On a rainy night/C2 Call that smashed her heart
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On a rainy night/C2 Call that smashed her heart
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C2 Call that smashed her heart

Zaara was sleeping loudly on the weekend . Suddenly she was woke up by the banging sound of the door. It was yathiya “zaara open the door.how long we are calling you”. Zaara slowly got up and opened the door . Yathiya was holding the phone in her hand saying “Nate is on call asking your address to send his marriage invitation “. Upon hearing this zaara s heart suddenly stopped.

It was like thousand needle pricking her heart. She couldn’t breathe normally. Nate is her ex-boyfriend come class mate and her best friend too. On hearing his marriage news from another persons itself a great blow to her and more over he asked details to send invitation to her was the most heart wrenching pain she received from him.

Seeing stale state of zaara , yathiya shouting “zaara are you listening to me?”.zaara came back to her sense and replied “I will talk to Nate myself . Thanks” with that she closed the door and took her mobile.

Zaara’s hand is trembling to type a text to Nate . It was “you dare to send invitation . If you send any invitation I will send it back to your parents “. Zaara eyes were covered with tears and she couldn’t control anymore after receiving a “ok” rely from Nate . She dint come out of her room for an entire day . Next day was Sunday . Roommates planned to go for shopping to avenue mall . Initially zaara too said ok for this but due to Nate text she lost interest to go out and stayed back at her home while her roommates all left.

Since she dint eat anything yesterday she felt hungry and boiled milk and made few boiled eggs and sat to eat . After having first bite she started to think about her past with Nate . She couldn’t eat anymore . Her past is the one thing that made zaara weak. She never thought that she would love a person unconditionally more than anything in world and finally got cheated by the same person .

While thinking this suddenly she snapped out of that by her phone ringing sound . She picked the phone “zaara here. Hmm okay I will be there in 30 minutes “

Zaara’s teammate suddenly had emergency and left from office so they called her to cover his shift . Luckily she dint go anywhere and got ready and started to her office . Since there were no normal crowd on weekend she started walking from the bus stop to her office . It would be approximately 1.5km from bus stop. It was summer so scorching sun made most of the people to sit inside their home.

Zaara forgot her umbrella and waited for share auto .she couldn’t get any so started walking towards the office . Since she dint age anything yesterday and today she felt little dizzy by walking on this hot summer day .

When she was about to step in office gate she fainted and fell down. There were no energy left on her body and her mind was also exhausted due to Nate’s marriage . After a long time zaara opened her eyes to see herself in the resting lounge of her office and Iv on her hand. The attending staff insisted her to be on bed until the liquid gets finished . So she laid down and fell into a deep sleep .

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