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C14 Death Sentence

"Why did you stop?"

Su Lang held the Tang Blade in his hands and asked.

"The scenery here is absolutely beautiful. It's actually a pretty good burial ground!"

Tan Zicheng slowly tweaked his body around as he revealed a cold smile and hint of cruelty on his face.

"I think so too."

Su Lang chuckled, "In fact, I recall seeing you when I was buying pills in the City Gate Hall."

"You knew that I had ulterior motives?"

Tan Zicheng sneered, "Then you still dare to follow me out of the city? Do you think you are a match for us? Brothers, come out and kill this sheep!"


"I wonder how fat this sheep is?"

"The guy that our boss discovered must certainly have some wealth!"

"Make sure to keep this delicate and tender kid alive. I'm going to take my sweet time killing him later!"

Four martial cultivators of the Body Tempering Realm rushed out of the forest and surrounded Su Lang together with Tan Zicheng.

"Are you really going to do this?"

Su Lang remained unfazed as he said in a languid manner, "It would be best for you to back off now. Even if you refuse to do so, I'm not afraid of a mere bunch of hooligans."

"You're not afraid? Are newborn calves not afraid of tigers? Stop spouting nonsense."

"Brat, open your eyes wide and take a look around you. We have two cultivators of the Intermediate Body Tempering Realm and three others of the Initial Body Tempering Realm. Not only does our group outnumber you, but we will easily overpower you."

"You only know how to boast. If really you know what's good for you, then hand over the saber in your hands. I will be willing to show mercy by giving you a quick death if you do so!"

The group of hooligans revealed bewildered expressions before they burst into fits of laughter.

"A spoiled brat like you really don't shed tears until you see the coffin."

Tan Zicheng slowly pulled out a shiny dagger and said, "Before I kill you, I would like to thank you for the Body Tempering Pill and that sumptuous lunch in advance!"

"Did you know why I treated you to such a sumptuous meal?"

Su Lang's eyes were full of smiles as he stated, "If you didn't have any ill intentions, it would have been a great reward for your hard work. Otherwise, it would serve as your last meal!"

"My last meal?"

Tan Zicheng's body radiated with killing intent as he shouted, "How arrogant of you! Go, remember to keep him alive!"

Upon hearing his commands, the other hooligans immediately rushed towards Su Lang with sinister smiles.

"Haha, did you really think you could take me on?"

Su Lang pulled out his long blade from its sheath and shouted angrily, "Get out of my sights!"

In that instant, his body fluctuated with waves of Spiritual Qi unique to the breakthroughs of the Body Tempering Realm.

Originally, Su Lang only needed four hours to break through to the Advance Body Tempering Realm. After consuming the medicinal pills, on the other hand, he only needed less than two hours.

Coincidentally, it had already been two hours since he last consumed those pills.

Su Lang's Sea of Cultivation had long since overflowed with Spiritual Qi. At this point, it was only a matter of thought before he broke through yet again.

Of course, breaking through at the last minute was as simple as eating and drinking to Su Lang. To Tan Zicheng and the others, on the other hand, it was a completely unbelievable feat.

"He's breaking through now?!

"Damn it, he broke through to Advance Body Tempering Realm!"

"How could this be? Why did he break through now of all times?!"

"Ever since I met him, I didn't see him circulating his Spiritual Qi or cultivating even once. Instead, he had only been walking. How could he possibly break through?"

Tan Zicheng and his men turned pale with fright. Terrified by the unexpected turn of events, their scalps were about to explode.

Fighting against someone in the Advance Body Tempering Realm as a cultivator in the Intermediate Body Tempering Realm would be equivalent to smashing an egg into a rock. They would simply be asking for their own deaths!

Despite knowing that fact, they have already charged up the string of the bow. Since the five of them already made their moves, they could no longer turn back from their actions.

The two sides instantly clashed!

"Go to hell!"

Su Lang slashed horizontally without any fancy moves.


When the two Initial Body Tempering cultivators noticed the Tang Blade approaching them, their pupils shrank into the size of a grain of sand.

By the time they noticed Su Lang's fast attack, they already did not have time to dodge.


With a flash of the blade, blood spurted out of the two cultivators' heads like a water fountain.

Despite taking down two targets with one attack, Su Lang did not slow down his raging assault as he slashed his next attack down on Tan Zicheng.


As his blade parried with Tan Zicheng's dagger, the metallic sound echoed through the entire forest. Unable to withstand Su Lang's overwhelming strength any longer, Tan Zicheng's dagger flew into the sky.


Noticing the opening behind Su Lang, one of the Intermediate Body Tempering hooligan seized the opportunity and aimed his dagger down on Su Lang's neck.

"Did you think that I'm only capable of using a blade?"

Su Lang sneered before twisting his body and sednig the bandit flying with a whip kick.

The remaining Initial Body Tempering hooligan — taken aback by the turn of events — closed his eyes and charged forward, hoping for the best. However, Su Lang dodged the attack with ease.


Tan Zicheng immediately turned around and fled when he noticed their dire situation.

"Did you think you could escape?"

Su Lang flashed forward and chased after Tan Zicheng.

Having broken through to the Advance Body Tempering Realm, his movement speed had increased at an explosive rate.

Since Tan Zicheng was but a mere Intermediate Body Tempering cultivator, how could he outrun Su Lang? In just a few seconds, Su Lang had already caught up to him and amputated both his legs.


Tan Zicheng screamed in agonizing pain as blood spurted uncontrollably out of his legs.

Instead of stopping then, Su Lang turned around like a swallow spinning in the air and chased after the two remaining hooligans.

The two other hooligans were much weaker than Tan Zicheng and were killed with just two slashes.

"Hehe! Oh, how the tables have turned."

Su Lang revealed a wicked smile as he walked slowly to Tan Zicheng, who was missing both of his legs.

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