Once upon a Time/C6 Chapter Five
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Once upon a Time/C6 Chapter Five
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C6 Chapter Five


"I know you think that I have something going on with Thia," he started after a while. Her silence showed that she didn't want to talk about it. Like he said, she thought, they were only having a public relationship, not something real so others will not dig up their dirt when they weren't looking. So why does it matter to him?

He sighed. "You should know I'm not that kind of person," He paused but she still didn't utter a word. "You have to believe me."

"It still wouldn't matter if I did, would it?" She finally said failing to meet his stare. "You said to act together in public, what if it wasn't me but someone else that was at the door, what would they think?"

"I know what you saw and trust me, there was nothing going on. I happened to be distracted to even notice her come in. I mean she did say she knocked but I guess I was too occupied to notice. The next thing I knew, she was all over me, I'm telling you nothing happened."

She met his stare hard. "That wasn't what I saw-"

"And that's because you were there at the wrong time, you saw things different from what was happening!"

Clarissa looked away from him. "Well, you could tell the same thing if it was another person at the door."

He cursed. "Have I ever given you a reason to doubt me? Look, it's one thing to force you to marry me then it's another to betray my vows to you." Has he ever given her an iota of doubt? No. Even when he was engaged with to her cousin, she didn't see him hang out with other girls...well other girls except her. She could say she was.... convinced?

She found his eyes again which never left hers waiting for her to say something to ease his worry at least. He never knew she was struggling with catching her breath that seemed to hitch each time his husky voice was involved. Not knowing why but his eyes did something extraordinary to her, something she could very much explain, something she had always experienced every time she linked hands with him. As much as he saw it as a friendly gesture, she left it that way. She subconsciously ogled him, taking in every features of his face before her eyes landed on where it wasn't supposed to, his lips.

When she met his stare again, dancing in them were amusement. But the truth was clear, not only her got lost in his charm. His amusement started to fade when his got drawn to hers too. His Adam apple bopped as he swallowed nervously leaning slightly...

She didn't really expect what happened next. She sneezed-

"Let me warm you up." He said acting as if the staring contest never happened. He pulled her back to him planting his chin on her head returning to the comfort of that strawberry scent. She shut her eyes tiredly and he didn't even know when his eyes began to shut too.


The morning fast approached and the morning rays from the sun woke her from slumber. She was too tired to lift her lids.

Soft mattress,

Hairy legs...very very hairy legs. She wanted to rub them all day.

Wait a sec.....

She opened her eyes at once only to meet the chest of a muscular someone.

"Shit!" She pulled away as fast as she could and she heard him chuckle. It was then she met his stare. There he laid, magnificently propped on an elbow just staring at her in amusement.

"Morning to you too,"

She gulped as she clearly remembered her rubbing her legs against his hairy legs. On impulse her eyes darted to his legs only finding him in boxers and T-shirt and when they found his eyes again, her stare met his again only to meet the cocky smile he always carried around.

"How did we...you know....how did we get here?" She tried before clearing her throat.

"You sleep quite deep. I got the call and we got a lift." He answered with a shrug and she nodded.

"How are you feeling?" He asked with an expression she noted as concern. She sneezed in reply and he chuckled.

"Clearly not alright." He concluded.

"I thought about taking you along with me to see a friend but it's still cold out and you should rest." He told her as he sat up from his pose and got out of bed. She saw his muscles flex and she looked away.

"Who is this friend of yours.....that you're going to see?" She asked curiosity getting the best of her. She was literally expecting him to just ignore her but surprisingly, he didn't.

"Austin, an old friend just flew into the country after a long time, i might as well pay him a surprise visit." Her eyes dilated in recognition.

"The brown head, hazel eyes?" He returned to her from where he was picking out a shirt and khaki shorts.

"Yes, and how do you know him, have you two met?" Daniel raised a brow at her obviously not expecting her to know his best friend so soon.

Except they had a connection...

She once again looked at him meeting his curious stare. "Yesterday actually, when I went to the mall with your sister. We talked, he seemed pretty nice and funny too." She answered with a smile forming on her features at the memory. She clearly remembered being introduced to one other Blondie, what was his name again? Henry, she recalled, perfect! Daniel had really nice friends.

"Should I be worried already? How long did you guys talk?" He said walking away from her going back to the dressing room to get ready for the day. She could sense a change in the atmosphere even though she couldn't see his face any longer.

"No, not that long....we just talked." And she got no reply after that.


Did what she said upset him?

New chapter is coming soon
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