On The Border/C6 Chapter 5
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On The Border/C6 Chapter 5
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C6 Chapter 5

Alex’s POV

“Please, I’ve told you everything I know. Please help me” the man who destroyed all our lives by killing our leader, our rock, and our backbone, begged me shamelessly.

“Call uncle Stefan here” I commanded without addressing anyone in particular.

I heard running footsteps retreating back down to the house.

A few minutes later, uncle Stefan came running with his face gravelly dark, and his clothes all bloody, from what I assumed to be my dad’s blood.

I get up from my crouch over that man and address uncle Stefan coldly, as I hand him my gun “That’s the guy who killed your brother. I’m giving you the chance to avenge his death, while I go seek his other killer”

“Who ordered the hit?” he asked viciously.

“Lord Z ordered it, Patrick Walker participated by sneaking him in through the border”

The shock on his face mirrored mine when I found out about Patrick.

“That traitorous son of a bitch!” uncle Stefan spat in disgust.

“He’ll pay for it, I’ll make sure of it, he’s going to regret betraying us to that asshole” I vowed coldly.

“P.. Ple.. Please, you gave me your word, you said you will spare my life” the man begged loudly.

I lean down, my face inches away from him as I speak with disgust coloring my tone “I gave you my word I will not kill you, I didn’t promise anything about sparing your life or not letting someone else kill you. You honestly thought you would kill the head of the Snow clan and get away with it? No wonder your pathetic lord picked you for the job, you have no idea who you just messed with, you and that lord asshole… save a seat in hell for Patrick, he’s about to join you there”

I turned around and started retreating back towards my house, while that man kept begging and screaming, until his voice got cut off by five consecutive gunshots.

The ambulance was taking off as I reached the entrance, my dad’s body was gone, probably inside the moving ambulance.

Mom was still where I left her on the ground, weeping in pain, as April held on to her tightly and sobbed along with her.

Jacob and Lucas approached me, their faces filled with anger and rage.

“Who did it?” Jacob asks tightly.

“Lord Z…. And Patrick Walker”

They both stare at me with their mouths open in disbelief.

“Go gather all of the available men we have; whilst keeping the roads guarded, and meet me in the town’s square with uncle Stefan” I order them coldly, my eyes focusing somewhere else.

By our front door entrance stands my angel, dressed in white, sobbing as our special day ended before it even began, ended horribly with her father in low’s death, her groom headed towards the town square to avenge and kill his murderer, and probably kick-start a war that will end many lives.

I approached her where she was standing, held tightly by her sister.

I cup her face gently with my hands as my heart tugs at how glamorous she looked in her wavy blond hair neatly tucked to the side, her pearl hair band, her light shimmery make up, and her breathtakingly beautiful white wedding dress.

She truly looked like an angel today, inside and out.

My heart hurt as I couldn’t tell her how beautiful she looked, or admire her wedding dress, or kiss her pink lips, … or marry her today.

“I’m sorry my love. I’m so sorry for your loss” Melanie cried as she touched my hands that were still holing onto her tearful face.

“I’m sorry too Mel. I’m sorry for how this day turned into, I’m sorry for leaving you like this” I said gravelly.

She furrowed her eyebrows as she asked in confusion “Leaving me? Where are you going?”

“I have a score to settle, I need to take care of it, but I will come back for you baby, I promise”

“Wait a minute… why aren’t the police coming to investigate this? You’re not saying what I think you’re saying right? You’re not actually going to kill the person who killed your father yourself, are you?” asked Mia with wide eyes in disbelief.

I give her a cold look as I tell her “The person who shot him is already dead, now I am going to take care of the person who helped him, and by that I mean kill, yes. Because that’s how we take care of things here. The Snows pay their debts, and we don’t just forgive and forget what has been done to us”

I turn around and go to the garage to ride one of our SUVs into town. Leaving behind a broken woman who lost the love of her life, weeping in pain, without so much as a word to sooth her.

I just needed to take care of that bastard first. He cannot go unpunished for this.

As I headed into the town square, where his office was, it occurred to me that he might have already fled the town.

There was no way he would stay behind and act as if nothing happened, he must have anticipated that the shooter will confess about his helper.

I reach his office and find a dozen SUVs parked outside his office doors, with a mini army of men standing near them. All of them are Walkers, carrying guns, and prepared to take down any one who comes at them.

So that’s how you wanna play it? You want to take over the town yourself?

Over my dead body.

As I get out of my car, two dozen of our SUVs come to a loud screech as they surround me.

The walkers were definitely outnumbered now.

I walk to the front of my car and address everyone, with uncle Stefan right by my side.

“We are not here to fight you. You are our people, you are our family. But Patrick Walker is not from this town anymore. Not after the betrayal he committed against us. He helped an outsider sneak through our borders, and kill the leader of the Snow clan. The one who has made it his life’s mission to help every single one of you. The one you always come to when you’re in need. The one who never turns his back on injustice. The one who doesn’t bat an eye until he makes sure that everyone in his town is safe and sound. The one who sacrificed his own life to not let a single ounce of drugs enter through this town. Hand over Patrick right now, and no harm will come to any of you”

“I never betrayed this town Alex Snow!”

The crowd splits in half as they allow Patrick to walk to the front.

He stands in front of me with over confidence, as if he’s done nothing and he carries on loudly “Whoever told you that, was setting us up to light animosity between us. To make us enemies, to weaken us, in order to make it easier to take over the town for themselves. You know exactly who I’m talking about”

“If that were true, why weren’t you at the wedding? If you have nothing against my father, why didn’t you or any of your family attend? If you weren’t involved in what happened and had no clue, why did you gather your men around you to protect yourself, how did you know we were coming?”

A little vein appeared on his forehead, betraying his nervousness as he answered “I knew something was going down soon, I warned your father about this, he wouldn’t listen to me. But I had nothing to do with his death”

“All the roads were being monitored closely by our men, except for one road that was guarded by your men, you let him into town, you might not have pulled the trigger, but you loaded the fucking gun, and that’s just like committing the crime yourself”

“If you kill me now, there will be a blood bath from both sides, no one will win this war Alex Snow. Your father wouldn’t want this to happen to his town” he said sincerely.

I load my gun and point it at him in rage, followed by uncle Stefan “Don’t you dare tell me what he would want you son of a bitch!”

Everyone draws their guns against the opposite group and prepares to pull the trigger.

“Don’t do it Alex!”

The town sheriff; whose name is Charlie Dawson, appears out of the crowd as he screams at me with authority in his voice.

At that same moment, the SPD patrol cars enter the town square with sirens blazing in the air.

The sheriff walks towards us and stands in the middle, between us and Patrick, with our guns now aimed at the sheriff’s head.

“Everyone put your guns down, now! The area is all surrounded, there is only one way we all walk out of here alive, and that’s by lowering your guns, getting in your cars, and going your separate ways” the sheriff shouts loudly to all of us.

He looks at me fiercely as he comes to my side and whispers in my ear so no one else hears what he has to say to me “I’m so sorry for your loss son, but Patrick is right. Your father would never want this to end with so many innocent lives lost. Patrick is the only one at fault here, the rest will be killed for nothing”

I grit my teeth in frustration as I consider his words.

My father wouldn’t want this.

But Patrick cannot survive this, I’ll make damn sure of it, but not now, not today.

“Everyone! Get back in your cars and retreat” I order loudly, addressing my men as I lower down my gun and stare coldly at Patrick.

“An eye for an eye, a life for a life. That’s how it started, and that’s how it’s going to fucking end, Patrick Walker”

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