On a rainy night/C4 Moving on
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On a rainy night/C4 Moving on
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C4 Moving on

Zaara berried her past and started to move on. She consoled herself that it’s not worth to worry . She started to work hard and wanted to earn more .by that she wants to make Nate regret his decision of choosing someone over her. She started to involve in social activities like trekking,cycling and social trips .

Two years passed in a blink of an eye. Due to her hard work she got promoted two level up and she become their team manager.so everyone requested her to treat them for a meal for her promotion.Zaara accepted and choose a five star restaurant and arranged dinner for her team mates .

Everyone soon finished their work and got ready to the party.since the party was on Friday ,next two days were off everyone we’re so relaxed at the party and enjoyed themselves . There were certain group who were clearly fuming with jealous of her promotion started gossiping “how

Come such young age and with less experience she got this promotion “

“She might have hooked with senior managers to get this position”

“May be it might be tv fact and look at her spending so much for this “

“How come a normal employee can provide such sumptuous meal for all her teammates “

All kind of gossip we’re running around the party .

After sometime , a senior member in her teamwalked over and stood at the centre looking towards zaara “ congrats to our new Team Manager on her success in her carrier so soon. I really admire her dedication and hard work for our project . I would say she deserves it than anyone our team. Once congrats and keep up the spirit” .

Zaara was so happy and replied “thank you sir . I will try my best to keep up the hard work and I will need of all your support as well”. With that everyone had their dinner and started to leave . But no one notice a figure that has been standing in the Dark corner observing all the activities happening today with this group of people.

Zaara was the last one to leave the restaurant after settling the bill. While she was about to leave she was suddenly stopped by two people.zaara was stunned to see these two here. It was none other than Nate and his wife resha.

“Zaara how are you and why dint you come to wedding ?” Resha asked with a sarcastic smile .

Before Zaara could response resha asked” since you dint attend our wedding why don’t you Join us for dinner tonight?”. Zaara was really helpless whether to reject or accept this invitation. If she rejects it will show that she is embarrassed and if she accepts it will be awkward between the three. Resha insisted “Nate why don’t you ask her to stay back. If you say she will accept “. Even he can understand the humiliation in her words.

Zaara builder her courage “ resha that’s so great of you to treat me for a dinner and congrats for your marriage too. It was that I was busy with my office work so I couldnt waste time on such events so couldn’t attend your marriage . Sorry”

Resha’s face turned like big red apple but she concealed her anger and smiled back at her . Table of three was reserved and server came to pick order from them. Resha started ordering dishes that she and Nate likes and also few dishes that zaara likes too. On hearing this zaara was surprised and asked “Resha how you know that I like those food?”

“It was Nate who said ,since you are his best friend it’s obvious that he knows “ Resha insisted the word friend more in order to let her know her relationship with Nate.

Zaara smiled politely saying “sorry Resha I don’t like any of those now . My taste of choice back then was the worst . I have changed . So will have a cup of coffee and I wil start . It’s already late . “ with smirk on her face .

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