On a rainy night/C1 Routine life
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On a rainy night/C1 Routine life
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C1 Routine life

Zaara woke up by 5:30 in evening and checked her phone for any calls or texts and lazily went to washroom to bath . After cleaning up herself she choose a simple Kurti and a salwar to wear . She boiled the milk and toasted the bread slice that has been left by her friends who were working in day shift in her office. The roommates are all her college mates from various branches and her own too.

After 7 she got a call from cab driver to pick her up and Zara rushed down from her apartment at first floor. She greeted the watchman at her apartment gate and left for her office .

It took ten minutes only from her apartment to office by cab . After getting down from cab she started walking towards her office building . There were totally 8 buildings with two divisions each having six floors. That was one of the biggest branch office of her company “starlight consultancy”. There were multiple branches in various cities and lot of other business under starlight group such as steel , machineries, cars, apparel and so on.

After entering her office she went to her cubicle and places her handbag and greeted her teammates . There were three guys in her team in night shift. All of them are elderly brothers . So she felt at ease working with them and they dotted on her as their own sister.

Zaara was working in a project that supports the back end of the banking for a number bank in America .so mostly her job would be monitoring the system and updating periodically if any issue arise.

After 6 am in morning she will start to home by cab and will get milk and bread from the departmental store below her apartment . The night shift watchman asked her “zaara how long are you going to work in night shift ?”

She replied with calm smile “ I like to work at night shifts. Work load is less and less noisy too” with that she bid good bye and went to her apartment .

She rang the doorbell and her college mate yathiya opened the door yawning and went back to sleep again . Zaara boiled the milk and drank and went to bed to sleep.her roommates will cook occasionally sometimes and after getting up from sleep zaara will eat and again she will go back to sleep. By sleeping is the only way she could forget her miserable past. zaara have a special habit whenever she feels down or depressed or sad she will fell asleep.

Again at evening her routine life will start . This is her lifestyle for past 8 months after graduating from her college.

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