On a rainy night/C3 Mysterious guy
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On a rainy night/C3 Mysterious guy
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C3 Mysterious guy

After walking up zaara left to her office and explained her situation and left . While reaching office gate she thought of thanking the guard who helped her. There were four guards in every shift. So she went to one and asked “ sir may I know who helped me when I fainted this noon. I would like to thank him”.

One of the guard replied “Mam we saw you fainted at the gate before we rush to help another guy ran and picked you and went to doctors room. So you should thank him”. On hearing this zaara was shocked and asked the guard “ But I dint see him around when I woke up.can you tell me who he is if you know?”

“Sorry mam . We can’t remember who it is since there are lot of them working here”. Upon hearing this zaara felt sad and thanked them and started to her home. Before she could step out one of the guard approached her “Mam the guy who helped you has a scar on right side neck just below his ear. Possible you can search with this mark” . After saying this guard returned to his work.

Zaara returned home and boiled the milk and drank and slept.Next day as usual zaara went to her office and started her night shift works .she started analysing the guys that she passed by for the scar on his neck. So she often went out of her cubicle to roam in her office . Almost a month passed and Nate’s wedding was near. All of their friends started discussing about attending his marriage function. Whenever someone asks about her plan she will reject saying I have work . Even though everyone expected such reply from her .

Only few of the friends went to Nate wedding as the girl he married had a bad reputation while in college . On the day marriage zaara unexpectedly opened the social media and the pictures of Nate wedding was posted online . He was wearing a purple sherwani and she was wearing a matching purple gown on their reception function .On seeing that zaara couldn’t be at peace. She never felt so much pain on seeing them smiling together . All that should be belong to her now has been replaced by someone . The pain became hatred and she deactivated her social account for time being . She started indulging in her office work more and more.

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