Once upon a Time/C2 Chapter one:
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Once upon a Time/C2 Chapter one:
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C2 Chapter one:


She sat at the edge of the bed. It was the second day after their wedding and still, he hadn't had a proper conversation with her. Not because she was a stranger or anything but because, he couldn't shake off the feeling just yet that he couldn't be in wedlock with the one he ought to. Everything was still a blur to him.

"Why aren't you coming to bed?" He asked after a while of hesitation. He probably knew what she was going through and it was going to take her a while to let it all sink in. Imagine being surprised with a life partner, not just any but the one that should be calling out vows to your cousin instead.

She sighed and turned to him and he only hoped that she could see he was really concerned about her. But when she looked at him, instead she saw relaxation and calmness. Quite the irony of herself at the moment and she only frowned the more. How was it possible, she thought, that he was so calm about everything? He should be angry, frustrated and livid that he didn't get married to her cousin but he was calm?!

"You don't want this marriage, do you? How are you so calm about everything? For goodness sake Daniel, all of this is disturbing." She told him and he sighed in tiredness.

"It's the middle of the night Clarissa and you talk about this now? You know I think you're just stressed out, the least you can do is getting rest."

Rest?! She almost scoffed out loud. This was exactly what she was implying when she said that he was a little too calm about this whole thing. Too calm that it was already confusing her.

"Won't you come to bed?" He asked. Instead, she turned to him and said, "I need to be alone for a while, I'll come to bed when I'm ready."

Lying back on the bed, he gave a tired yawn. "Suit yourself." He muttered before shutting his eyes immediately to sleep. The gesture was enough to get her to stare at him for quite a while. She took her attention away from him when it was evident that he had fallen asleep.

Perfect! She was going to spend the rest of her life with a guy who couldn't stand a conversation with her. Just perfect!

Probably, a guy who was in love with another.


Daniel rolled over immediately furrowing his brows at the morning sun that managed to penetrate the curtains. He groaned in discomfort before letting his eyes open. The first thing he noticed, was the feeling of loneliness and the cold side of the bed. Slightly, he was upset and worried at the same time. Looking around the room for where she could be, his eyes eventually landed on the sleeping figure on the couch. For first, there was no need to be worried after all, he almost thought she pulled through with the idea of not sleeping.

As if she could!

And for second, he couldn't make out why he wasn't glad that she slept on the couch. Yesterday, she was fine with it. She even fell asleep before him. He had no problem at all seeing that she was tired from all the activities. And today, she sleeps on the couch, confusing! He sighed and got out of bed.

"Clarissa," and that was all he needed to wake her up. She slowly opened her eyes and covered her self more with her blanket. Her eyes darted around until they finally landed on him. He gave her a soft smile which she returned without much hesitation.

"I didn't mind you sleeping on it." She frowned in confusion but he gestured to the bed to ease her of her confusion.

"Oh, I thought it made you uncomfortable, that's why, but it's fine I'd totally preferred the couch."

"I insist but if you think you can manage you should make yourself comfortable at least, get yourself some pillows." He said and she nodded.


The sounds of cutleries acting against ceramics were a little pronounced at the dining table. The whole family was down for breakfast already. Clarissa couldn't tell half of what they were talking about. Daniel could tell, she was very much distracted and the reason could be because she was probably still overthinking the whole arrangement.

"Clarissa?" Daniel called but she was distracted enough to ignore him. He had to place his hands above hers and she recoiled in shock.

"What's wrong?" She shook her head and continued to eat and he just watched her silently.

"Would you like to work with us?" Every one turned to Frederick who gave out a smile. Clarissa could say she was caught off guard, she stuttered. Kara paused her eating and raised a brow at her husband in curiosity. What was he trying to do?

But then, her response didn't surprise them all. "Well...yes. I would love to." Clarissa told him and he smiled in reply.

"Are you interested in giving her a job at the company dear?" The man nodded and Kara frowned.

"Wouldn't it be best we see how hard and well she works before burdening her with several tasks?" Kara said smiling to herself when her husband actually contemplated her words. Daniel stared at his mother wondering where all of this was headed.

