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Today is Thera's first day at High school. She was registered In an Art school. One of the most popular art high school in the country. This school has soo many students both native and foreign students therefore, Most of the students speak different languages but Thera being a mermaid was able to understand most of these languages because of her mermaid smart brain.

Thera quickly became popular in school due to her unworldly beauty. So many guys wanted to be her boyfriend while they girls wanted to suck up to her. Tho, there are some jealous type like Arabella,Rynn and Rapel who see Thera as a life time enemy and swore to make school hell for her all because her beauty took all the school male attention from them and they suddenly became unknown.

Arabella, Rynn and Rapel were the school top beauties before Thera came. Thera's exquisite feature and beauty was something they couldn't take. Seeing that Thera's became the new school top beauty, they swore to destroy her beauty so they could take their position back and become the top beauties again.

There was a guy named Richard, Richard is the most handsome boy in the school, the most brilliant, the most talented, the most outspoken, the most calm, and the most desired boy in the school. Richard came from a very rich home, he is the only male child his parents gave birth too tho they brought him up well but he was a really spoilt lass. Richard was a great drunkard, he loved going to night parties, smoke and fight alot but he doesn't fancy girls. Apart from Richard's younger sister Satiana and His mother koral, every other girl is ugly and doesn't deserve his attention. Although, many girls throws themselves at him both at home and at school because of his perfect handsomeness but he always sees them as trashes and often ignored them.

Richard is every girls dream guy but no girl is worthy of being his dream girl because No girl is beautiful apart from his mum and sister. Koral had always wished that her son will find a pretty girl someday who will become his dream girl but the prayer never seems to work untill...

A young goddess descended from heaven and landed at the middle of their football field where the boys were practicing for the upcoming sport day. This young goddess was playing alone and saw the humans playing on the field and she decided to join them to play. But as she stood at the middle of the field, all the guys became mesmerized by her beauty that they were literally drooling and having daylight dreams. The little goddess stood there smiling as if she doesn't know what she caused but her smile killed the boys more as it prolonged their statue posture and their dream became wilder. Richard was the first to come out of the trance as he asked

"Hey, what are you doing on the field?"

"I want to play". Her voice made him momentarily stunned because her voice was so smooth, Sharp and sweet.

"Beauty, what's your name?" Another boy asked

"Thera, my name is Thera"

"Wow, what a sweet name. Mine is rainbow" the guy replied

"Ok" Thera said

"You came to play, can you play?" Rainbow asked

"Thera doesn't know if she can play but will be glad if you guys teach me" Thera said prettily

"Heyy, This is not a kindergarten or girls hall, so drop that ball and leave here right away!" Richard yelled at Thera because he thought Thera was one of those girls that throw themselves at him.

"Heyy dont yell at Thera like that, Thera is a nice girl. Bad guys yell at girls" Thera said while pouting her cute mouth.

"What!? Who is this?" Richard wasn't ready to fall for Thera beauty so he is trying his best to not get entranced and he believed the best way to get over her is to send her away from the field but he realized Thera was a stubborn girl and he got irritated and frustrated..

"Rainbow, can i play with you and your friends? I won't play with that bad boy" Thera said pointing to Richard as the bad boy but instead of Richard to get mad at being called a bad boy, he actually smiled and he too was surprised as to why he smiled instead of flaring up became a mystery to him.

"Yes! Why not? Come join us" The boys happily accepted her and she joined Richard's group because that was Rainbow's group as well. Thera played her first ball which makes the boys mouth wide opened. Her kick was so quick and accurate while the ball speed was so fast that the keeper ran away from the goal post to save his life. Everyone was shocked and they couldn't help but ask

"Thera, have you been playing ball before?" One of the boys asked her

"No, I don't play ball, it's my first time" she replied

"Really??" The guys chorused

"Yes, you guys look surprised, Thera is so amazing Right? " Thera asked the boys

"Yes very very amazing!" Rainbow replied still very surprised

"Yeeeeeey yiiiiiii Thera is amazing, I am amazing" Thera started dancing and making cute postures which made the boys laughed and at the same time mesmerized.

"Bye guys! THERA needs to go eat candies! See you later!" Thera waved at them and ran away before the guys could even reply her.

"That girl is an angel"

"I'm so happy to meet an angel".

"I will surely become her friend".

"I will make her teach me how to play better"

"Her beauty is unworldly"

"Thera is her name right?".

"Yes, she is goddess Thera".

The boys kept saying sweet things about Thera. Surprising, Richard was feeling proud and all smiling.

'what? What's happening with me? Why am I feeling proud and happy when they are talking about that girl? Ohhh I'm going crazy! I need to see a doctor" Richard thought and ran off from the field....

A/N: As you guys know this is my first book, there might be lots of mistakes but I'm sorry and I hope you guys read it with love..

Love you...


" M

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