On the Edge/C4 Chapter 04
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On the Edge/C4 Chapter 04
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C4 Chapter 04


Dexter was a good-looking man, but not just jaw-dropping good-looking. He was a knickers-drenching, fist-clenching, heart-pounding, fever-inducing, sizzling hot man. Some men were born with a great voice, charisma and looks, but obviously Dexter thought that he was blessed with all of these things. He apparently had this irresistible talent for melting women’s knickers off just with one look. How did I know it?

Because right then I was one of those women.

His eyes were sending scorching heat through me into my bones, melting me like boiling lava. I was so lost when I stared back at his strong jaw, untidily trimmed beard and fit body. He either didn’t like to shave or he preferred looking scruffy. Okay, I had to calm down, because right then I was dribbling over his level of hotness. This was pathetic and wrong on so many levels. I had to fill out the damn paperwork and get the hell out of his office before I lost all my self-respect and became one of those women he played with. His eyes scanned my chest every five seconds and he knew that I noticed.

“Is that your pick-up line? Is this supposed to work for the ladies?” I laughed, trying to mask the nervousness in my voice. Nine months ago, I had sworn off men, promising the universe that love wasn’t for me. Now, I was getting wet because of some hot asshole. I couldn’t let him spoil my stay here just because he was horny. The problem with guys like him was not only the fact that he thought he was God, but also the fact that he had so much money he didn’t know what to do with it, and it gave him a superiority complex.

I shifted my body on the chair, mildly aware of my increasing lust; he was seducing me slowly and painfully. “I’m not one of those girls, so give me the damn paperwork,” I quipped, failing to hide my uneasiness.

His eyes roved over my chest, flickering with something—hunger, desire; whatever it was, it made me feel even more lost to him.

Dexter opened the drawer and threw a paper towards me, smirking. I detested the fact that he was the exact type that I would go for: rough, toned and confident. It was a shame that I had to stay away. Guys like him would eat women like me for supper. Besides, I assumed that he had some sort of dark, twisted, secret side to him. All men have one.

It took me a minute to write down everything that went on in the corridor. After I signed my name on the bottom, I stood up ready to leave. I wished I’d decided to wear something much more elegant. I looked completely out of place in my old jeans.

“There, deal with it, Mr. Tyndall,” I said firmly. “It’s a good thing that I won’t be here for long.”

“I assume that you want to sell the apartment?” he asked in much gentler tone, like he was indeed curious.

“My mother wants me to put it on the market as soon as possible.”

“That’s a shame; if you had been nicer to me, maybe I could have helped you with finding a buyer,” he stated and then he stood up suddenly. My skin prickled with a wave of lust that dove down to my core. His eyes were stripping me of my clothes as he lowered his gaze for the hundredth time to my boobs.

“I don’t need your help. I’m putting the place on the market today. It’s a desirable apartment. I’ll have a secure deal by the end of the week, I’m sure.”

“That depends.” He chuckled, stalking closer.

I had to freaking move, but I couldn’t. My legs weren’t working. I felt like I was the prey to his hunter. “That depends?”

“Depends on if you have a buyer.”

“I’ll have one by the end of the week,” I assured him.

“If you say so, Barbie,” he purred, moving even closer. I backed away until I hit the wall. My knees were shaking. He stood inches away from me, and I could smell his earthy aftershave. My heart was racing, his eyes drilling me back to the wall. Why did he have to be so good-looking? I really didn’t need this right now.

“The apartment is going on the market tomorrow,” I said quietly, almost whispering, backing as far away as I could, but I had nowhere to run. His lips turned up at the corners and he moved an inch closer. I felt his magnificent erection pressed against my groin, rubbing gently against my sex.

“I don’t know what is it about you, but you make me instantly hard. I don’t fuck blondes, but I want you,” he whispered into my ear. My head swam, and desire overtook my usual thought processes. I wanted him and I hated myself for it. “I’m already imagining you in my bed, with me devouring your tight, wet pussy, hearing you scream for me. You could have an offer on this place in an hour. I’m that good.”

There was no way that I was sleeping with him for the sake of a sale. Who the hell did he think he was? I wanted to come up with something, anything, but no sound came out. Desire consumed my mind and I just stood there waiting for him to kiss me. How lame. His eyes searched my face, watching and expecting me to lose this battle. My hormones were screaming with need. I hadn’t had sex for months; well, nine months to be exact. The throbbing between my legs wasn’t helping.

Dexter Tyndall didn’t give me much time to think about my answer. His lips crushed mine and he tasted divine. I couldn’t remember when I had ever been kissed this way. He devoured me. His hands were on my body under my top, running over the naked flesh on my stomach. He pressed me harder against the wall, drenching me as his lips moved against mine.

