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C19 Scared Witless


Before the three men even had the time to react, Su Lang's Tang Blade crushed down against the leader's two-handed sword.


At that moment, an invisible force pressed down like Mount Tai and overwhelmed the man's sword.

Unable to withstand the violent attack, the man's hands wielding the two-handed sword ruptured as blood spurted out like a leak in a pipe. Only after staggering back more than ten meters in shock did the man fall down on his butt.

Without even giving the other men any room to breathe, Su Lang pounced forward and charged up his next attack. With a twist of his waist, the blinding light surrounding the Tang Blade sliced against the waists of the two men like a smooth stream of water.

The wicked expressions of the two men instantly froze. Their faces gradually colored in pain as they twisted in agony.


"It's gone! My knob is gone!"

"It hurts... It hurts! So much blood!"


The two men — unable to tolerate the intense pain — rolled and wailed on the ground like shrimps.

The women at the side were dumbfounded as they watched all the scene unfold. Their faces were filled with utter disbelief.

Never would they have expected such a ridiculous scene to happen. To think that the three ferocious men would be completely crushed by that young man!

Those three ferocious men, who looked like devils in their eyes, were actually defeated with ease.

Overwhelmed by their surge of emotions, none of the women knew what expressions to make.

On the other hand, they simply gawked at Su Lang with their wide open eyes. At the same time, their bodies trembled uncontrollably due to their intense emotions.

"How noisy!"

Su Lang revealed an irritated frown after wiping the floor clean with two slashes of his blade.

"How dare you kill the people of the Broken Axe Hunting Group! You are courting death!"

The tattooed man shouted as he fumed with overwhelming rage.

Since the Broken Axe Hunting Group has dominated this stronghold for the past three years, no one had any thoughts of charging into the stronghold and massacring their members, let alone actually daring to do so.

However, the person standing fearlessly in front of them had murdered two of them in the blink of an eye. He was truly the definition of audacious and reckless.

"So what if I killed your people? Does your Broken Axe Hunting Group only allow your men to kill others? Why can't others harbor any intentions to kill you? What a bunch of hypocrites!"

Su Lang sneered as he shook off the blood on his blade. Slowly walking towards the tattooed man, he then stated with a menacing tone, "How interesting!"

"Stop right there! Don't come any closer!"

The tattooed man panicked after realizing his dire predicament. He wasn't foolish to think that he was a match for Su Lang.

Moreover, since no one came to help despite making such a ruckus in the room, it could only mean that everyone outside had died.

At this moment, he was the only member of the Broken Axe Hunting Group left in the stronghold!

"Why should I stop? Give me a reason."

Su Lang's lip curled up into a smile. As he walked forward step by step, the vibrations of his footsteps struck down on the tattooed man's heart like a hammer.


Standing between the point of life and death, the tattooed man's heart was struck with fear.

"You're so scared that you can't even speak anymore? What a piece of trash!"

As Su Lang spoke, he lifted his Tang Blade. The chilling glint of the blade reflected on the tattooed man's face, further hinting at his imminent death.

"Wait.... Please wait!"

The tattooed man was absolutely horrified and immediately said, "We have many kinds of treasure in our stronghold. I know where they're all stored!"

Having gotten used to the leisure of his unfettered, carefree life, how could the tattooed man be willing to die?

"Very well, I'm only looking for gold coins and silver coins. Tell me quickly, don't even think about stalling for time!"

Su Lang's words broke the last glimmering hope in the man's heart.

"Alright, I'll tell you everything I know. The gold coins in the stronghold are all in the boss'...."

The arm man swallowed his saliva and proceeded to say everything he knew about the location of the gold coins.

According to the tattooed man's words, the riches of the stronghold were all handled by a Quasi Martial Cultivator.

The gold coins and silver coins were locked in the giant vault in his room.

Su Lang said with a smile, "Since I'm not sure whether your words are true or not...."


The tattooed man suddenly felt a cold shiver down his face.

Su Lang remained silent as he smiled and swung his blade.


In that instant, the tattooed man could no longer feel anything below his knees. As he looked down, an agonizing pain surged through his body, causing him to nearly go unconscious.

"If you lie..."

Su Lang looked down at the man and continued, "I will come back and personally send you to hell. If you did not lie...."

Speaking up to this point, Su Lang smiled at the group of lifeless girls, "Tie him up. If I don't come back within five minutes, I will let you handle him instead. If you are lucky today, you may be able to leave this hellish place alive."

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