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C1 Transmigration.

White lion, city.

A 17-year-old boy is lying in bed in a bad condition, if you go near him you can say that boy no longer Breathing.

Some 5 minutes later.

Aaaaaaaa 'hah' hah' what happens, where am I this is not my house, and how hell did I came here.

as far as I remember I am playing the game continuously for 7 days and finally I beat the last boss, next moment some pain came into my heart and now I am here.

It seems like 7 days without eating and sleeping none stop playing is not a good idea, 'hah' 'sigh'---__---

My name is Noah, and I am the son of a billionaire, and because of this I never had any family and friends.

now, you say why don't I have family and friends, because of society and the ego of my father and mother.

They always travel in the world for meeting and the party's so they can gain more money and wanted to become the world richest husband and wife so they don't have time for me, as for friends they only want my money, that's all.

So you can say, that I am also like those novel heroes who always live alone and no one wants to be his friends.

But, the only difference between we have is that I'm not poor like them, that all.

now you are thinking why am I so cool-headed and not become some dreg addicted or alcohol-addicted and something like that,

Because, when I was 10 years old my bodyguard give me my life-saving weapons ( particularly not give me, I just accidentally discover that ) anime.

Yes, anime, I saw him watching dragon Ball z, so I become interested in that show and that was my weapons for loneliness.

And finally, 15-year watching anime, manga, hentai, web novel, fanfic, games and finally I can say that I am 100% otaku.

That my story, yes I know I didn't do anything in my life, but what can I do about that I don't lack money and I just wanted to enjoy my life in my style.

Where I am, It doesn't look like a hospital, Noah currently in a wooden room, Where a bed, which two people can sleep together, and two chairs, a table, a cupboard, window, and in West side of the room is a bathroom, and inside the room mostly things are made of woods like ancient time.

Just as Noah thinking, A lot of memories come into his head.

Aaaaaaaa what the fuck, that his last thought before he collapsed in bed.

6 or 7 minutes later Noah comes back to his senses and now he knows what is going on.

Yes, he is transmigrated in this 17-year-old boy, who is died because of a beating.

So that is why my body is hurting so badly, but why is no one to check him, Noah thought.

First, let's check about his memory.

This body name is Lin fang, son of fang bai. Fang family is one of the 3 most powerful family in white lion, city.

Because Lin fang doesn't have any cultivation talent and that why no one wants him.

But just like all cultivation novel there also some people who, you can say love him.

These include his grandfather fans Bojing, and his aunt fang Jun, which his grandfather adopted when he is 1 year old and she is 3 years old and last his maid Chu Ling.

Lin fang father is a 40-year-old Hitler type man,

whose only thing like is power, as for family he does not care.

When Lin fang turned 2 years old, his grandpa said that his mother died because of some reason.

Because Lin fang is the son of fang bi and fang bi and city lord are enemies with each other.

that's why whenever Lin fang goes out of the house, the city lord son and his friends harass and beat him, but this time they hit him very hard and he could not bear it.

New chapter is coming soon
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