His self-assurance made me soaking wet for him. He kissed like he had been starving for me since the moment he laid his eyes on me. I caressed his lips with my tongue, wanting and expecting more. A moan escaped my mouth, and that must have given him confidence, because he began tracing his smooth fingers down between my legs. He unbuttoned my jeans and slipped his hand into my knickers. I shut my eyes, completely overwhelmed by his touch.

“Your pussy is so wet for me, Barbie,” he growled, touching and circling his thumb around my swollen clit. Heat sizzled through me, sliding down under my skin, and I couldn’t help but anticipate more. I almost wanted to beg him not to stop. His cock was pressed against my pelvis and I imagined how would it be if I had him inside me now. Dexter’s fingers melted my flesh, teasing and exploring as my breathing grew laboured.

Then the images slipped away, pulling me away from the bliss, and I realised that I couldn’t let him play me like this. Men were deceitful.

I opened my eyes and shoved him away from me, breathing like I needed an inhaler. Without even thinking about it, I slapped him.

My palm burned and his hand shot out of my pants. My body cried over that lost intensity. He’d bewitched me and I lost my concentration for a moment.


Fucking bitch slapped me. In one moment, I was almost fingering her and in the next I felt a sharp sting on my face. Okay, I didn’t anticipate her being violent. I couldn’t even think straight when I pushed her against the wall, wanting to consume her slick sex. My cock was so rock hard. Her smooth orchid perfume was driving me crazy.

“Stay away from me and never touch me again,” she hissed like an angry cat.

I clenched my fists, knowing that my dick was popping out of my trousers. I smiled wolfishly. Hell, I wanted her, needed to have her wrapped around my cock. This time it wasn’t just about the fact that I had to stop thinking about the demons or my fucked-up past—I had this sudden craving for her. The blond Barbie girl with an amazing ass and tits.

“You’re so wet for me.”

She started walking away, so I took that opportunity to stare at her ass.

“I’m not your fuck buddy. I’ll be out of here before you know it.”

I wanted to listen to her pant for me again. “I told you, I can get you a buyer, but I don’t want to let you go yet, not until you’ve ridden my cock.”

I was perfectly serious. From then on I knew that I had to jeopardise whatever her plan was. There was something about this girl. She wasn’t like the others, needy for my attention. She actually detested me. Her steaming anger was an even bigger turn-on that I imagined.

“Dream on, Mr. Tyndall, because you will never see it, never taste it. I’m putting the apartment on the market today whether you like it or not,” she said, sounding furious and glaring at me.

“Challenge accepted, Barbie girl. You don’t know it yet, but your pussy already belongs to me.”

Then she shut the door behind her. I pressed my cock down, trying somehow to cover my erection, and followed her. In the corridor I instantly spotted Mrs. Jenkins with her shopping bags, so I ran out to her like a gentleman. Around women that wanted me I behaved like I didn’t give a fuck, but around the residents and my associates I was that perfectly well-mannered guy.

Sasha was standing not far from me, as if she was waiting for something.

“Dear Mrs. Jenkins, let me help you with your shopping bags,” I offered, eagerly taking bags off her hands. She beamed at me like it was fucking Christmas morning. “Groceries for the week, I presume?”

“Yes, dear. I wanted to get it out of the way. Thank you, Dexter; you’re always so helpful,” she said, patting me on my back. I started to imagine an old guy naked. That sort of made my johnson go flat. I couldn’t walk around the complex with a hard-on. I had a certain reputation to uphold.

“I had a very important conversation with the new resident,” I answered and glanced back at Sasha. She wasn’t moving, still watching me. She was pissed. I brought my fingers to my nose and inhaled the scent of her sweet juices.

“Dex, don’t work too hard. You need a nice young woman to look after you,” the old lady added.

“I think I have my eye on one, Mrs. Jenkins, but she isn’t as beautiful as you.”

Mrs. Jenkins started laughing, slapping me and calling me a charmer. I winked at Sasha, who dropped her arms, turned around, and continued walking away.

Her ass, that’s all I kept thinking about when I was walking back to Mrs. Jenkins’s apartment. Most of the elderly ladies loved me. I had almost an entire floor to myself, so there was never a problem with the possibility of them witnessing the noise or my female visitors coming and going. Now I had to worry about Barbie. For some reason I needed to break her, devour her, ease the curiosity that she seeded in me.

On the way to my car, I thought about all the things I could do to her.

I had one more meeting in Edinburgh this evening and then the dinner with Julianna, one of my associates. I could start working on my new pet project of getting Sasha into my bed tomorrow.

I had plenty of useful contacts among the estate agents. She was pretty sure that she would have a quick sale, but she didn’t know who she was dealing with yet. She’d find out soon enough.

The game had begun. I took my iPhone out of my pocket and dialled Ronny’s number.

“I have a task for you, an important fucking task, so listen to me very carefully.”

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