is how money looks like and you can't buy anything without this. You need to have this before you can buy anything and as to where to get it? from your parents or place of work. I actually understand why you don't know money or have never seen it before. you are a rich missy whose parents are so rich and doesn't need to do anything as servants are everywhere to serve you right?

“ Yes! Mother is really rich and I have so many servants”

“ Oh I can see... well, you need to go get money to buy candy ok?”

The fine man shows me something and says that's money. Huh! Human can't eat anything without this thing call money?; I guess Humans are not so wonderful as I thought then hmmmph!

" Ok, I will bring money and buy lots of candies!"

I know candies because I read so many books about earth and I realized candy is something humans love to eat. But I don't know if it sweet or not.

Huh! That's money!!!

" Give me this?"

I ask the woman holding money in her hand

" Why?"

"I want to buy candy"

"Hannah, who is this?"

A man came and asked the woman I was talking to

" I don't know her, she came to me now and she is demanding for money to buy candy" she told the man

"Candy? Hey girl! Where are your parents?"


What's parent?? I don't know parents

"Yes, where are your parents?"

"I don't have parents" I answered. I don't know what parents are and I don't have either.

"What! You don't have? What happen to them?"

"I don't know" I replied him and then, he wore that pitiful look

"Honey, maybe she lost her parents" the woman told the man

"Yea, how old are you?" Said the man

"Im 48" I replied

"Oh 48? What a funny kid"

Calling me kid when I'm a big girl offff bad bad man!

"Where are you from" The woman asked


"Where's Pastaya?"

Wait! Should I tell them I'm a mermaid? They might kill me!

"I don't remember" I lied to keep my identity

"Where's your home? I mean where you live"

I never knew humans are questionaires. I only demanded for money for crying out loud!!! Why these silly baseless questions?? I keep shouting inside me but I need to hide my feelings, yes! I need their money to buy candy!

"I don't have a home, I walk around"

"She doesn't have a home, honey, this girl must have gone through alot oh this little girl With innocent face!" The woman started crying

"Wife, don't you think we should adopt her? We don't have any child and this girl seems to have nobody"

"Yes honey, I like her too" The woman replied

"Child, Will u live with us?"

I was shocked! Live with them? I don't even know them! They don't even buy me candy, I won't live with them!

"I won't live with you!" I replied angrily and pout my plump lips

"Why my baby? We will buy you so many candies!"

"Really? You will buy me candies???"

"Yes we will"

"Let's go then! I will live with you"

They both smiled

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