On the Edge/C3 Chapter 03
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On the Edge/C3 Chapter 03
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C3 Chapter 03


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I opened the door. That asshole next door threw a naked woman out of his apartment and then he disappeared inside. A moment later he opened the door just to throw her clothes at her. Then he stood there with his magnificent chest, scowling at me. Dex… I think that was what this woman, Penny, had called him. Maybe it was short for Dexter. Either way, I had no idea.

For about ten seconds we just stared at each other, and my eyes moved down to his perfectly ripped stomach and muscular arms. Along with a dirty beard that looked sexy as hell, the bastard was really good-looking, and he knew it. His boxers hung low on his hips, exposing the bits of dark hair that were hidden underneath the waistband hem. My mouth went dry and I was ready to say something back to him when he slammed the door, going inside.

“Penny, right?” I asked the woman, trying to act like I gave a damn. She was very pretty, with dark long hair, brown eyes and a slim body. For a second I thought that she must have been a model.

“Don’t worry, I’m going already,” she said, putting her underwear and dress back on. I looked away for a second, allowing her some privacy.

Then she yelled, “And I won’t be coming back ever again, you self-centred twat!”

Wow, I had to give it to her; she had balls. She picked up her bag and strolled to the stairs, blatantly ignoring me.

I closed the door and went back to my tasks. I would definitely be going through with the complaint in the morning. Someone had to teach that douchebag a lesson. Obviously he didn’t know how to treat women with respect. Just like Kirk. No, I couldn’t compare him to my ex-boyfriend. Kirk was trash, not worth thinking about at all.

After doing some research online, I knew that I had one of the desirable apartments with the sea view. Before I left for work I made a mental note to speak to the estate agent tomorrow and start the ball rolling.


It was a long night and by the time I drove back to the complex it was six a.m. After I graduated high school, Mum convinced me to do nursing in uni. She told me that this was the easiest way to find a job and the money was decent. I chose the same specialisation she had, working on the paediatric ward, dealing with all the sick children. I should have switched to something else when I had a chance. Every time I had to walk into the hospital, memories flooded back to me and I felt like I was experiencing the same sorrow from three years ago all over again.

I fell asleep pretty much straight away. When I woke up, the clock on the wall was showing four in the afternoon. The sheets smelled great and I didn’t want to move, but it was Monday and I had many things that I needed to sort out.

When I got my breakfast and shower out of the way, I started going through the wardrobes in the apartment. It looked like uncle Joey had worn a lot of stylish and expensive clothes. I packed a few bits away and put out them in the living room. The fridge was empty, so I knew I needed to do some grocery shopping, particularly if I wanted to eat today. I had to file that complaint first, so the douche next door wouldn’t think that I was bluffing. I had no idea who I needed to speak to about the asshole from my floor; maybe I’d try the young lad that spoke to me yesterday. He seemed pleasant enough.

I checked my reflection before I left, examining myself from head to toe. My blond hair was naturally light. I was curvy but a slender size twelve and I’d always hated my oversized boobs. My body had bothered me at times, especially when all my friends were super skinny. Of course, every guy I’d dated had always liked my curves. I’d tried fad diets and I did lose a couple of pounds, but my weight always came back to the usual after a few months.

I put on a cute comfy outfit, made some phone calls, and managed to arrange a meeting with Mum’s solicitor. Some of the apartments had been on the market for months, so I wasn’t so sure that it was possible to make a quick sale. I had to do more research about the prices in this area.

I loved the grand, opulent feel of this complex; even the lifts were done up to the highest standard. The complex was actually two buildings joined together by a long, wide, glass-fronted corridor with meeting rooms and offices off it and a central atrium where the concierge was based. There were also small bungalows scattered around the grounds. As I walked to the concierge desk via the corridor, I felt good in my own skin for the first time in months. Mum was glad that I was helping her with this project and it was good to start over away from London.

“Hi, we met yesterday. I’m in apartment twenty-one, and I already had a small clash with one of the residents. I was wondering if I could speak to someone about it,” I said, diving straight to the point.

The same young guy smiled, eyeing my boobs. He couldn’t be any more than eighteen. I wanted to sort this out as soon as I could, so I pretended that I didn’t notice.

“You have to see Mr. Tyndall about any complaints. He’s the owner of the complex and I believe he might be in his office right now,” shot out the ginger boy, keeping his eyes on my rack. I sighed, knowing that it was pointless talking to anyone else. I might as well go directly to the top. Normally I didn’t pick on people or complain for no reason, but the guy upstairs crossed the line and he took my favourite thong. He could go to hell for all I cared.

“All right, where is his office?” I asked.

“Carry on straight through. It’s on your right, office number eleven,” he pointed out with a smile, finally meeting my eyes.

I smoothed my hair, took a deep breath, and walked further down the corridor. This was going to be a bit embarrassing. I hadn’t even moved in yet and I was already complaining. This guy, Mr. Tyndall, whoever he was, would probably think I was pathetic.

Tingles passed through me, but I didn’t hesitate. I simply knocked three times, then walked in, stopping abruptly in the doorway.