"I mean you haven't done anything like it before, have you? I found out you were too busy making a life for yourself to actually have interest in working at aunt's company, am I right Clarissa?" The girl was dumfounded at that point to alter a response. Daniel wanted to interrupt but the voice of his father made him pause. Before she became his wife, Clarissa was first a friend and his mother humiliating her, was something he noticed he couldn't take.

At least he hoped that it was the only reason.

"What do you suggest then?" Frederick asked.

"New workers are said to possess novice qualities. I would suggest that she starts from the scratch. A secretary wouldn't be that bad."

The moment she heard this she almost spilled the contents of her mouth. Kara was forgetting something really important. Being the billionaire's wife, she would have the media at her back and what would the headlines be? 'The wife of the famous Daniel Thompson working as a secretary in her in-laws company? Now that, is a very interesting topic the media would like to detail about.

She would make the topic of the country. For now, she cared less.

Just for now.

"Oh, I'm sorry, do you have a problem with that?"

"No, no, no. I'll work as a secretary. It's totally fine."

Audora had caught a glimpse of Daniel glaring at his mother but then he went impassive all of a sudden. It almost made her think as if nothing was ever there.

Audora shook her head the moment Daniel excused himself. Clarissa swallowed hard on her meal before gulping down some water.

"Excuse me," she requested and they all nodded.

Kara was doing a bad job at hiding her distaste for her. She made it obvious that she had not preferred her for her son but someone else instead.


Clarissa closed the door behind her finally sighing in relief. She cursed before turning around to scan the presumed empty room only to find to find a pair of green orbs staring back at her. She yelped in shock before cursing again. He stood taking his precious time to get to her and she retreated in ignorance.

"It's been awhile since we had a proper conversation," he said. "Circumstances have caused us to drift apart Clarissa. Still, I'm going to give you a little heads up for old time sake."

"It's obvious my mother doesn't like you," It was then her gaze darted to him. "I would suggest you try to do what she asks for now so you don't spike her anger."

"I don't know what she wants from me, Daniel." Clarissa told him. "Besides, I've never worked as a secretary before."

"Trust me when I say it's just doing what you are told to do...not something too hard."


Daniel got out of the car followed by Clarissa as they started towards the building. Clarissa returned the greetings of practically everyone as they went further. Her mouth went agape when they stepped foot into the building. She remembered the last time she was here, the place wasn't looking as good as now. They took the elevator, to the 13th floor actually and got out immediately it let them. His footsteps eventually slowed until it stopped and she did too, slowly turning to view her environment.

He turned to her, finding her taking in the environment. "This is where you'll be working." Eyes scanned her thoroughly.

"Here?" She asked just to be sure and he nodded.

"Hope it's not too sophisticated?" She gave him no reply as she scanned the room.

"Everyone listen, I want to make a very important announcement!" He started and all attention darted to him.

"This here is your new Co worker. She'll be joining you all as a new secretary here." He heard whispers and he swore he heard one calling her his wife.

"Now!" It stopped. "If you do know what is good and you wish to keep your jobs, you wouldn't be rude and disrespectful towards her. Am I understood?"

"Yes sir!!"

He spared her one last lingering glance before walking into his office. She decided to move and take an empty sit besides some girl on glasses.

"Hey, I'm Becky,"

"Clarissa, nice to meet you."

"Why do I think you're familiar?" Becky asked again and Clarissa raised a brow. She practically just walked in with her husband and she's still thinks her to be familiar?

"Of course on paper’s, TV, literally everywhere. She’s married to Mr. Isaiah." A Blondie said and the other girl confirmed it.

Becky gasped in shock. "Say what now?!"

"Who would have thought that she would work as a Secretary?" The Blondie stated and the other girl joined her in laughter. Becky smiled apologetically at her but the laughter died down too soon immediately footsteps halted. Scanning around, Daniel saw her busy arranging her desk getting ready for work. He smiled at her when their eyes locked before walking away.


"What are you going to do now?" Someone spoke to the same Blondie that found Clarissa's predicament quite amusing but Cynthia paced around in reply.

"I don't have to do anything Hailey, he's mine!"

"You don't mean that, do you? He is married Thia. Besides, he hasn't even given you attention for a day at most and now you sound just too possessive about him." Hailey asked.

"Look Hailey, I've waited for such a long time. Ronnie's resigned now and I'm his new personal assistant. Finally I have chances of seeing him always, not even that wife of his can keep me away."

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