Once upon a Time/C1 Chapter Zero:
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Once upon a Time/C1 Chapter Zero:
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C1 Chapter Zero:


She made a promise to him a certain night, that she was never going to leave him. Now he was standing at the altar with another beautiful lady that was anything but a stranger to him, about to call out the vows because 'she' had broken her promise, she left him. He noticed still, that the woman he formally held hands with, shivered in fear.

Silently, he cursed. "Dang it!!"

Under the veil and in a sparklingly white wedding dress adorned with diamonds was a girl of 25. She was forced to break up with Nicholas a guy she believed she loved, to marry the billionaire's son. Yes, there came a moment where she had an itch of feeling for him but he was way out of it for her like literally. It was at this thought that tears threatened to slip from her eyes.

She began asking herself, "Where's Clara? For goodness sake why did she stand this guy up? Oh God this is a mess help me!"

"Do you take Daniel Isaiah Thompson to be your lovely wedded husband, in sickness, in health, in poverty, in wealth and till death?" She gulped, her heart racing like never before. This was the last chance for her to back out. She looked up to catch the stare of her mom looking at her with pleading eyes. She shut hers and the tears that gathered spilled.

"Yes, i do."

"And do you, Daniel Thompson, take Clarissa David to be your lovely wedded wife, in sickness, in health, in poverty, in wealth, till death?"

"I do."

"I thereby, pronounce you both husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride." The priest happily said joining his hands together.

Daniel leaned gently placing his lips on hers and she welcomed his kiss with her eyes shut. He sighed and looked away from her definitely uncomfortable with whatever that was going on. Looking at his father, he shook his head in disapproval. To him, he might have just taken a step to ruining his future.

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