I lifted my head from the paperwork that I was dealing with to see who was interrupting me. Barbie was standing in my doorway, looking numb with shock, staring straight at me. I darted my eyes up and down her body, imagining tying her up to the chair and telling her how badly I wanted her mouth on my cock.

She was rooted to the spot, her eyes darkening with twisting excitement and mixed astonishment. I’d had a shitty night’s sleep, but surprisingly, this morning I woke up feeling all right. Cranky, but better than most days.

My dick twitched again. She was wearing a low-cut top and jeans. Why the fuck did she have to tease men like that? Those large tits were practically popping out of the thin material of her top, looking so inviting. I had her knickers in my pocket. I liked keeping a souvenir, especially of a sexy bitch that I was planning to screw shortly.

“Barbie, what can I help you with?” I asked politely. She parted her lips, staring at me like she was chewing a cable. I bet she wasn’t expecting me when she walked in here a moment ago. What can I say? I have this kind of effect on women.

“You’re Mr. Tyndall? The landowner of this place?” she asked with obvious disbelief in her voice.

I got up, fastened my suit jacket and walked over to her. I was right: she was only a few inches shorter than me. I wanted to play with her, so I came closer, leaning over and around her to shut the door, recognising the same perfume that she wore yesterday. She didn’t move and I was enjoying making her uneasy.

“I don’t see any other fucking Dexter Tyndall here,” I pointed out, watching as she fought with her urge to slap me. Barbie was pretty. It was a shame that I normally didn’t fuck blondes, but for this blonde I was willing to make an exception to that rule.

“All right, whatever. I’m here to make an official complaint about you,” she hissed, moving around me. She flopped her sexy ass on the chair that was opposite my desk and dropped her eyes to her nails.

“I didn’t ask you to take a seat,” I said to her. She rolled her eyes and I was instantly hard. Fuck, what was it with this woman?

“As if I was going to ask for your permission. The chair was empty and I sat. Now let’s get to the point. I’m on a schedule, asshole,” she said. I walked back towards her, sat on the edge of the desk, and leaned over so I was close enough to smell her perfume. Tick, tock, the clock was counting slowly and my cock was hard from the moment she burst into my office.

“That’s not very ladylike, calling someone that you don’t know an asshole.”

“Okay, well, I can call you a douche instead, or a knob or a jerk. Which one of those do you prefer?”

Funny mouth she has there.

“Why are you in Joey’s apartment?” I demanded, ignoring her insults. She was one of my residents and I had to try to act professional, but she was so infuriating, plus I wanted to fuck her badly. English or not, she was going to ride my cock tonight.

“I’m not obligated to tell you anything, Mr. Tyndall. I’m here to file a complaint, so let’s get to it.”

I had to step up my game.

“What’s your name, Barbie?” I challenged, imagining her naked. It wasn’t easy to keep my dick in my pants, especially when I was this close to her. One downward glance and she would notice my strained erection.

“I guess that as a knob, you’re also incapable of listening. My name is Sasha, not Barbie,” she snapped.

Sasha, hmm. I once knew a stripper with that name. I liked it.

“For me you’re still a Barbie. Now as I recall, yesterday you said that Joey left you his apartment. He didn’t have any family. If you’re family, how is it possible that I have never seen you here before?”

She sucked in a breath, glaring at me. Joey was a Scottish man, and this girl sounded English. They couldn’t be related.

“You’re supposed to be the landowner, so you should know these things,” she stated, dismissing my questions.

I was getting tired of this. For some unknown reason she wasn’t planning to make this easy for me to deal with and I hated wasting time pissing about with this kind of nonsense. I moved even closer, meeting her eyes. She froze. My dick was rubbing over the seam of my zipper. Fuck, I wanted to bend her over my desk and bang her fast and hard. She would love every second of it, but she was a resident and I didn’t get involved with women that lived in the complex.

“The longer you take to answer me, the longer you have to stay here, Barbie, but I’m a busy man. My six o’clock fuck is going to be here soon, unless you’re volunteering to satisfy me instead?” I said, watching as she struggled to breathe being so close to me.

The tension was palpable and I was holding my breath waiting.

She finally snapped. “For Christ’s sake, fine. You want to know why I’m here? Gee, let’s see. A couple of weeks ago my mother got a phone call from a solicitor. Apparently we were the only living relatives of Uncle Joey. I never knew that he even existed. He and my mother hadn’t spoken for years and she wasn’t prepared to deal with this place, so I offered to help her. I needed a break, so I signed the paperwork and here I am.”

That was a lot of unnecessary words, but I liked my women feisty. I bet she was good in bed. “See, that wasn’t too difficult. I ask questions and you answer them.”

“Give me the damn paperwork for the complaint. I don’t need to waste anymore time with you. I’ve got stuff to do,” she said. My dick stiffened as she bit on her lip.

“Well, before I let you go I would like to say that I’m sorry about yesterday. I get a bit stressed when I don’t get pussy.”

“Apology not accepted. Paperwork, now.”

“You’re stressing me out, Barbie, and you know what that means, right?”

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