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C3 Didn't You Want to Kill Me?

"I'm able to break through just like that? The rate at which I'm cultivating is absolutely ridiculous!"

Su Lang burst with extreme elation as he immediately ordered, "System, break through!"

In that instant, Su Lang felt a burning sensation surging throughout his entire body — the marrows of his bones sizzled as if it was thrown in a boiling pot.

"I've finally broken through to the Initial Body Tempering Realm!"

Rolling off the bed and standing straight up, Su Lang underwent the a feeling similar to the rebirth of one's body as the immense gush of Spiritual Qi flowing throughout his body.

Before breaking through, Su Lang — from his bleach pale appearance alone — looked like he was on the verge of death as he suffered a severe injury.

Now that he had fully recovered from his injuries after the breakthrough, on the contrary, his face flushed red with vigor. His eyes seemed to have regained its original spirits.

In an instant, he had turned from a half-dead sickly man to a handsome young man!

"Hu! Hu!"

Su Lang waved his fists several times to get used to his new body. With each swing of his fists, the wind suffering him whistled violently.

"Although I used various methods to train my body in my previous life, this body has already surpassed everything I managed to achieve in that life. It's absurd to think that I have only broken through to the Body Tempering Realm!"

There isn't a single word in this world that could describe the feeling of possessing a tremendous amount of strength. But if Su Lang really had to explain it with words, he felt as if he managed to grasp onto his own destiny, seeming to be able to change the miserable fate which befell the original host.

*Thump! Thump! Thump!*

"Su Lang, you useless trash! If you don't open the door now, I will kill you when I get inside!"

The more violent the kicks on the door became, the more wicked and unbearable Chu Gang's curses turned.

"You want to kill me? Hehehehe!"

As the dust accumulated around the door exploded forth from the violent attacks, Su Lang stared menacingly at the door with a cold smile.

While Chu Gang may certainly be intimidating, he was simply an ordinary man who had not even broken through to the Initial Body Tempering Realm.

Furthermore, Su Lang worked as an assassin in his previous life. And now that he had broken through to the Body Tempering Realm, why would he need to be afraid of an ordinary man?

*Thump! Thump! Thump!*

"You damn bastard, why aren't you opening the door?"

Chu Gang's voice turned even more ferocious. At this point, the door had already been kicked out of shape and seemed to be on the verge of collapse in the next moment.

"Stop kicking!"

After making sure that the windows to his house are tightly shut, Su Lang opened the door with a sneer of his face.

Outside the door stood a skinny, dark-skinned man with a bald head.

This man was Chu Gang!

"You son of a b*tch, why did it take so long for you to open the door?"

Having lost his patience, Chu Gang forced the door open even more and squeezed in through the gap. He questioned with a deep voice, "What were you shouting like a maniac just now?"


Su Lang smiled coldly and threw a vicious slap towards Chu Gang's fierce-looking face.


The loud slap echoed from the room all the way to the stairway outside.

Taken aback by Su Lang's unexpected action, Chu Gang stumbled backward and supported himself against the wall. The entire right side of his face was completely numb.

"You... you dare to hit me?!"

Chu Gang covered the searing part of his face and looked at Su Lang in utter disbelief.

Since the martial cultivators who had only broken through to the Body Tempering Realm could not release any Spiritual Qi in their attacks yet, Chu Gang thought that Su Lang was still the same trash as before.

From his perspective, Su Lang must have eaten something wrong and lost his mind entirely.

Although the slap landed directly on his face, he shrugged it off as him being careless and falling for the ambush.

"I want you dead!"

Chu Gang roared furiously as he threw a punch at Su Lang.

Having charged up 120% of his strength, Chu Gang directed the attack towards Su Lang's temple.

Any ordinary people who received such an attack would be seriously injured even if they managed to survive.


At that moment, a dull thud sounded from the punch. Su Lang had grabbed onto Chu Gang's fist with ease.

"How is this possible?!"

Just as Chu Gang revealed an expression of disbelief, Su Lang — bearing no intentions to let go — bent down and charged up a fierce counter-attack.


In that instant, Chu Gang's bone suddenly pierced through his flesh, exposing itself in the air.

"Agh! Agh!"

With his arm shattered into two pieces, Chu Gang screamed in agony, unable to endure the sharp pain.

"Didn't you want to kill me?"

Su Lang flung away Chu Gang's broken arm before slapping him in the face once again.


This time, Su Lang aimed and struck on his left cheek. After collapsing heavily onto the ground, Chu Gang's entire face swelled up into a pig's head.

"Agh! My arm!"

Chu Gang's face twisted in torment as he clutched his broken arm and wailed. His arrogance had long since disappeared.

"I've only broken one of your arms, yet you already can't endure the pain?"

As the door slowly creaked to a close, Su Lang stared down at Chu Gang with a sinister expression as he said, "How will you be able to endure the pain of your other limbs being broken then?"

"Su Lang! Stop! Stop at once!"

Chu Gang fell into panic when he heard that Su Lang was going to break his limbs.

"You want me to stop? Hehe...!"

Su Lang's lips waned into an evil crescent as he stomped on Chu Gang's head and shouted, "Why don't you recall the times you bullied me in the past?!"

"I admit that I was wrong.... Please show mercy and let me go.... I don't want to die yet...."

Chu Gang shook his head violently before saying, "Let me tell you, I have recently joined the Broken Axe Hunting Group!"

"Each member of the Broken Axe Hunting Group has a tattoo imprinted on their earlobe. Look at my earlobe!"

"If you dare lay even a single finger on me, you will definitely suffer a miserable fate!"

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